Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

The rules are as follows:

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1. I was born in Orange County, FL and grew up in Peach County, GA. I like to say I am a pretty fruity girl!

2. I have two e's in each of my three names but I will never tell my middle name unless we have a close personal lasting relationship or I am trying to prove a point about something being ghetto.

3. While most people drank in undergrad for the most part I waited until my 21st birthday to drink and I didn't get drunk until about 2 months after college graduation. (I sipped a little before it was legal.)

4. I feel left out on a regular basis. When I am around a lot of my friends I feel like I am on the outside looking in.

5. I hate for things to look old. Example: I got a wallet for law school graduation (May 2007) and it looks old so I had to buy a new one this week. This also leads me to be an impulsive shopper.

6. I am a messy organized person. I hate for things to be messy but I am too lazy/tired to clean sometimes which leaves things messy. I say lazy but it really is that I am tired--my energy level is very, very low and it affects anything I do during the day.

I won't be tagging anyone only b/c that would let them know I stalk them on the internet and read their blogs daily.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My weekend was pretty busy. My friend had her housewarming and it was really nice! So proud of her! I worked my booty off on Saturday.

Well this friend lives around the corner from part time boo. He has been harassing me since the Friday before the wedding. We talked that day and nothing was resolved. I just kept it moving. We had a long conversation early Wednesday morning and a text message fight until 5:00 a.m. I felt like Vivica in Two Can Play That Game when he gave her all his negative energy but like the movie it only lasted a day. I went home Wednesday morning and did 3 closings that day (doing too much). Friday I made my way back to Atlanta for the housewarming. Saturday when we are getting ready to go to the store to pick up some items for the housewarming my phone rings and I answer it. We chit chat for about 30 seconds and he says he will call me back after he leaves the gym. Ok I keep it moving. Fast forward about 45 minutes we make it to the grocery store and my friend parks. I look in the rearview and see part time boo. So then we get out of the car at the same time and I have to speak b/c I am polite if nothing else. I give the fake hug as he reaches in for a real hug. My friend is dying laughing. Shop and keep it moving! We make it back to the housewarming and life goes on. We all know that my phone may not get answered the first time you call b/c I don't keep up with that thing. He calls me 2 times but I don't feel the need to call him back b/c the housewarming is still going on. Well fast forward another hour or two and he calls again. I have the phone at this point but we are having fun and I have a drink in my hand--no need to blow my chill mood. Well around 9 I look at my phone and see that he has called me about 16 times. I finally answer the phone and he wants me to come over and would not get off the phone until I agreed to come over. I eventually made it to house around 11:15 p.m. We hung out and watched an awful movie. Ok it wasn't awful but it definitely wasn't a movie to watch late at night. He wanted me to spend the night but that was so not part of my plan so I left around 2:30 a.m.

Also on Saturday I get a phone call from my mother saying she went to a Barack rally and I was so confused b/c we held the primary on Super Tuesday. Well she clarified what she meant on Sunday. One of her friends was running to be a superdelegate. I didn't know you had to run to do that but he wanted her to come to the caucus and vote for him. She went and she said it was great. He was elected to be a superdelegate and will be casting his vote in Denver for Barack.

That is all I have for now but I am sure I will be back!

Oh if you want to see pics from the wedding just leave your email address in the comments and I will send you a link to the website. The pictures were beautiful and I was pretty cute if I say so myself.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Took a Quiz

ColorQuiz.comI took the free personality test!

"Needs a peaceful environment. Wants release from s..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Your Friend's Existing Situation
Unable to exert the efforts to achieve her objectives. Feels neglected, desiring greater security, warm affection, and fewer problems.

Your Friend's Stress Sources
Unfulfilled hopes have led to uncertainty and apprehension. Needs to feel secure and to avoid any further disappointment, and fears being passed over or losing standings and prestige. Doubts that things will be any better in the future and this negative attitude leads her to make exaggerated demands and to refuse to make reasonable compromises.

Your Friend's Restrained Characteristics
Circumstances are restrictive and hampering, forcing her to forgo all joys and pleasures for the time being.
Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense. Sensitive and sentimental, but conceals this from all except those very close to him.

Your Friend's Desired Objective
Needs a peaceful environment. Wants release from stress, and freedom from conflicts or disagreement. Takes pains to control the situation and its problems by proceeding cautiously. Has sensitivity of feeling and a fine eye for detail.

Your Friend's Actual Problem
Disappointment at the non-fulfillment of her hopes and the fear that to formulate fresh goals will only lead to further setbacks have resulted in considerable anxiety. She is trying to escape from this into a peaceful and harmonious relationship, protecting her from dissatisfaction and lack of appreciation.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Thief Strikes Again and Something Real Off Topic

I hope you guys remember the thief that wiped out someone's checking account b/c I don't know how to put in links to past posts. Well this thief has struck again. This time he hit up his now ex-girlfriend or whatever she is. She was nice enough to give him some money to put some gas in his car (really I think she was stupid enough but that is just my opinion). Well he also used her debit card to take money out of her account. All in the name of gambling! I just need to know why no one is willing to press charges.

