Friday, November 30, 2007


Since this is the last post of National blah blah blah Month (that is how I have felt the last couple of days) I thought I would end it with a couple of questions:

Why do I let the same trifling people get to me? I know they aren't going to change but would they leave me alone?

Why do I get mad when people drive slow in front of me but when I am driving slow in front of someone I get mad when they ride my tail? (I actually can answer the question this time--the people who drive slow in front of me are driving too slow to be on the damn road and me on the other hand I am driving above the speed limit almost to the point of a reckless driving ticket and then someone rolls up behind me going too damn fast.)

Why do I procrastinate on the important things?

Why do I know that any chance of me getting my flat screen t.v. went down the drain this week?

Why would I want to be with you if I am still just a movement when we are together? Can we be a force?

Why the hell won't that boy leave me alone? He thought he was important enough for me to be mad at him. About what I don't know--I was just asked if I was mad. Dude my thoughts of you consist of the time I blog about it and the random Facebook messages you send me.

Why do I hold a grudge for so long? It can't be too healthy now can it?

Why is all my stress in my right shoulder?

Why am I afraid to be an adult?

Why do we spoil black boys and act surprised when they become bad black men?

Why are people always saying that the media doesn't talk about things that happen to black people but when the same thing happens to white people there is media attention? I ask this b/c I must be the only person watching the news. I saw the story about the black girl's body being found right after they found it and I don't live in Mississippi (sorry I can't remember her name but may she rest in peace). Not saying that the media is great but not all "black" stories are left out of the news.

Will my shoulder ever stop hurting?

Why am I mad that X-Factor made her blog for invited readers only?

Thanks for reading my daily posts--I only missed one day!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Should I Do?

O Phi O XI is have a reunion weekend and I am just wondering should I be over the top or what. Give me some suggestions for the Black Out!!! I found a cute dress and the girls would really be on display--does that sound like too much? It has been so long since I went to a nice event. What are you guys doing for the Black Out? I don't want you to tell me exactly what you are wearing but give me an idea, please with a cherry on top.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do You Find It Weird...

when an older man tries to holla especially when you look much younger than you really are and he definitely looks his age and then some? This kind of disturbs me b/c if you know me you know that on a good day I look 18 and on a bad day 16. What does that say about the old men who try to holla? Are they closet pedophiles or do they think I am young and dumb?

I'm A Movement By Myself...

But can I say we are a force when we are together? I have been doing a lot of thinking about relationships lately. My new take on relationships is quoting Fabolous (I know crazy right). The man got me to thinking. I ask myself and any new man why would I want to be in a relationship if I am still just a movement?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten Best Games

1. Taboo
2. Freeze Tag (yes I took it back b/c I miss the fun of my childhood)
3. Mah Jong Tiles
4. Checkers
5. Hide and Seek (look at the parenthetical on 2)
6. Soduku
7. Football
8. Volleyball
9. The Kissing Game ;)
10. Any Drinking Game ;)

Monday, November 26, 2007

I Remember

So I had planned to tell a story on the blog or at least share something but I couldn't remember what it was. But now I remember!

Saturday night I was sitting at home flipping through the channels and something told me to stop on Cheaters. Can you say craziness. Of course you know someone was cheating on someone (no surprise there right). So the man was trying to talk to his woman to tell her that he loved her and he was so sorry. Mind you the other woman is like I am ready to go b/c she came to the secret place with him in his car. He told her to go back to the car and she was pissed. They were outside and there were little torches. The other woman decided to pick up one of the torches and hit the host in the back with it. She burned his neck. Then she jumped in the boyfriend's car and drove away. Can you say gangsta?! You dumb chick not only did you assault someone you stole the car all while being on camera. Do you know the host was more concerned about the couple than he was about himself? All I can say is sad and hilarious at the same time.

So I have a nice little dent in my driver's side back door. My mom came home and told me the story of what happened. This chick is on her cell phone and just pulls out and hits my mom. She got out saying she didn't see my mom (meaning she was so involved in her conversation). Then her brother gets out of the car and says look at Daddy's Cadillac. WTF? Dude your sister could have hurt someone and you are concerned about the car.

