Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Spot

So Pserendipity fussed at me (I kid) about my blog eating comments. I decided it was time for a change. Check me out at

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New/Old Friend/Acquaintance

So when I went to Mexico for the wedding I reconnected with an old/new friend/acquaintance. We had conversations about the past and she was very insightful about a few things from the past and present. I just want to know why I, a person who is a pretty good judge of character, didn't see that my best friend from college was fcuking psyc.hotic. Why do we let the glaring signs go when it is someone we love? It doesn't matter the love, we just let it ride. She was really close to my best friend but she let her go b/c she saw the psyc.hosis. I hold on to a lot of people who show big a** red flags. I wonder why I do that. Maybe that is an issue I can work out with my next therapist.


So the friend that I said I was completely done with is officially no longer a friend. Don't ask me what happened but we are done. If you ask I wouldn't know the answer. The beautiful part about it is that I am ok with it. Maybe she reads the blog. Works for me. I wish her nothing but happiness! It is funny I don't even talk or think about her. I just happened to attempt to look at her facebook page and I was no longer a friend. I don't even know when it happened b/c she commented on my page the day I was stranded on the side of the road. I guess she got mad when I didn't respond but I actually didn't respond to anyone. I just made a few more comments and then came home to sleep. As my bestie said her loss! Dueces!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I Want

I want my dad to leave me alone. Please love me from afar!

I want a full time job

I want a car that I got on my own

I want to live away from home. I desperately miss my apartment!

I want my own space

I want a love of my own

I want to travel

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Friday from Hell

Friday, July 9, 2010 was pure hell!

I woke up with a sore throat--it is too d*mn cold in this house!

When I went outside to move my car the front passenger side tire was flat.

As I drove to Atlanta Friday afternoon the back tire blew out.

I call the state patrol to help me change the tire and find out the spare has separated tread.

While sitting on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck I run the car hot.

I am towed to P.ep Bo.ys and just break down and get 4 new tires.

I ask the people there to check my radiator. Informed guy who does that is not there so someone will look at it but doesn't necessarily know what he is doing.

I drive away from there and about 4 miles down the road must pull over b/c the car is overheating.

I call my mom and my cousin and while I wait for them it is thundering and lightning but no rain.

My family arrives and it starts to rain (at this point it is dark and a police officer is waiting with me so I am safe).

Cousin checks the car and says it is the radiator. Must call my roadside assistance to get towed for the second time in one day.

That was my HELLISH Friday. I am happy that I made it through b/c as you read you can imagine all the bad stuff that could have really happened.

Sperm donor disappointed me in this situation once again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pieces of Me

I think I like my new title for my random ramblings:

So my mom and I had it out about her foolishness. We pseudo kissed and made up. Love that woman but we just aren't meant to live together.

After that mess I am willing to leave Georgia if it guarantees that I can live my life.

I have some very supportive friends.

I am making moves outside of the legal field--hopefully it will all work itself out.

My 4th was pretty nice. I hung out with my friend V and her family. That really makes me wish I had a big family. It also lets me know that I need more than one child. I love being an only child but I definitely missed a lot.

I hate when I ask a yes or no question and the response I get can't even be considered a maybe--ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Crush and I are allegedly going on a date next Saturday. This should be pretty interesting.

So why did the dude who has been trying to go out with me for a minute end up in a relationship? I am not saying he should have been pining away for me but don't try to go out on a date and end up with a girlfriend 2 weeks later.

Ok so I have some business to take care of but I am going to finish the Mexico post and post it very soon.

Coco, Esq.

Friday, July 2, 2010


So I started a post about Mexico but most of it got deleted so I am going to finish it eventually. I just couldn't bare to rewrite it at that time.

The point of this post is to vent about my parents, mainly my mom but this isn't just about her.

So how many ways can I tell you to leave me alone and let me handle this. I am applying for jobs regularly and still haven't found another job. Well my mother sits in her bedroom in her spare time and trolls websites to find me a job. The only problem with that is I don't have enough legal experience or the grades to apply for the jobs she keeps throwing at me. I hate to say it like this but my mom is a teacher and finding a teaching job is much easier than finding a law job. In the teaching field they just want you to have a degree and be able to teach. In the law field they want experience and grades. Grades don't guarantee that you will be good at your job but they still want grades. If I had the experience they may be willing to overlook the grades. Well I don't have either so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I could go on but I would be rambling so I will move on to the next part of the story.