Off Topic
So last Thursday I wanted to get sushi b/c there is this spot that has dollar sushi on Thursday and Friday. I got to the spot a little early and had to kill sometime before they opened up. Well to kill time the kid had a mini wine tasting. I am having the most difficult time finding a wine that I like so every time I get a chance to taste something different I do. A few weeks ago after a closing the client invited me to try some since she wanted to finish the bottle off. It was ok and it led me in the right direction. Well back to this story, down from the sushi spot is a wine store called WineStyles. They have a wine tasting every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 I think but of course it was nowhere near 6:30 but I went in anyway. They have bottles open throughout the week that they offer at the tasting and you can get a taste anytime of the day. This particular wine store has 8 different kinds open each week. I tried some wine and the opinion of the assistant manager. I think I might have to go there every so often in the hopes fo finding a wine that works for me.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Recap

So after the issue on Friday we all went to the wedding rehearsal and it should have been a sign of things to come. Rehearsal was supposed to start at 6:45. We got there at 6:45 and rehearsal probably started around 7:45. We "rehearsed" for almost 3 hours. I was still pissed from earlier in the day about my younger cousin. Then I got even more pissed off b/c it was so late and there was nothing opened but McDonald's and the chick at the window made me repeat my order three times b/c she didn't hear anything the first two times and I mean she heard nothing. She clearly said, "Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order," three times. Just got angrier as the night wore on.

So Saturday morning I had to get up and get dressed on go to get shoes for the little girls in the wedding (yes you read right). After I took my shower the little heffa cousin went in the bathroom to take her shower. This heffa locks the door. Last I checked I lived in a house full of women with one bathroom--you do not lock the bathroom door! Mind you I am still angry with the people in my family. This just fed my anger b/c there was still stuff I needed in the bathroom. I go buy the shoes and have to deal with my mother calling me. She asks me if the little heffa can have some makeup brushes I bought myself. The answer is no whether she is a little heffa or not. I thought that was the end of that discussion since I purchased the brushes with my own money and they were mine. So I came back home and she apologizes for her little episode (actually my mother apologizes for her). I keep it moving b/c hell you hurt my hair stylist's feeling over some damaged dead hair. (When I find a good hair stylist she has my loyalty especially when she takes care of my naps.)

So we get ready to go to the venue b/c the photographer wants us there at 1:00 p.m. I get there at 12:58 and the little heffa and I are the only members of the bridal party there. I knew that is how it was going down but I still had hope. I help the wedding coordinator put out some favors and I get dressed. There were people I expected to be late but that was b/c they were getting stuff for the actual wedding. I think most of the wedding party was there by 2:30 but some of them had to help the bride so that slowed us down. The wedding finally started around 3:30 p.m. It was beautiful. It was yellow and green. I wish I had pictures but I got put to work after the ceremony and I was not going to look for my camera. I almost killed one of the maids of honor during the wedding b/c she would not stay still for anything. The last bridesmaid passed out during the ceremony (she locked her knees but most people didn't see it happen b/c she passed out during the prayer.) The maid of honor got out of line and walked to the back of the line (mind you there were 8 bridesmaids that she had to walk past to do this). I wanted to snatch her up but that wouldn't have been cute during a prayer.

After the ceremony we took pictures that should have been taken before the ceremony. This kept the reception from starting in a timely manner. The photographer was great.

The reception was really nice and I worked throughout, going to get stuff for the bride. The bride gave us personalized bags full of girly stuff.

I got home about 9:00 that night and then I talked to my mom. My mom told me that my little cousin's mother loved her hair trimming. I think they need to apologize to my hair stylist b/c my hair stylist did what was best for healthy hair. I looked over to where the brush set was supposed to be and it wasn't there. My mother thought that since my cousin apologized I would give the brushes to her. I had to nip that in the bud. I didn't buy the brushes for her and I never said she could have them. I let her know that she needs to call her and tell her to return them.

I went to bed but it took me awhile to go to sleep b/c I was tired but not sleepy and I was watching some movie.

