Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

I gotta speak first on the dumb broad in Philly! That was a hot mess to say the least. I just feel like black men should be able to sue her for that mess. I know they can't but seriously I wish they could. I know when every black person heard they were like why did she tell that lie. The first thing I thought was they are going to find that little girl dead and her mom decided the only way to get away with it was say a black man did it. I honestly don't know what that was. So you go to the airport where there are security cameras everywhere. Then you carry your behind to Dis.ney Wor.ld. That is just a hot mess. I am actually mad at the people at the counter--does the woman really look like her co-worker? I am thinking probably not. And did the co-worker say anything to the police once the chick was allegedly abducted. All I can say if you are going to make up a story at least plan better. Make up a description in your head and practice it. I just feel like CPS needs to take all the kids from her. She took the little girl out of school weeks ago and no one found this odd. She left her 15 year old and eight month old. The woman is not playing with a full deck. The 15 year old was asking the men to return her mom and sister safely. What the hell kind of mother are you that you worry your child like that? She took that little girl and didn't inform her dad. There is a special corner in hell for her. She will be sitting next to Su.san Sm.ith and the guy from Boston (I saw the Lif.etime movie).

So I found a dress that cost 80 dollars more than the one I picked out. It is a cute dress but of course I am pissed at the price. The only reason why I am ok with is that it is made out of a very similar material and I am going to laugh on the day of her wedding. I know that is evil but she brought it on herself. She approved the dress and it told what the material it was when I emailed it to her. Lesson learned--pick out your bridesmaids' dresses. But I already knew that so it was no lesson. To answer the question about why she didn't pick the dresses--she told us she wanted us to look glamourous and elegant in a dress that we felt we looked that way in. Uh, let's go with no! When I get married I want my bridal to look nice but we can go to the store and try on dresses and I will make the decision. The real problem is she doesn't want to come back to Georgia and do such things. Half of her party is in Georgia and the other half is in Maryland with her. She didn't want to come back to Georgia until the wedding actually--which I find to be stupid but that is just me. I will be all up and through my planning if I don't trust my planner but then again I am a control freak.

My dad held me hos.tage this past weekend. I did get to spend time with his girlfriend. She is a really cool person now that I am older. She bought me some jewelry as a late birthday present. She also bought me some jeans and shoes. I am supposed to go to a party with her thrown by her sorority.

I think I may have found a new hair stylist. I go to her on Tuesday--keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have been busy this week--I have had 2 closings and will have another one tomorrow. My dad finally gave me the car but I have to take it back to get it worked on some more. He pissed me off about the car though. He said he was giving it to me in its condition b/c my mom was pressuring him. Not the case at all. I didn't even comment b/c nothing nice was going to come out.

Thanks you guys for the words about my degree. I guess my frustration was that I went to law school to practice and never really thought about careers outside of practicing. I have tunnel vision like that. It is pretty bad. I am working on it though.

I haven't seen crush in weeks. I am going through withdrawal :-(

That is all,
Coco, Esq.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

Hi all!

It has been one of those weeks--I have felt truly anti-social. I have talked to maybe three friends this week. I love those girls--they brighten up my day!

My new favorite blog is . Not just because I won a contest but because BGG shows all the cutest and latest in fashion and beauty care. Earlier this week I won a bottle of So excited!

I am going to cut Bride.zilla. After I find a dress that is not cheap I am throwing my hands up. All I have to say is if you get married please pick out your bridesmaids dresses (I know anyone else would do this but I just wanted to share that with the world).

One of my linesisters got engaged this week. The engagement story was pretty cute. Her mom said she was coming to visit in the middle of the week with her grandmother. She didn't really want to be bothered but she was like cool I guess I will go. Her mother then says she is running behind schedule and asked her to get a table at the restaurant. She gets to the restaurant and gets a table for three. She sits down and then three men come up to the table--the host, the busboy and her boo. Busboy removes the third place setting and the boo is seated. He gives her a piece of paper to read out loud. It is an email she sent to him about why she wanted to marry him b/c he had asked her that question two days before. She answered but he really wasn't satisfied with the answer. She decided she would email him. When she got to the end she realized that he was about to propose. He proposed and she said yes! Isn't that beautiful?