Yesterday my mother called the head of the dept of poli sci at the local college and pretended to be me to see if they were looking for adjunct professors. They were and she told him that I was willing to teach at any time of the day so expect my info in the mail. That would be fine and dandy if the money was worth it. Can I just say being an adjunct is a rip off to the person. The pay is $3000 or so per semester. If the semester is 14 weeks that is roughly $214 per week. What is that going to help me do and that is before taxes. I was so hot! She didn't even see the wrong in this. What if I am offered a job in a non commutable area like the capital of my lovely state. I would have to turn the job down b/c I signed a contract to teach for the semester. I went off and the only reason she apologized was because I made her feel so guilty. I just don't understand how you are trying to run my life and then think I am going to nut up.

My issue with my dad is his trying to stand up for her. Wrong is wrong! He is like she has never had a daughter so she doesn't know what is good or bad. Yeah that argument would work if I was five and she did something like forget to pack my new medicine that I just got. I am freaking 29 and that is just not cute at all. She was wrong and she knew she was wrong. I have told her in the past to stop doing that stuff and it isn't like this is the first time.

I am still mad but I did get it off my chest >-(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You guys should be used to randoms by now ;-)

I actually had a topic but who actually remembers what it was.

If you haven't done it lately send someone a love note: a friend, family member, or lover. Make someone feel good! I did that the other day and my friend actually said she cried. I have more notes to send out.

If I haven't told you lately I love you!

I know you are tired of hearing this but I really like Crush. The only difference this time is I am not attempting to do anything about it. He doesn't want me or at least doesn't want to act on wanting me so I keep it moving. I am proud of me.

So my weave is coming out for a few days. I go to the dermatologist and want him to see my dry, itchy scalp. This should be pretty interesting since I haven't had a relaxer in 12 weeks. The longest I have gone without is 10 weeks and I swore I would never do that again.

Let's go Celtics!

Congratulations to Mommy KC! Baby ButterBean made his appearance yesterday morning. I am so happy and your mommy care package has been placed in the mail. I pray nothing breaks. I wrapped it up in paper but the mailman was insistent on me not using my bubble wrap.

So yesterday I almost had a meltdown. My meltdown almost came from my mommy being her overly dramatic self. I had a few health issues earlier this year and I tried to get insurance. They turned me down b/c I didn't have a consistent medical history (since I haven't been to the doctor since grad school). I have been relative healthy these past few years minus an infection or two so I am going to claim that the next couple of years won't be any different. Well she kept harassing me about not being able to get insurance. It is what almost caused my mini meltdown. She asked called me three times about it. Too dang dramatic! I was also upset about my unemployment situation. Let's just say I need to find a job immediately!

Friday is Graduation from dance class! I am so excited!

So today my were on display. I went to get a pedicure and do you know the lady asked me if I just had a baby. o_O They have gotten larger but dang lady that was so unnecessary.

Next week is Mexico! So excited!

That is all I have today!

Coco, Esq.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Randoms of Coco

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I am so ready for it to be over but I will miss my paycheck.

I will tell you all about the job once it is over. The best word to describe it is unorganized.

Congratulations to Babs! Welcome Baby Foxy!

Part-time came to my bestie's bbq and we all had fun. Bestie likes him as a person.

Crush was there but he left before Part-time got there.

Did I ever tell you all how I don't like at all? Yeah I am cheering for the Cel.tics all day every day in this series!

It is getting closer to the wedding and I can't find a swimsuit so I can frolic on the Mexican beach.

My sperm donor is full of isht. I don't think I have told you guys that lately.

Married men need to stay away from me and my friends. I don't give you the idea that I won't you so leave me alone.

I sent Mrs. Count an email asking to be placed on her prayer list. Can I just say she is so sweet! Hey girl! She reminds myself of a younger me when it comes to knowing when she wants something. I think she is a lot more set in her faith than I am. Sleep is one of my vices. The only problem is I can't stay asleep in the morning but I could sleep all through the day.

There are a lot of angels looking out for me. Thank you Lord!

My dress for the wedding is way too big but I think it will be lovely once it is altered.