So my mom finally told me about the other end of the conversation (my dad's side). This negro had the nerve to say you can't buy me any pecans after I helped your brother get a job. Hot mess! Why does she do it to herself?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Running Out of Things to Blog About

Yeah so I am running out of things to blog about. You know I blog on the fly but nothing has come to me.

My mother had an accident in my car today. She is ok but car will need repairs. I was glad she wasn't hurt and my car wasn't jacked up b/c you know I cannot afford a new car right now!

I won't be going to see the youngin in Atlanta b/c he will only be there for five seconds and gas costs too much and I am tired. This holiday wore me out.

I need to make a list of my needs for the next couple of weeks so I can get through the holidays. If Christmas is like Thanksgiving then I will be dead to the world by New Years.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Day After the Day

My Thanksgiving was great! I missed my mommy but I still enjoyed myself. I got to bond with dad's girlfriend's daughter. Her in-laws are a special set! They were almost just damn rude but didn't quite cross the line. The grandmother has trouble walking so she had to be helped into the house. Well the men in my family and her grandson helped her in. Mother-in-law tried to get crunk with someone b/c grandmother wouldn't let go of his hand when she made it into the house. He couldn't make her let go and not appear rude so he held on. So then she fussed at grandmother. I just politely sat down and moved on. Sister-in-law comes in with a look on her face that I really can't describe (I really wanted to say, "Ho fix your face!"). So I was introduced to everyone and had a smile on my face that I flashed to everyone. Well sister-in-law took that smile off my face! She just sat in a chair and started reading a paper or something like she was a school teacher.

I later found out that she is going through a divorce and a illness but at least return a smile or get some therapy (black people do get therapy). So the in-laws live about 20 minutes from my stepsister and they have never been to her house to visit their grandson (he is almost 3 years old).

So this Thanksgiving I figured out that I actually like my dad's girlfriend and her daughter. The issues that I had with them was really caused by daddy dearest. I figure he likes drama and he feeds my dislike. I keep forgetting that he is a habitual liar.

Anyway the day after Thanksgiving I came home. Friday was tiring which is why I didn't post yesterday. I had to come home from Roswell and drive my mother to her part-time job. She fails to realize that this situation is only convenient for her. I was tired and had a headache. I didn't get home until after she was supposed to be at work. She even fussed at me for not putting gas in her car. I still don't understand how I was supposed to do that since I was rushing home to pick her up. I eventually made it home and ate. Then I took a nap. After my nap I took my cousin to the movies. I love her--she was my worst enemy when I was younger. She is so much like me that it is crazy. She even makes the same faces I make when I am irritated. She is a social butterfly.

This Christmass was a good movie and I just want to say there was no bad acting. I think there was no bad acting b/c there were so many family members' stories to go through so they weren't on the screen for long periods of time. I will say that I was too fond of Laz Alonzo-he just didn't fit to me. Go check it out.

I hope you got to enjoy your families at this special time!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Plan Failed

So my plan failed--I had to get loud today, oh well, I tried.

Anyway today is my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday, Sr.!

My dad is psycho! I mean this seriously. Ok my mom and dad separated when I was 1 1/2. He has been with his current girlfriend since 1987 or 1988 (yes I said girlfriend). They have lived together the whole time that I have known her but no wedding ring (this is the reason why I will never shack but that is just me). Well you would think that my mother's personal life is her business and if you thought that you would be thinking wrong or at least that is what my dad thinks. So my mom and I went out with some of her friends for lunch (they do this every month and since I came back home I go too). Her and my dad talk all the time and she mentioned that she went to lunch but she didn't mention with who. No big deal right? Wrong! My dad was like you must be seeing someone. Me thinking why the f*ck do you care? She wouldn't tell him and you think that would be the end of the story but he actually called back and tried to have another conversation about it. I wish I could replay the conversation for you all but I don't even remember all of it. He has some serious issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also blame my mother for even entertaining him and his craziness. He has a woman that he lives with so he needs to concern himself with what she does.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today is my 100th post and I wanted to have some structure to my post but so much has happened since last night (ok not a whole lot but enough for me to want to write about more than one thing).