Sunday was spent resting and watching tv.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Can You Say Pissed

So tomorrow is my cousin's wedding and my younger cousin came down b/c she is in the wedding. So I made a hair appointment for her with my hair stylist. My cousin is in desperate need of a regular hair stylist b/c her hair is fried and died. My hair stylist does her hair and has to trim it b/c one side is shorter than the other. This little heffa starts crying and says she misses her hair. Mind you had it not been cut it would have looked a hot hellish mess. She calls her ghetto mother who decides to go off and says I didn't tell anyone to cut your hair. Oh my God the girl is almost 17. Who really asks for permission to get their hair trimmed? Who lets their child walk around with hair looking a hot hell? Not my mom and I would hope not hers but clearly I was wrong. I think the biggest problem I had was that the hair looked a hot mess but because it was long it was pretty. Why do we buy into that? I would never walk around looking like a hot hell on the ends like her. I wish I was exxagerating but I am not. I will be back when I am not so damn pissed off.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am Back!

Ok so I was sick for a good week and now I am busy helping my cousin get ready for her wedding on Saturday (very stressful). But I am making time to tell you guys about the birthday weekend!

Thursday, March 27 was my actual birthday and it was great minus dealing with the Wachovia mishap! I got up and got cute.

Pic removed!

I got a pedicure and then it was off to my hair appt. I wish you could see the feet and the shoes but I deal with people who will cut your head out of the picture.

After my hair appointment my mommy took me out to dinner which was great! I got my favorite--Jambalaya Pasta. Then I came home and relaxed b/c I knew that my weekend would be busy. I went to sleep eventually.

When I woke up my hair looked a hot mess! We couldn't have that b/c I had an interview in Atlanta. The day started off rough b/c my cousin had my car and I couldn't leave without a car. I had to wait on her and of course she was late. I finally left the house and headed to the hair salon to get the hair taken care of. Of course I didn't have an appointment which meant I had to wait for her to squeeze me in. This put me way behind schedule for my interview in Atlanta and I still needed to get gas.

I made it to downtown Atlanta safely after some excessive speeding and made it with time to spare. The interview was ok--not bad but not good. (I need to follow up my thank you card now!) After the interview I am driving around the streets of Atlanta b/c I don't want to get caught in traffic b/c everyone knows that the Interstate backs up at 2:00 p.m. on Fridays and don't clear until 8:00 p.m. While driving the streets I see some kids holding a car wash and I promise you they were dancing like they were performing on America's Best Dance Crew. That might have been ok but they were in the middle of the street (you know the area right before the turning lane actually becomes a turning lane). Only in Atlanta!

I make it to my friend's house so I can rest before my night of drunken fun. I got some rest, ate dinner, watched tv, showered and got dressed.

Pic removed!

My friend drives us to the club and of course there is a line but I don't complain b/c I am getting in free and it is after the time that I was supposed to be there. Oh and why am I in line behind the couple from Black Explotation Television's Coll.ege H.ill Int.erns. That girl has a bad weave and you cannot tell her she isn't cute. She kept holding onto that man like he was going somewhere. Boo, me and my friends don't want that boy especially after he has been with the likes of you. Yeah she really isn't that cute up close or far away but definitely not up close.

We get into the club and I commence to drinking (that is why that is the only picture from the whole weekend b/c in the rest of the pictures I look kind of drunk or crazy). I got drunk and started mol.esting this fine chocolate chunk of man. He got rubbed up on. I still dream about that man. I sweated all my little problems away. We left the club about 3:30 a.m. Met a guy outside and talked to him for a little while. He was trying to get some but I wasn't that drunk--I don't know you like that. I also drunk called the boo. Thank God he didn't answer the phone (it was about 4:15 at this point).

I woke up Saturday morning hungover and quickly found some Aleve. I stayed in the bed most of the day. I caught up on Top Chef. Then I called my friend to see if she could drive me to my birthday celebration since she was my party planner. She said sure and she would call me when she was on her way. I was supposed to be at the restaurant at 8:30 and that so did not happen. My friend was late picking me up b/c she couldn't leave her mother alone (her mother had a stroke) and her father said he was on his way but him being on his way was really not on his way. (Thank you Tiff for all your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I kept getting phone calls about where I was and two of my friends left before I got there. I apologized but only one responded to my apology. I really appreciated that N!

I got to the restaurant and all my friends were there. It was great. I got to see my friend who I haven't seen in four years!!!!!!!!!!!! She is looking great. Dinner was great b/c I was surrounded by people who love me and give wonderful cards and presents. I loved my cake and my gift cards. I left the restaurant and went back to my other friend's house to rest after my long day.

On Sunday my friend and I went to lunch and watched "Catch Me If You Can". I drove home later on and that is when the sickness came on. My eye started throbbing and then the sinus pressure started. All downhill from there!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok so I have a sinus infection and somehow the infection made it to my eye or at least the canal where the tears come from. I will be back once the medicine really kicks in! By the way, there will only be two or three pictures from the birthday weekend b/c I look drunk and high in the pictures. I was drunk but definitely not high.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sorry Guys

Hey everybody,
I am dying from something. I call it ebola of the right eye but I will be back with the birthday update.