For Mother's Day we got my granny a new vanity for the bathroom. Well my mom thought we should get new accessories for the bathroom. We went shopping last night around 9. Do you know we didn't get home until after 10 and she already started putting it up. Sit down somewhere woman. Did I mention is was way past her bedtime?

I am enjoying my po.le dancing class. It is great exercise! My belly is tight!

I have about 8 books I am supposed to be reading. I guess I should get started huh?

I have really missed you guys and I think it is time I start giving you more substance.

Coco, Esq.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


You know I am worried about our school systems. I don't have children but I do have a vested interest in the school systems. These systems are educating our future. The more I hear about schools the more concerned I become. Don't know what I can do but I am sure I can help create a solution.

This past Friday really got me up in arms. My mom came home with another one of her wild stories about students at her school and then she got even worse news on Saturday.

On Friday one of her co-workers was accused of dragging a student by the shirt and throwing her into the wall or something along those lines. There were other people in the class when the event allegedly happened. The student told this story and had another student repeat the story. The student then went into stealth mode and called her mom and the mom went straight to the board office.

I am all for protecting your child from teachers that abuse but unfortunately the story was all a lie. The student told this lie but there were at least 6 other witnesses in the room can testify that none of this happened. They are trying to put the incident on the teacher's record even though nothing occurred. There was actually another teacher in the class and 5 other students. The principal didn't even bother to get the teacher's account of the events. He automatically assumed that what was told was what occurred. I understand the principal needs to be there for the students before action is taken all accounts of what happened need to be taken into consideration. The teacher now has to get outside counsel involved because of the actions that occurred.

On Saturday morning my mom found out one of the school teachers left her child in the car all day. The mother was so stressed out about the CR.CT that she left the child in the car. She found the child when she came outside to go home Friday. I can't even imagine the thoughts going through her head. The CR.CT has these teachers wildin' out. If your students don't pass that is your job in some places. I understand the idea but it is more than teaching that gets a student a passing grade on an item. There are so many things that determines a student's success. It seems to me teachers had it easier back during my school days and they had better students and parents. What can one do to get people involved to make it better for our collective future?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Post

I came back within 10 days--so proud of myself. It looks like I am about to start doing better.

So it is about that time to start looking for a new job. My current job should be ending in the next month or 2. Since I like the paycheck I was receiving I better get to getting.

That man irritates me! He is just being his normal self but it still irritates me.

Senor Humper is so socially awkward and he always comes out of left field with stuff. My biggest pet peeve with him is he is always late. I didn't notice it until we were doing something time sensitive. I was so tired on Sunday but we had a movie date. I woke up from my short nap to go to the movies with him. The movie theater is 20 minutes from my house but 5 minutes from his house. Why did I arrive before the movie started and he arrived after the movie started? Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a text message conversation. I told him exactly when I was leaving my house and he said he would leave 5 minutes after that. You would think that would mean he would be there when I got there but of course he wasn't. Then as I stood outside of the movie for about 5 minutes he still wasn't there. I then called him and he said he would be there in 3 minutes. 6 minutes later he called me to find out where I was. He then asked me had it been 3 minutes. I told him no it had been 6. I would have bought my ticket and went into the movie but I refuse to purchase a ticket for Ty.ler Perr.y movies. I cannot monetarily support him with my own funds. After the movies we got a quick dinner. As we are leaving the restaurant he tells me you sure are filling out those jeans--insert side eye. Now we haven't had any conversations with each other along those lines all day and here he comes from left field. I can't deal!

I should blog about that movie but everything has already been said that could be said. Maybe I will give my review later.

I signed up for po.le dancing classes. I start at the end of the month. I am excited b/c I figure it is a way to get me excited about exercise. I hate to exercise. I only exercise when I have to see my trainer. Hopefully I will get up in the morning and go work out. Wish me well on that one!

I almost have the down payment on my car! I need one sooner rather than later which means I definitely need to find another job. The horn stopped working. My granny said you better hurry up and get a new car before that car falls apart on you. I am supposed to finally get new seats. My back is so excited about that. It would be great to be able to sit up straight while driving.

That is all I have!

Coco, Esq.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sporadic Blogging

That is what I have been doing for the past few months. Its not that I don't want to blog or anything like that--I am just extra busy as of late. It is crunch time with my job. Heads are rolling and I am trying to hold on to mine. My boss is taking it to another level. There is nothing I can do but keep it moving. I work and keep it moving.