First let's talk about the craziness--I don't know how long this portion of the post will be up but I gotta tell somebody and why not tell my faithful readers (most of you I don't know about b/c you fail to comment). A girl I went to law school with was fired from her job yesterday. Mind you she passed the bar so she is a licensed to practice. This also means that she passed the Ethics test that you have to take to become a member of most bars. So she got fired b/c she was messing with one of her clients. She was using her privileges as an attorney to go to the jail and see this man. She got caught up and there was no getting out of it. When she was caught at the jail visiting him she tried to lie about her identity. She was putting money on his books. Well she got banned from the jail and after that she was fired. She barely has a license and it could get taken away because she was messing with some man. And from what I heard of the story they hadn't even had sex. She totally f*cked up her livelihood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second, I got an email from the youngin. He tells me that he is coming to Atlanta and wants to hang out. Is he trying to mess up my celibacy? The only reason why we haven't slept together is because I was trying to be a good girl and he lives in New York. He is hard to resist. I have known him for almost two years and we are so compatible. We can talk about anything even his women issues and my men issues. What is a girl to do? Also I have to go see him to collect my graduation present. What is a girl to do?

I am going to my dad's house for Thanksgiving and he wants me to spend the night. Can you say I don't want to? I barely want to go for Thanksgiving but I am trying to do better. What is a girl to do? I am not ready to put on my grown woman panties.

I am thankful for my family and friends! I love you guys!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Just For Stacie

Oh Stacie, you are such the devil's advocate and I understand the distance but this man needs to pay his back child support and start paying his own car payment among other things. At least get a week's worth of a check.

To All: Tomorrow will be my 100th post! Don't know what I will write about but I am sure it will be a good one. I may even wrack my brain for this one.

My Plan for the Week

So my plan for this week is to not be mean. It is said that I have to plan this but I know me better than anyone else so I have to plan these things. I am proud to say I have only raised my voice at someone once and that happened today. Had the person I was talking to listened to what I said at first then I wouldn't have had to raise my voice so I blame her. Anyway for me that is really good.

So my dad got my uncle (mom's brother) a job and he started working on Friday. Why did this fool decide that today was going to be his last day? I am tired of hearing about my uncle's antics. Of course he got fussed at for a minute and then my grandmother remembered that he was her baby and she stopped fussing. I just sat there b/c like I said I am not raising my voice this week. All I have to say is he better be glad I am not going to be here for Thanksgiving and I am being quiet this week. He quit the job b/c of the commute--he didn't have any money for gas. So quitting the job is going to get him what kind of money. My only statement about it was you (mom and grandmom) need to stop helping him. I could go on but I won't.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


As in angry hoooooooot! So Oprah was allegedly going around the country touring the heartland or something of the sort and she decided that Macon, GA would be her first stop. I live about 20 miles from Macon. Something told me to try to get a ticket but I was like I am not that big of an Oprah fan. Damn me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just happened to be watching the news last night and Oprah decided that her show in Macon would be her "Favorite Things" show. Can you say I was cursing myself out in my head and using words as close to curse words in my house with mommy and granny. Now you understand why I am so angry. I would have been ok if I had tried to get a ticket and just came up short. I didn't even try. The show airs on Tuesday and I think I saw a girl who lives down the street from me in the audience. I guess I will find out on Tuesday.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What I Am Thinking

So yesterday I had a conversation with my mom and I realize why it is difficult for me to find a job. Truthfully and honestly in the legal field if you don't have the grades it is all about who you know. Law school was the first time I didn't have a nice average. I have always been in the top 10 percent when it came to school and law school just wasn't like that but moving on. I know people but I don't know attorneys. Everybody tells me that I should talk to so and so and I don't ask people for help very easily or at least when I don't know those people. I must know you and trust that you have my best interest at heart when I ask you for help if I decide to ask you for help. Well to get a job I have to step out of that. The problem is when I did ask someone for help they sh*tted on me. Any way I will work it out someway somehow.

