Saturday, February 28, 2009


So lately I have been feeling some type of way. Normally I am extremely excited about my birthday but this year not so much. Actually this year I feel like I could go without celebrating (anyone who really knows me who is reading this is probably gasping for air). I had to figure out why I am feeling this way and I finally figured it out. I am not satisfied with my life so I don't feel like celebrating. I am happy for friends and family but I need something more. I need a job and some love in my life.

I compare my life to my mom and right now I am not measuring up in my head. When my mom was my age she had a career and a baby. She also had a man but clearly I won't get into how bad that ended (let's just say she soon became a single mother). I have 2 degrees and nothing else. I hate to say it like that but it is true. And to add insult to injury I have debt b/c of one of those degrees. The job/career was supposed to help me pay off the debt but that isn't happening.

I want to delve deeper but right now I am just not ready. To be continued...

Coco, Esq.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I have some tendencies I need to work on.

I gave up sweets for Lent. My sweet tooth is bad and I needed to work on it.

I still haven't sent my computer to De.ll. That is bad considering I could have wireless if I sent it to the repair place.

I don't have much today but I wanted to talk to you guys.

I still know nothing about the job. I am entirely too impatient. I think God is testing my patience and I am failing miserably.

I love my friends! Thanks DollFace for the text messages last week. I really was emotional and you helped me at least talk about it.

Did I tell you guys if I don't find a job I am moving in with my friend and being her nanny? Yeah the more I think about that the more I hate the idea. I don't want to be responsible for a baby especially if it is not mine. I am so my mother's child! She doesn't hold babies until they are at least 6 months. I am sure my infancy was pretty interesting with her.

I want some cookies so bad. I have been talking myself out of this for the past two days. I also want some pecans that are coated in sugar. I need to go pray.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

So today was long and boring! I played on the internet all day in between job searching. I am really hoping that I will get a phone call really soon saying I got the job. The main people said I am eligible/qualified for the job. Pray for me!

I can be financial in my sorority again! My grad chapter jacked up my dues and I thought it was taken care of until I tried to pay my dues last year. So now I can be active and financial!

I finally harassed the bride enough to go ahead and pick out the dress. She picked it out today and hopefully the decision will be finalized tomorrow.

I am going to an undergrad party tonight. That should be oh so interesting since I haven't seen undergrad in almost 6 years and my senior year I rarely went to parties. I think I may have been a little lame but I made up for all of that in law school.

So the crush appears to be back in the crush category. The other guy helped me on Tuesday while I was crying my little heart out. He didn't know I was crying but he definitely helped me through it. Afterwards we decided that we were going to get married jokingly. But I did tell him if I am still single at 30 and I am coming for him.

I have nothing else for you guys but I wanted to blog before I sent my computer away. I may blog from my phone but I seriously doubt it.

Coco, Esq.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good News

So today I went to a meeting to mobilize the Democratic Party in my home county. I am the Interim Chair of the Democ.ratic Commi.ttee of Cou.nty. I am truly excited about this endeavour and hopefully can accomplish some things. I wasn't the youngest person there but I was the youngest working professional (I use that term loosely since we know my job situation). Everyone was excited and happy that I took on the job. I think they want me to be the permanent chair but hopefully I will be leaving the area soon. But I am still excited about the opportunity! This state needs to do better with the whole political thing b/c there was no reason why Georgia shouldn't have been blue or at least purple.

Monday, February 16, 2009

On My Mind

Yeah so I didn't post anything last week. Sorry about that but last week was extremely stressful. Everyday I had something to do and had to wake up entirely too early when I went to sleep entirely too late. Anywho I will give an update about all of it.

Last week I had 5 closings which is extremely good in this economy--nice check in a few weeks for only about 7 hours of work.