Nothing truly exciting going on in my life.

My 29th birthday was the 27th. I had to work :-( but I did go out to dinner that night with friends from the area. Dinner was nice. Senor Humper was there. I figured out what his problem is--he is socially awkward. He wasn't comfortable around my mild friends. He couldn't handle my real crew.

Engaged man is now married man. So why is he still trying to holla? Go away and play with your wife of less than 3 months. Why get married?

Speaking of marriage I was watching the movie about B.i.ggie's life and I want my vows to be changed like his. Instead of "for richer, for poorer" their vows said "in prosperity and adversity". I like that! Hopefully I will remember that.

So Us.her's new cd came out and I haven't heard the whole thing and I don't think I will if I have to pay for it. I feel like he reverted back to his music of my teenage years. I was listening to the radio and I heard a song from his second cd and I just felt like his new music should have come out around the time of the second cd. I thought musicians should evolve and I am not getting that from his new stuff. I will say he has probably gained new fans in the younger crowd. But he probably lost a lot in my age group. Was it the marriage? Was it a need to bring se.xy back? Can I have the musician that evolved after Conf.essions?

I cooked some of the food for Easter. I was proud of myself. I cooked the collards and the mac and cheese. I think I did a pretty good job.

I am getting my beach body for this summer and as you already know I have a personal trainer. At the end of the month I will start taking po.le classes. I am pretty excited about it. It is a different way to exercise and I figure I can definitely build up my upper body strength. It is lacking to say the least.

I need a hobby b/c when I am bored I mess with idiots via text message or BB messen.ger. It is pretty funny to me but I am sure if they knew they would be so disturbed.

I am ready to leave home and go out on my own for real. My family slowly drives me crazy! My dad really drives me crazy. He makes me want to put myself up for adoption (yes at 29)! He has issues he needs to work through.

Speaking of working through issues I was talking to my friend and she was telling me how my ex from high school is separated from his wife of less than 2 years. He and I were friends after we left each other alone. He was cool so why not be friends. Can I just scream from the rooftops that I am so not surprised by this? They had a very dysfunctional relationship. She had issues from before they even began to date that needed to be worked out before she decided to be in anybody's relationship. They either started dating my junior or senior year in college and she is 2 years behind us. Well she had serious daddy issues which led to serious trust issues. Maybe in 2005 or 2006 they broke up b/c he decided to confess how he cheated on her in the past. He kissed a girl and cuddled with a girl. Anyway he begged her to take him back and she did on the condition that they start from the beginning and he didn't have any female friends :-| (In case you don't know that is it is the side eye). I was technically kicked to the curb b/c of this. I say technically b/c we have a friend in common and she told him it would be in his best interest not to come at me with that shullbit. If I can't trust my man with female friends I can't trust him with females of any type so how is that helpful to a relationship? Anyhoo they lived happily ever after and got engaged. They eventually got married in the summer of 2008 and I found out in the spring of 2010 they were separated. Mess I tell you!

Why does Teeth Harvey have a dating website?

Anyhoo it is my time so I will talk to you sporadically!

Coco, Esq.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random Ramblings

So if I have an important doctor's appointment that I told you about and call you the day of the appointment of course you get the side eye when you don't return that phone call. You keep showing me who you are and I clearly have selective amnesia. We should just be fac.eboo.k friends!

My friends are the best ever! They support me through the good and bad!

This past year has been pretty good even though there has been some not so great stuff.

I really hate when people say I haven't heard from you in a long time. So you haven't heard from me in a long time but I called you. Obviously you didn't want to hear from me because you didn't pick up the phone and dial my number. My number hasn't changed since 2003. Maybe it should.

I want to cuddle and he doesn't :-(

We finally got digital cable. Explain to me why it doesn't have on demand. Where dey do dat et?

My birthday is in 6 days! I am excited about 29!

The Humper bothers me. The more I think about it the more disturbed I get. I don't want to be alone with him any time soon.

I rode a mechanical bull yesterday. It was slightly bootleg. I was up there for 83 seconds which is how I know it was bootleg. My thigh muscles are nowhere near that strong.