Friday, November 16, 2007

One Man, Too Many Tears

I have been talking to one of my friends lately about relationships, mainly because she is older and wiser. I listen but I also take into consideration that I have to make my own decisions. She also talks to me about her man issues. I listen and try not to be judgmental of the man. We all know how we have this intuition that tells us that a friend's man isn't any good but we may not say anything because she has to find out on her own and we don't want to sound like a broken record. This is all to say that when she talked about her boyfriend/significant other it just didn't sound right to me.

We had a conversation a few weeks ago and she told me how she has never met his family. She also said that she has never been to church with him, that wouldn't be that bad if he wasn't the pastor of a church. During their relationship it took her seven months to make it to his house. She eventually told me that she knew a few friends and one of his brothers. These were all signs.

The other day I received an email from her as to why she hasn't contacted anybody lately. She hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks because she decided that they needed space and they needed to work through some things if they were to continue in the relationship. They talked to each other by phone the other day. When she talked to him she said she didn't care one way or the other if they were going to be together. During this heated conversation he proposed. She accepted but said it wouldn't be official until she received her ring.

Well after the conversation she talked to one of her friends and they thought about all the stuff he had said to her. These conversations led her to call his family. She called his father's church and spoke with the church administrator. The lady proceeded to tell her that he was not a doctor as he said he was and he had gotten married three months before. Later his stepmother called and talked to her. The stepmother told her how he has told many lies and has even been locked up for impersonating people.

This is all to say that I saw that something was wrong in the relationship but would have never guessed that the situation was that deep. I can only imagine how she must feel. This does tell me that if something doesn't feel right let it go. Don't hold on to something that doesn't need to be held on to.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Mom

Ok so first of all I would have posted yesterday but I was tired. Those real estate closing people have me running ragged.

Ok so back to today's post:
My mom is crazy (love her to death). Last night she finally got her flash drive back that she let her friend borrow months ago. Well she wanted me to put her dissertation on it. She walks into my room and says delete everything from the flashdrive and put my dissertation on this. That sounds simple but I don't have her dissertation.
She is convinced that her dissertation is on my computer b/c I emailed it to her professor the other night. The dissertation is on her computer. She was arguing with me that it was on my computer under "my documents". We have this argument every couple of weeks about how my computer and her computer are not connected. I have to argue her down about it. She really accused me of lying last night. Not exactly one of those things I would lie about if I felt the need to lie.
She drives me crazy but I love her so much!

To all my friends that I sent the email to thank you so much for your response. It is wonderful to know that you guys have my back in this hard time (being jobless and wanting to work). One of you even brought me to tears but they were happy tears.

Tomorrow's post will be about trifling men and for once not mine since I have been single for two months :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Obligatory Post

Ok so I had to post something today--here it is! I will feel like sharing tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rambling Again

So I got rejected for one of the jobs I interviewed for a few weeks ago. I haven't cried about that but I have cried. Why is everybody else getting a job when I can't get one? I just want to be self-sufficient. I am not asking for a six-figure salary yet. Just enough to live off of and save for that house I always wanted.

My mother wants to rub in the fact that I had a job offer that I didn't take. She just doesn't get that first of all I would have been unhappy and second of all I would have been asking her for money. I would have been making $3000 before taxes. After taxes and all the other crap they take out I would have been making maybe $2100. I couldn't live at home b/c the drive is too long to make on a daily basis which means that I would have to rent an apartment. I could go on but to make a long story short I would have needed my mom to pay some of my bills and there was no way I could pay for a new car which I do need.

J won't leave me alone. I just want him to understand that we aren't on that level where we have to talk on a regular basis. How do I say that without being mean? I want to just yell and curse about it but I don't think that will work out well.

Monday, November 12, 2007


People irritate me. I would say more but that would require me to care enough to write right now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where Are You?