I am saying this now--if you don't want me to voice me opinion then don't speak about the issue in my presence or at least tell me you don't want my opinion. I am and always have been one to speak my mind. I don't think that is going to stop the older I get--more than likely it is going to get worse.

I have good news in the works and will share with you in a few days or weeks when I get the final say so.

Also I think I made a mistake when I went to law school. I am so not happy with the profession which is probably why I haven't been too pressed to find a permanent job. I should have let law school when I had the opportunity. I didn't want to be a quitter because that would have honestly been the first thing I ever quit. I think I want to go back to school so I am going to take the next six months to research the decision. If I decide that I want to go back to school I can apply in January and start in Fall 2010. I still want to practice law just so I will not have wasted my degree but my heart isn't in it.

I saw the ex boo this past weekend. I blame the crush for that one since he was out of town. It was interesting to say the least. Still no resolution but oh well.

I am in desperate need of a new salon. My hair was a bush for two weeks. I let my stylist do my hair this week b/c I needed a relaxer. So we had been discussing why my hair was frizzy. This nut told me that it was frizzy b/c I take showers and the steam does that. That may have been ok if I didn't keep my hair wrapped until after I put my clothes on. My friend who is a teacher had a better explanation. So sad.

I need a vacation! I want to go somewhere that I only know one or two people so I can spend quality time with one or two people and not feel guilty about not seeing other people. MJ can I come visit you? I also want to go visit Chicago. I think I will do that before the end of the year. One of my close friends wants to go so I figure we can make it a mini vacation.

I don't have anymore for you today


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

I support you but I don't always agree with your decisions!

There are some really great guys out there--my problem is none of them live near me. My crush from college said the sweetest thing to me the other day. Like him so much.

I can't cuddle with crush this weekend which may lead me to call the ex--it has been so long. I am trying but I repeat it has been so long. I didn't even get to celebrate the swearing in of the POTUS among other things. Don't you think that is a good way to celebrate.

I was talking to one of my favorite internet friends (Hey Midori) and we were talking about people having unprotected s.ex. Can someone please explain that to me? We are both confused so I thought I would ask the general public. I mean do you know his every move? Why is he not your boyfriend (for me it needs to be husband)? I read an article earlier this week and this guy said he had an s.ti and he still didn't use protection most of the time. He said when he had outbreaks he would just wear his boxers and the women rarely questioned it. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot????????????????????? He said since his diagnosis he has been with at least 20 women and they just don't question it after a couple of months. I remember one time I didn't want to be intimate I told dude I didn't see him put on protection and he was like I did it in the bathroom. Then I just said I don't want to but at least he was using protection. Cover that thing up at all times of s.ex if you want to get with me.

Sorry but I had to say that b/c it weighs heavy on my heart. I saw the funniest thing yesterday that made me think of the subject. Using no con.dom is gross. my vag.ina has a dress code.

Forgot to tell you--I still have no car. I knew how it was going down so I am not surprised. He really just doesn't want to give me his car. He has been trying to convince my mother to find me a used car. My mom shut that down quickly. She informed him that she had already purchased me a car and was not purchasing another. I ain't mad at her. It just irks me that he has an extra car sitting around and doesn't want to give it to me. He is always talking about me working but when the people I work for call I have to turn them down b/c I have no car. I have had to turn down at least 3 jobs this week. I know I am not entitled to the car but when you make a promise keep it.

I am playing the waiting game--hopefully next week I will have good news to tell.

It is time for me to find a new stylist. My hair looks like a hot mess. I took pictures on Sunday with my mom and you cannot tell we got our hair done on Thursday.

When I told SunFresh that I needed a pep talk not to call the ex boo this is what she said: Don't do da d*ck! That was so hilarious. Love her!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Reception (From Hell)

So I knew I would have stories to tell and I do!

So I should have known it was going to be a mess. I called the bride to get directions and let's just say hers were terrible. I drove at least 15 miles out of the way. I called her and told her that I was going home because she gave awful directions. (Gas is not cheap and it was hot as hell on Saturday. I had been driving for over an hour for a 30 minute at the most trip.) She made it seem like I would see the place from the road--not at all! I had to turn off the road and drive about 1/2 a mile.

I reach the location and try to remove the look of shock from my face. The reception was at a meeting place that just happened to be a double wide trailer connected to a small building. Hot mess!

