Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pieces of Me

I think I like my new title for my random ramblings:

So my mom and I had it out about her foolishness. We pseudo kissed and made up. Love that woman but we just aren't meant to live together.

After that mess I am willing to leave Georgia if it guarantees that I can live my life.

I have some very supportive friends.

I am making moves outside of the legal field--hopefully it will all work itself out.

My 4th was pretty nice. I hung out with my friend V and her family. That really makes me wish I had a big family. It also lets me know that I need more than one child. I love being an only child but I definitely missed a lot.

I hate when I ask a yes or no question and the response I get can't even be considered a maybe--ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Crush and I are allegedly going on a date next Saturday. This should be pretty interesting.

So why did the dude who has been trying to go out with me for a minute end up in a relationship? I am not saying he should have been pining away for me but don't try to go out on a date and end up with a girlfriend 2 weeks later.

Ok so I have some business to take care of but I am going to finish the Mexico post and post it very soon.

Coco, Esq.

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