Where is my friend? I am patiently waiting for a visit but I don't know if that is going to happen.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Thoughts

This morning I was watching HGTV (one of my addictions) and I saw this boy I went to college with. He and his wife were getting a basement makeover. I was slightly envious b/c someone I graduated with is married. He and his wife looked so cute together. He also has a nice house. Somebody decorated the rest of the house really nicely. I want to be married and settled. I just have to remember that God has a plan for me and it will come to pass.

My dad is buying me a flat screen tv for Christmas. I can't believe it--I will just have to wait for this to happen.

My mother drives me crazy. My little cousins spend every other weekend at our house. Well when they come see auntee they get whatever they want. Not that big of a deal. The problem I have is that what they normally want is candy. My mother gives them bubble gum at 8 in the morning. So they had some bubble gum this morning and that was supposed to be the last bit of candy. They leave the house and come back with a bag of candy for each of them. We have an argument every time they come here. My problem is the higher than normal occurrence of childhood obesity and diabetes. They eat candy all day and watch tv and lounge. If they were playing all day then the candy may be ok (not really but at least they would be active). The oldest is six and she already has a crown or whatever. She obviously doesn't need the candy but my mother steadily gives it to her. Mind you I wasn't given all this candy when I was younger so I really don't understand it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I Had to Write Something Else

Ok so since it is National Blogging Month I should probably be saving these ideas but anyone who knows me knows that if I don't get it out right then I will forget (so now you know why I interrupt you during conversations, please forgive for that. I don't want to go all cricket, cricket on you.).

So today I feel like God is testing my faith and patience and I am failing miserably. I am trying to figure out why nothing seems to be going my way. God I love you and right now I am struggling. I just need one break. I don't want any more rejection. The rejection is eating away at my professional self esteem. The more rejection I get the more I feel like an incompetent lawyer. My personal self esteem is still the hotness. I love me more than I can explain.

Where Do I Find These Men? Part II

So let's talk about my issues with the first post:

1. If I say I don't want to go out with you every time you ask, why don't you just stop asking?

2. Why are you so dramatical? It is life change, wtf?

3. If I say I have issues respect that. I don't want to deal with you and my issues.

4. Why do you think I want to date you if you are dealing with the same thing? I don't want to deal with my issues and your issues. Call me selfish but I know me.

5. Why did I even give him my phone number? At least he has stopped calling so much.

6. How can you nicely say you are not interested? I just want to say I don't like you but I don't think it will come even that nice.

Where Do I Find These Men?

Ok so this is a im conversation I had with the guy who has a relationship that he failed to mention. I will have to give my commentary later but I am sure you can see why I have issues with him. I would also like to add that I just am not attracted to him on any level.

J: hey coco wassup, what are you up too, do you fell like watching some tv with me today?
C: Sorry today is one of my busy days. I have two closings today and they don't seem to be going according to schedule.
J: oh..ok, well maybe another day how have you been?
C: I have been doing ok--i have a sore throat but no other signs of a cold. This makes me a little irritated. How are you?
J: i'm wonderful, cant complain...things are going..i guess..
C: Why do you guess?
J: cause i still havent hung out with you....
C: So that messes up your life?
J: lol...yes.some Jerrick Manns. everything you want in your life should change it some
C: Oh ok
J: you dont think so..
C: Depends on what it is
J:so in your case, a guy that you like and cant be with wouldnt change you life some C: I don't think I would be like life is ok i guess. But then I am the hotness and trying to get myself together with no man around.
J: ok...but naw, i was just kidding with the i guess, its just a way i talk when people ask me that.... but i would like to take you out and hang out with you..
C: oh ok so we get to the truth
J: what is the
C: you just wanted me to feel sorry for you and keep asking you what was wrong. you wanted some attention.
J: truth is that i like you and i want to take you out
C: Ok but we could only go out as friends b/c I am dealing with the issues that the last guy helped me create and not wanting to put them off on any other man.
J: what issues did ya'll create..
C:My biggest issue right now is trust but there are lots of other. I still have feelings for him and the last time I decided to date while having feelings for someone else was really ugly.
J: oh...thats ok, you know i'll work with you, cause you know i'm in a similar position....but i hate to have to wonder what could have been cause i was afraid to ask or try..