Yesterday I got to talk to an old friend and her baby was crying in the background. Do you know how wonderful that noise was? I am so happy she finally become a mommy. From day 1 I knew she wanted to be a mommy and now she has a son. It just shows me God is everywhere. I am still allergic to children though.

That is all I have today!

Coco Esq.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Ramblings

I miss you guys. One word: work!

Why is my sperm donor an as.s? I came to the conclusion this week that I definitely must love him from afar. It is so bad my mom agrees. That is big b/c my mom is one of those love everybody people even when they do you dirty (it's amazing how I am her child).

Question: Do men take a 4pl.ay class? I think every guy I have dated has a certain method and I just wonder who told them that isht was ok. I really have the stank face when this is going on and refuse to let it go any further.

I have a personal trainer and he is pretty good. Now I just have to find the urge to go to the gym when he isn't training me.

New guy is a sweetie but he is in need of upgrades. I was awe of a grown man needing the upgrades he needs. Oh well--I am going to keep it moving right along with him.

So last weekend I went to the Chris.ette Mi,chelle concert last weekend. That girl has some talent!!! So does Lor.i Isi.bor is wonderful. I need to buy her cd immediately!

I was rocking a weave ponytail for two weeks since I have been going to the salon weekly but today I decide I wanted to wear my hair out. I told my hair stylist the reason was I wanted to scratch my scalp freely. She died laughing but it was so true.

I love my mommy. She drives me crazy but she is always there cheering me on. Mommies are the best.

I have to work on my birthday :-( Did I mention my birthday is on a Saturday? I had big girl plans too :-( Oh well--they were just scheduled for another day.

I have to go to the doctor on Tuesday for a procedure. Not looking forward to it but I know God will handle all that needs to be handled.

I love my friends! They are the best ever. They love me unconditionally and they listen to the nonsense that is my love life.

Men are emotional creatures that don't want to admit to being emotional. Why is that so?

Why is it news that Ti.ger is returning? Every black person knew he would be back by the Mas.ters.

I have nothing else! I love and miss you guys!

Coco, Esq.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I have missed blogging so but working two jobs is kicking my butt. Anyhoo today's topic is health, mainly my health.

So I decided since I got my promotion at work I would join the gym--my check is nice enough that I can afford at gym membership. Along with said gym membership I also got a personal trainer. I will be meeting with him twice a month and other times my uncle will be my trainer (he is a gym nut). This is a step in the right direction. Even though I am skinny I am not fit. I had my first personal training session yesterday and I was so stiff afterwards. I was happy that I wasn't sore but I still hate the stiff feeling. I am sore today but that is only because I had to feel my car up with boxes for my job. (My job is taking over my car--I couldn't see out of my windows.) My first check in with the trainer was great. I am in the Excellent category for my body fat so my goal is to be in the Superior category when it is all said and done.

I went to the doctor last week and almost everything came back great. No diseases, blood pressure and heart rate great. I asked the doctor to run a test on my Vitamin D levels b/c my mommy and granny have Vitamin D deficiencies. Well I get a phone call from the nurse and she informs me that I have too much Vitamin D in my system. Who would have thought that the girl who hates most dairy products would have too much Vitamin D. I guess it is all the riding around in my car for my job. My vitamins have a 200% supply of Vitamin D I think so I guess it is time to go back to the drawing board. I also have to go back to the doctor for a follow up procedure. Hopefully all is well and I can tell you all great news. I am not worried b/c God takes care of me no matter what--good or bad.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh me, Oh my!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers!

It appears that I have lost my brand spanking new digital camera that my dad bought me for Christmas :-( Actually there should be tears. I am hoping that I left it at my friend's house but I really think I have seen it since I left her house on Monday. I can't ask her b/c she left for a cruise today. I was so excited too b/c I finally found the misplaced software to upload pictures to my computer.

I have nothing else b/c right now I am slightly devastated about the camera :-(

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I am not happy with my job but I am going to stick it out b/c it is temporary and the paycheck is nice. My boss is psychotic in my opinion. I know I need to stop diagnosing people but she really is looney. She told me that my heart isn't in it. Well I actually do enjoy the job but I can't be engaging with her for fear that I will just nut up and curse her out. Can't exactly tell her that in response to her statement. I am going to do my job and keep it moving.