So everyone is sitting around doing nothing--she wanted us to be there 2 1/2 hours early so we could help set up and eat before the guests arrive. Well they set up before we got there. The caterer didn't get there until after we did and she left something at home so she didn't start setting up until about 4:30 or 5:00. The cocktail hour was supposed to start at 5:00.

This is where it gets really special. When I spoke to the bride on Thursday she informed that she didn't want to pay the caterer for wait staff so the hostesses would be serving. You know your girl was like whatever but in my head I made up my mind that I wasn't serving. So by the time 6:30 rolled around it was time to eat. Mind you the caterer was still setting up the food. I politely waited for all the other hostesses to position themselves so I could make sure I was just standing there looking cute and I did!

Eventually everyone got their food and then I could eat. I did end up pouring the punch which messed with my eating.

Later on I played bartender. That was fun but it didn't last long for me because it was so hot in there.

I saw so many different outfits. They ranged from cute to hot mess. The worst one was the girl who had to be about 200 pounds and had on a dress so short in the front that I could see her panties. Just hot mess!

Please if you want to have a reception please make sure you can afford everything that comes along with it. You know wait staff and photographer. Yeah I played amateur photographer too.

That is all I have for now!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

Children today are off the d*mn chain!

My mom told me about some kids at her school. A little girl performed s.ex on a boy in the hallway at school. This happened last week and they just found out about it today. The school called the girl's mother. The mother said she was going to beat her so bad that she might not live to see school tomorrow. The school called D.FACS. Now I personally would have let that one slid. Had it been my mom she would have just come to the school and beat me in front of the administration. Then dared them to call the authorities. If the authorities showed up she would have told them to keep me b/c she had no use for me after that.

I was so stressed yesterday and Tuesday. Let's just say my family needs to get their money issues together and leave me out of it. I don't have money lying around and if I did I wouldn't be giving it to irresponsible people (my uncle).

Thinking of the crush brings a smile to my face.

My dad is supposed to be giving me his car tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I really have nothing just because I was so stressed this week.

Until the next time!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Something I Rarely Talk About in Detail

Int.imacy--I rarely talk about in detail and I don't think I will talk about it in detail today but I need to make some points.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she told me her theory on women and no good men: Some is better than no I had to seriously disagree with her. If that was the case I wouldn't be wandering through this period of cel.ibacy. Her response to that was you are cute and cute people don't settle. I wish I could go in detail about where the conversation started but that is her story to tell.

I still disagree with the theory b/c I know there are some people who are cute and still deal with no good men. It really stems from numerous things. I could name a few but the list is definitely not exhaustive.
1. Attachment/love
2. Some people think that inti.macy is the only way to show love
3. Insecurity
4. Settling
5. Some people enjoy the act that much

The point of this post is really to talk about how I had to evaluate myself and look at why I have dealt with craziness in the past. I had some insecurities that are still there but I refuse to let them keep me stuck in some bullisht. I thought I loved the individuals but it was definitely more of an attachment. Those are the two that I saw in my past. I enjoy the act but I realize that the stuff I dealt with was not worth the act. The sleepless nights and/or horrible dreams were enough for me to never deal with it again. There were other things but the sleepless nights/horrible dreams were on the top of the list. I finally got it. It took me awhile but I got it.

It seems like a light bulb went off in my head around my 28th birthday. It told me what I can and cannot accept. I am alone but I am happier alone than I ever was when there was a piece of a man in my life. I know now that when a man is in my life I need so much to happen before the act goes down. I need a connection outside of the act. I need to be able to delve into that connection multiple times before the act occurs. In the past I thought I had done these things but I was wrong. I learned a lesson which is why I am grateful for the individuals that I have dealt with.

Don't get me wrong I miss the last but he can't put forth the effort to be the man that I need, want or deserve. I wish women would learn to be by themselves and love themselves. It would do us all a world of good. I wish that we would hold men to higher standards. When we learn to put our happiness first the men that want to be in our lives would not be afraid of questions and concerns that we have.

Can I just say that as much as I hated the idea of the Harv.ey book I am now half of a fan. I am half of a fan b/c I skimmed a copy of the book. Right after I skimmed a copy of the book my friend went through something. A guy told her something that she already knew and I said as much. She then told me it is different when it comes from a guy. I figure is a guy and maybe someone will get it if it comes from him.