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why You Gotta Go and Do That?

So yesterday I had a closing and I see something that no one should see. I was driving away from the closing and see this man crossing the street. The man looks like a pimp with FAMU pride. He was decked out in orange and green. He had on shorts. Even his shoes were orange and green. He had on a green fedora. I was so confused b/c to top all this off he had on a white bubble coat. I almost fell over.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Three Things

1. I am stressed. I am breaking out and these people feel like giving me four closings in two days. That is great money wise but a sister's printer is so slow that I have to go buy a new one just to ensure that I can do all the closings.

2. Remember when I said I hate cold and rainy well it is cold and it is supposed to rain. I am so not looking forward to that.

3. This morning it was colder in the South than it was in the North and the Midwest.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I just want to talk about it. I miss him and there is no one to talk to it about or at least I can't talk to him. I mean I could but that would defeat my purpose.

I finally got my much needed pedicure.

The weather just suddenly changed.

I know the state of Georgia needs rain but once it gets cold I hate rain. It is one thing to have something to do in the rain when it is warm but it is so much worse when it is cold.

I got a warm jacket/coat from Target today for only $29.99. It is cute and warm.

Do you know someone who instigates? I do and it just happens to be my mother. Don't ever talk about somebody around her b/c she may tell that person. She will even agree with you about the person's bad qualities and then tell them you said it. She has good intentions--meaning the people you are talking about need to know about their bad qualities but she takes it too far. She did this to me the other day and she did it to my uncle yesterday.

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Job

Ok so I want to tell you what I do most days of the week. I work for this company that finds attorneys to do real estate closings. They send me the information about the closing and I go to the person's home to have them sign the papers. Sometimes they send me the paperwork to print out or they send it to me or the client via mail.

Ok with that being said let's talk about what happened today. Ok the plan was to email the paperwork to me and I would print it out. The closing was at 1:00 this afternoon and the closing was 30 minutes away. To me this means that I need to leave home by 12:15 in case I get lost and just to make sure I arrive in a timely manner.

Ok so here is what happened. I wake up this morning and eventually check my email around 9:15. The paperwork hasn't been emailed to me. I email my company to see where the paperwork was and they say they will check on it. Around 11:30 the paperwork is still not emailed to me. I have a slow printer so I know that I will not be able to print it out in a timely manner. I called the client and let them know I will call when I am on my way. The company finally sends me the paperwork at 12:45. Well I decided that it would be easier to go to my mother's job and print it out. I email it to my mother so she can print it out. As I am driving to my mother's job the finance company calls me and tells me that I need to hurry up (not their exact words but I got the hint). At this point I am hot b/c if it had been up to me the paperwork would have been ready at 9:15 so I could print it out. I want to curse them out b/c clearly I didn't do anything wrong. Then my company calls and asked me where I was. I told them I was on my way but I can't move that quickly b/c no matter what the situation was I had to print out the paperwork that was sent to me late.

I get to my mother's school and go to her classroom thinking that the paper would be waiting for me. Of course she forgot to print it out even though I called her less than an hour ago. So I had to sit there and print it out. It only took about 15 minutes to do it. I think I got another call telling me to hurry up b/c somebody has to go to work. I am thinking to myself that sounds personal b/c somebody was slipping on their pimping--not my problem. I did my best to get there in a timely manner.

I get to the couple's house and pull out the paperwork. I hand it over to the wife to start signing. The husband asked about the interest rate and time of payments. So get this after all this they put me through, the finance company put the wrong interest rate and monthly payments on there. I was so hot you could see the steam rising. I did my best to remain polite when the wife called the finance company but I wanted to curse the finance company out.

