Sunday, April 25, 2010


You know I am worried about our school systems. I don't have children but I do have a vested interest in the school systems. These systems are educating our future. The more I hear about schools the more concerned I become. Don't know what I can do but I am sure I can help create a solution.

This past Friday really got me up in arms. My mom came home with another one of her wild stories about students at her school and then she got even worse news on Saturday.

On Friday one of her co-workers was accused of dragging a student by the shirt and throwing her into the wall or something along those lines. There were other people in the class when the event allegedly happened. The student told this story and had another student repeat the story. The student then went into stealth mode and called her mom and the mom went straight to the board office.

I am all for protecting your child from teachers that abuse but unfortunately the story was all a lie. The student told this lie but there were at least 6 other witnesses in the room can testify that none of this happened. They are trying to put the incident on the teacher's record even though nothing occurred. There was actually another teacher in the class and 5 other students. The principal didn't even bother to get the teacher's account of the events. He automatically assumed that what was told was what occurred. I understand the principal needs to be there for the students before action is taken all accounts of what happened need to be taken into consideration. The teacher now has to get outside counsel involved because of the actions that occurred.

On Saturday morning my mom found out one of the school teachers left her child in the car all day. The mother was so stressed out about the CR.CT that she left the child in the car. She found the child when she came outside to go home Friday. I can't even imagine the thoughts going through her head. The CR.CT has these teachers wildin' out. If your students don't pass that is your job in some places. I understand the idea but it is more than teaching that gets a student a passing grade on an item. There are so many things that determines a student's success. It seems to me teachers had it easier back during my school days and they had better students and parents. What can one do to get people involved to make it better for our collective future?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Post

I came back within 10 days--so proud of myself. It looks like I am about to start doing better.

So it is about that time to start looking for a new job. My current job should be ending in the next month or 2. Since I like the paycheck I was receiving I better get to getting.

That man irritates me! He is just being his normal self but it still irritates me.

Senor Humper is so socially awkward and he always comes out of left field with stuff. My biggest pet peeve with him is he is always late. I didn't notice it until we were doing something time sensitive. I was so tired on Sunday but we had a movie date. I woke up from my short nap to go to the movies with him. The movie theater is 20 minutes from my house but 5 minutes from his house. Why did I arrive before the movie started and he arrived after the movie started? Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a text message conversation. I told him exactly when I was leaving my house and he said he would leave 5 minutes after that. You would think that would mean he would be there when I got there but of course he wasn't. Then as I stood outside of the movie for about 5 minutes he still wasn't there. I then called him and he said he would be there in 3 minutes. 6 minutes later he called me to find out where I was. He then asked me had it been 3 minutes. I told him no it had been 6. I would have bought my ticket and went into the movie but I refuse to purchase a ticket for Ty.ler Perr.y movies. I cannot monetarily support him with my own funds. After the movies we got a quick dinner. As we are leaving the restaurant he tells me you sure are filling out those jeans--insert side eye. Now we haven't had any conversations with each other along those lines all day and here he comes from left field. I can't deal!

I should blog about that movie but everything has already been said that could be said. Maybe I will give my review later.

I signed up for po.le dancing classes. I start at the end of the month. I am excited b/c I figure it is a way to get me excited about exercise. I hate to exercise. I only exercise when I have to see my trainer. Hopefully I will get up in the morning and go work out. Wish me well on that one!

I almost have the down payment on my car! I need one sooner rather than later which means I definitely need to find another job. The horn stopped working. My granny said you better hurry up and get a new car before that car falls apart on you. I am supposed to finally get new seats. My back is so excited about that. It would be great to be able to sit up straight while driving.

That is all I have!

Coco, Esq.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sporadic Blogging

That is what I have been doing for the past few months. Its not that I don't want to blog or anything like that--I am just extra busy as of late. It is crunch time with my job. Heads are rolling and I am trying to hold on to mine. My boss is taking it to another level. There is nothing I can do but keep it moving. I work and keep it moving.

Nothing truly exciting going on in my life.

My 29th birthday was the 27th. I had to work :-( but I did go out to dinner that night with friends from the area. Dinner was nice. Senor Humper was there. I figured out what his problem is--he is socially awkward. He wasn't comfortable around my mild friends. He couldn't handle my real crew.

Engaged man is now married man. So why is he still trying to holla? Go away and play with your wife of less than 3 months. Why get married?

Speaking of marriage I was watching the movie about B.i.ggie's life and I want my vows to be changed like his. Instead of "for richer, for poorer" their vows said "in prosperity and adversity". I like that! Hopefully I will remember that.

So Us.her's new cd came out and I haven't heard the whole thing and I don't think I will if I have to pay for it. I feel like he reverted back to his music of my teenage years. I was listening to the radio and I heard a song from his second cd and I just felt like his new music should have come out around the time of the second cd. I thought musicians should evolve and I am not getting that from his new stuff. I will say he has probably gained new fans in the younger crowd. But he probably lost a lot in my age group. Was it the marriage? Was it a need to bring se.xy back? Can I have the musician that evolved after Conf.essions?

I cooked some of the food for Easter. I was proud of myself. I cooked the collards and the mac and cheese. I think I did a pretty good job.

I am getting my beach body for this summer and as you already know I have a personal trainer. At the end of the month I will start taking po.le classes. I am pretty excited about it. It is a different way to exercise and I figure I can definitely build up my upper body strength. It is lacking to say the least.

I need a hobby b/c when I am bored I mess with idiots via text message or BB messen.ger. It is pretty funny to me but I am sure if they knew they would be so disturbed.

I am ready to leave home and go out on my own for real. My family slowly drives me crazy! My dad really drives me crazy. He makes me want to put myself up for adoption (yes at 29)! He has issues he needs to work through.

Speaking of working through issues I was talking to my friend and she was telling me how my ex from high school is separated from his wife of less than 2 years. He and I were friends after we left each other alone. He was cool so why not be friends. Can I just scream from the rooftops that I am so not surprised by this? They had a very dysfunctional relationship. She had issues from before they even began to date that needed to be worked out before she decided to be in anybody's relationship. They either started dating my junior or senior year in college and she is 2 years behind us. Well she had serious daddy issues which led to serious trust issues. Maybe in 2005 or 2006 they broke up b/c he decided to confess how he cheated on her in the past. He kissed a girl and cuddled with a girl. Anyway he begged her to take him back and she did on the condition that they start from the beginning and he didn't have any female friends :-| (In case you don't know that is it is the side eye). I was technically kicked to the curb b/c of this. I say technically b/c we have a friend in common and she told him it would be in his best interest not to come at me with that shullbit. If I can't trust my man with female friends I can't trust him with females of any type so how is that helpful to a relationship? Anyhoo they lived happily ever after and got engaged. They eventually got married in the summer of 2008 and I found out in the spring of 2010 they were separated. Mess I tell you!

Why does Teeth Harvey have a dating website?

Anyhoo it is my time so I will talk to you sporadically!

Coco, Esq.