Last Wednesday was the job fair. Yeah I never made it inside. I actually had an interview on Wednesday morning that I think went well. I will find out soon hopefully (but it's not a lawyer job). Anyway, after I left the interview I went to the job fair location. I was talking on the phone to my friend who I was supposed to meet there and she tells me that the line is off the chain. When she got there the line was wrapped around the building 3 times. It was a federal building also. It was crazy. We decided to strategize and drove around to figure out where we could strategize and not pay to park (she took the train there). So we decide to drive by the location so I could see the line. While driving we see a lady who actually made it into the fair. She tells us that there are only about 25-30 recruiters and only 2 were taking resumes. She then says others told her to apply for federal jobs online and none of their agencies are hiring b/c they are waiting on the stimulus package to pass. That was my cue to drive away and find us some food.

Friday I went to a career preview for a financial planning company. I just have to take a personality test. I probably should have taken it this weekend but I was so sleepy that I slept most of the weekend.

He called me on Saturday but all I could say was hello sleepily and he said I could call him later. I did but we didn't talk. So nothing else to say about him.

The crush is on ice. No developments but he did wish me luck on my interview and all that jazz.

My mommy bought me the cutest shoes for Valentine's Day. They will be part of the birthday ensemble.

As you may know I spilled water on my computer about a month ago and it appeared to have killed my wireless card. I got a long warranty and it isn't up yet so De.ll will be getting the computer and fixing it--any issues that I can come up with they will fix.

Sunday I went to the mall and found a dress and a shirt from for less than $20. I am bringing sexy back! Pictures eventually.

Oh yeah I hate being the only technical person in my house. That means I have to figure out stuff that other people "can't". My mom's school gave them Ma.cs and she wants to use it at home. Well I only had ethernet. I had to talk to our internet provider and come up with a solution to fix the problem. The guy told me it would be best to just go to the store and get a wireless router. I go get the router and it won't install properly. I figure out how to install it without the installation disk and that is when I notice that my wireless connection doesn't work. I call my dad and ask for his help. He sends me through all this crap and I download driver after driver. Then I figure out that something is wrong with the actual card. I contact De.ll via the net and then phone. Guy tells me it can be shipped and fixed. My mom's computer won't connect to the ethernet and then it won't connect to the wireless network. I really think that is because her school only wants her to be on one network. I can't promise that but I think that is the case. She doesn't understand connecting to the net and no matter how you explain it to her she doesn't get it. I just want to grab and shake her.

I was so unproductive today.

I also need to do my interview from Mimi!

Since I will have to send the computer away I will be out of commission for a couple of days if not weeks.

I need someone to rub on me.

Some people and their emotions drive me crazy.

My friend whose wedding I will be in is going to have a hot mess of a wedding. I still have no dress or dress options. The wedding is in 7 months and there is no reception venue or decision of whether the reception will be formal or informal. She almost decided not to come home to get stuff together for the wedding. All I can say is I am going to be cute regardless. I should probably harass her again about the dresses.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Obligatory Post of The Week/Randomness in My Life

Ok so is "I want you to sit on my fa.ce" the new pickup line? I went out last weekend and I was clearly minding my own business in my cute sweater dress and I get that. Can you say keep it moving? Do you even know me like that to say it much less attempt to do it?

I love my friends! I just wanted to let them know.

I am so ok being by myself right now. I would love to date (not pressed about it) but I would first need to leave the house and then meet someone. I got to spend time with the crush on Sunday and that was interesting. He is hilarious and sweet. I love the fact that he makes me laugh. No matter what he will be a great friend. I think I am about to place him in the friend category. I also think I like him more than he likes me.

I need a new car so bad. The other day I was riding around in my mother's old car and it just turned off as I was making a right turn. That was the one time I was happy to live in a small town. Some men were nice enough to help me and I was able to walk to my cousin's job to borrow her car. There aren't as many gentlemen out there as I thought b/c a lot of men just drove around me. Well the car is fixed now.

I am supposed to be going to a Federal Job Fair on Wednesday. Keep me in your prayers!

I just want to give a shout out to my LS LNB! I know she reads this and we don't talk often but I want her to know I love her. I love you too LS AH!

Ink and paper are very expensive!

I miss Part-time but he is an asshole. We haven't had a falling out or anything but I don't have the urge to talk to him. We are just a never ending cycle. This is my opportunity to break the cycle.

There is something I want to tell you guys but I don't know what you will think of me after I tell it. My close friends know. It is not bad but when it happened it felt terrible.