So for the most part all the men are gone and I am good with that. Clingy just disappeared on his own accord! I suspect he will pop back up but won't count on that happening. Country Boy took himself out of the running and doesn't even know it. He doesn't have that umph! He says he wants to go out but never attempts to make plans. I will not beg anyone to take me out. On Sunday I told him I was going out for drinks with my friend and he told me to call him when I got finished and we could then hang out. I called him and no response. He calls me Monday while I am at work and asks could we hang out later that day. I had no words. Actually I did have words--won't work. I am not going to be around to hang out when you find free time for me. Crush is just not it. I still have a crush on him but he won't make time for me so I must keep it moving. I told him on Sunday I give up!

Ok so my BFFL's b-day was last weekend. She got tore up from the floor up. It was a pretty interesting night. I enjoyed the sushi. There was almost a fight b/t the guys in our party and some guys in another party. Hot mess on fire.

Is it so important to change your relationship status on Facebook after getting married that you do it before the reception? Just so you know it is not going to keep him faithful. He is still a ho--not a but a ho. Especially since he was trying to get me to your house with your name on the mortgage while you were out of town. I respect you enough to say no but I can't say the same for him.

I pray that if I gain weight I never walk around thinking I look fly when in all actuality I look pregnant but there is no baby. You should never be congratulated on your pregnancy when it doesn't exist. (That has actually happened to me. I am sure those who know me are wondering WTF but it is true. The summer after my sophomore year two individuals on separate occasions asked me if I was preggers. It didn't hurt my feelings but it would probably upset me now. When I gain weight it goes straight to my tummy.)

I hate when people say something happened last month and it is only a few days into the month. Especially when the event happened less than a week before. I realize that it did happen last month but I still don't like to hear it.

I am making my su.per bo.wl for Sunday. I am so ready to taste it b/c I haven't made/had it since 2008. Part time loved it.

Did I tell you how much I love my mommy?

I have nothing else

Coco, Esq.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It has been one of those weeks. My supervisor is slightly psychotic. She goes off on you and then 5 minutes later she is sweet as candy. Scary!

The new guy is pretty nice but he doesn't have the gumption. He says he wants us to get together but refuses to set a date. I tell him I am coming to his city and he is like let's get together. That is fine but unless you give me something to do I am going to flake on you. Set a date and I will be there.

Last Saturday I took a dance class at Pol.ela.teaz. I learn how to pop my bo.oty in a hand stand. That was a workout. I was sore for a day or two. I plan on taking the class at least once a month--good workout and I can learn a few tricks ;-)

My friend who I kicked out of my circle will probably be back in. We had over an hour long conversation today. She is better now that the has passed.

I have a mini-me. She really isn't a mini one but I am going to turn her into a diva before it is all said and done. We went to law school together. I am her personal shopper/life coach. I can do that now that I am in a truly happy place. It is fun hanging out with her and pushing her to be the great woman she is meant to be. She has a wonderful work and volunteer life but no personal life. We have to do something about that quickly.

I now have insurance and can go to the doctor--I am so excited! I set up an appointment with my favorite doctor. She is in law school town so I will be making a drive. I love her so!

I have nothing else :-(

Coco, Esq.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So I have been missing in action but that is because I am working two jobs. I work job 1 during the day and job 2 at night. I was thinking I would have a couple of off nights but clearly my part time boss thinks differently. If I don't request it off I will be working. I guess it just means that I can pay some more bills. By the way job number 2 is preparing ta.xes at the block and you know what block I am talking about.

Job number 1 is crazy. My immediate supervisor is under fire from her supervisor. I got a promotion but my supervisor doesn't know. There is a whole bunch of drama going on. Hopefully it will end once I start in my promoted position. I love my new salary--it is nice to see those numbers in comparison to what I was working with. I should be able to buy my new car by April or May. I set the goal of April 1.

I met a new guy and he seems really nice. I haven't talked to him in a couple of days but I have been in one of my moods so that is not a surprise that I haven't talked to him. His nickname is Country Boy. Clingy is Clingy. Nothing has changed. It is about time for me to cut him off. I am still crushing on Crush. We are both busy so nothing is happening there. Part-time is still part-time. I need to let it go but he serves a purpose and I enjoy the time we spend together.