A day in my crazy life!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Ok so today I went to see American Gangster. I am not going to give anything away. I just want to say that the movie was good but spotty. They tried to fit too much into in a short amount of time. The movie was looooooooooooooong but not long enough for me to get the substance of Frank Lucas. I read an article about him last week and I think I learned more in the article than I did in the movie. Anyway I just have one question for anyone who saw the movie: T.I. and Common--was I supposed to believe that?

My cousin's future husband just bought them a house. He is a truck driver so he just signed the papers and bounced. She is so stressed. It is driving me crazy.

National Blog Writing Month

Hey all,
It is national blog writing month and I guess I gotta participate. My girl let me know and since I have already done 3 posts and I might as well continue on.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

Ok God I know you are looking out for my best interests but do you have to let them bother me? I know I need to learn patience which is probably one of the reasons I am jobless but why do these people have to bother me?

Why do people feel the need to tell me stories or give me facts that I could care less about?

Me and my grandmother are just alike and which means that I would drive myself crazy.

I miss digital cable. At least when I was bored on the weekends I could watch some movie.

When you were jobless did I ask you how the job search was going every time I talked to you? That is the most irritating question to be asked. When I get a job I will send out an email to all my friends and let you know. Chances are the person this is directed towards stopped reading my blog awhile ago.

CS--I was talking about a girl I went to high school with. I wish I could show you the pictures. She looks older than her mother.

Ok my guilty pleasure is Keyshia Cole's tv show. I would say I watch I love NY but that show is just too ignorant. I tried to watch this season but I can't bring myself to do it. KC's show isn't ignorant though.

Why do I miss "The Game" every week?

I watch Fox News Channel. The journalism is pretty ignorant but they show more news than the other channels on my bootleg cable. Now I really miss MSNBC.

I am addicted to Suze Orman's t.v. show. So last night she was talking to this man whose wife kept jacking up their finances. He would fix something she messed up and then she would mess something else up. So Suze said the wife was dishonest and she didn't understand how their relationship worked. She then said that a real relationship is built on 100% honesty. Is this true? I know you have to be honest about most things but sometimes you just can't tell your mate. And when I say that I am talking about the little things, mostly opinion things. I may only be saying this b/c I have no tact and if I don't like it I will say it. I have hurt my significant others feelings b/c I said what I honestly believed. It got a little ugly when I told the truth. So should you tell your mate the truth 100% of the time? The other problem I had with her advice was that she doesn't have a husband and neither do I. So who are either of us to voice our opinion on how that man's marriage works?

I am going to do better on my blogs b/c I haven't written anything truly substantive lately. I am going to sit down and think about something to blog about other than my random thoughts. Don't get it twisted I love my random thoughts but since I am so impulsive I don't take the time to truly plan a post. I normally have wonderful plans for posts but my short term memory is so bad that if I come up with an idea two hours from now I will forget it by the time I get back to a computer which could be three hours from now.

Peace and Blessings,

Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Ramblings

I cut off my hair!

My short term memory is terrible!

Why are hos psycho?

Just so you know feel free to donate to my cause--(the cause is brokeness).

I know we aren't supposed to buy anything today but I have no gas and no food. What is a girl to do?

Why did my friend send me a text message last night saying her 77 year old grandmother had the American Gangster bootleg? All I could do was stare at my phone in disbelief. That was funny.

Btw I will be seeing that on Sunday. Hooray!

I wonder if God blesses me with children will I be a good mom.

So is anyone else disappointed in Jay-Z's Blue Magic? I am not the biggest hip-hop fan but he just didn't do it for me.

Why did you name your child Knowshon? I mean he is a great football player but Knowshon?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just Down Right Evil

Disclaimer: I told you I can be an evil witch.

Have you ever looked at someone's wedding pictures and just wished they would start over? I have. I have a former friend who recently got married and I saw the pictures. All I could say is she looks old. Mind you we graduated together on time so she is not old. She just looks like an old woman--not the vibrant 26 year old that I know she is. I looked at the pictures and was like why are your bridemaids looking better than you. That should never happen for real. I mean the whole bridal party looks your age but you don't. She had on a pretty dress though.