Speaking of men I was having a conversation with a friend that made me realize I need to find a hobby. The only time I deal with the lames (Clingy, etc.) is when I am bored. What will be my hobby?

I can't think of much else going on in my life but I will be back--and yeah you did get two posts in one day ;-)

Coco, Esq.

Spa Weekend Recap

So I have been gone for awhile but it is only b/c I am working two jobs. I am actually typing this while working at job #2. I thought I would give you guys a double header today and tell you about the spa weekend and then life in general. Here is the Spa Weekend:

Spa Weekend was great! Everyone should have a weekend like that. I was the farthest away so I flew in to Virginia from Atlanta. Mama Killa picked me up from the airport. We ran some errands and caught up. We waited for everyone to show up at her place so we could head to the mountains. Everybody but one met us at Mama Killa's house. We packed the cars up and headed west. We had the wrong directions so we ended up driving up a one lane mountain road :-( We saw a Skinny San.ta and his suicidal beagle (he picked the dog up and the dog jumped into the road in front of my friend's car--tragic but she didn't hit him). We made it back down the one lane road and found another way to get to the resort. We made it to our home for the weekend right before the sun went down. Our home was a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 3 floor townhouse. We were living in mountain luxury!

We called our weekend Spa Weekend: Chocolate Snowbun.ny Edition! Two friends and I had kitchen duties for the night. We had lasagna, salad, bread and fondue--all yummy! We talked for hours. I think I finally fell asleep around 2:30 I think.

Saturday morning we got up had breakfast prepared by 3 friends. There were pancakes, eggs and a breakfast casserole. We then got ready to go on our tubing adventure. That was the best fun ever. Who knew that going down a snowy hill in an inner tube could be fun. We did this for almost two hours. We did it alone, groups of two and groups of three. I even created a video that I have not uploaded to my computer. I will eventually upload once I upload the camera software to my computer. We left the tubing and made it back to our home and ate leftovers. We then showered and prepared for the spa.

The spa was heavenly! We got there an hour early and then we relaxed in the spa lounge. I had a splitting headache but I was ok in the spa. I had a facial with the nicest lady. She gave me the best facial ever and told me about each product and exactly what it did to my face. She was so great--she even gave me a foot massage (that came in handy). I then went back to the lounge and waited for my massage. My massage was great. He rubbed a sister just right! The only issue I had was he didn't rub my feet. I almost fell asleep on him. When it was time to leave the spa gave us gift bags. In the gift bags we had bath salts and a travel candle.

After the spa we got dressed for dinner. Dinner was ok. My food was bad to the point of most of the meat stayed on my plate. My head was hurting so bad I couldn't complain. We talked and laughed and just asked random questions. After dinner we went back to the house. It was more laughing and talking but this time everybody went to sleep early. I was the second to go to bed. The headache wasn't leaving until I got sleep.

The next morning we said goodbye. We had a breakfast of muffins and another breakfast casserole. This casserole was placed in the muffin cups. It was pretty good. All the food prepared at the house was good.

We drove back down the mountain and eventually split up. I rode back to Mama Killa's house and we ate lunch and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up just in time to be early to the airport. This was definitely one of my better vacations. I really had fun seeing my college friends. I hadn't seen most of them since the reunion in January 2008. I am definitely ready for the next one.

Coco, Esq.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I am back I guess. I think I want to start over.

2009 was a good year and I won't complain about the bad that occurred.

Clingy is still hanging on. He is too emotional though. I am sweet and evil at the same time and he doesn't get it.

Work is going well. I actually started my side hustle of preparing taxes this week. Wish me well!

So I am going skiing next week--why I have purchased 4 pairs of boots? I think I will only take the last pair. Don't need to add anything extra to my suitcase.

I clean my room and it explodes all over again. :-(

2010 will be even better than 2009!

My dad isn't speaking to me. Oh well! I can say that with a straight face too. He isn't talking to me b/c I didn't call him and wish him a Happy New Year. Yeah you can side eye that statement just like I did. Honestly I only called one person that day and it was my mommy and I do believe I was returning her phone call.

I really like the crush. I have to cook dinner for him b/c I lost a bet. We shall see if the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I have to cook fried chicken and mac and cheese. I am still trying to figure out the vegetable. He requested the first two.

That is all I have,
Coco, Esq.