Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For real

Ok so Monday my mother and I went out to late lunch/early dinner with another mother and daughter. The mother is my mother's friend from us living in Florida (my dad's linebrother's wife) and the daughter is my friend. We were born a month apart. She is married with a kid and I am the exact opposite. Well anyway we were all talking and they were thinking about the "old" days. We were talking about my godparents. Well I have never never met my godparents. Isn't that some craziness? These are the people who are supposed to take care of me if something happened to my parents and I have never met them. I guess we know who wasn't going to be scooped up by the godparents ever. Well anyway my mother just figured out their first names and is like I can't remember their last names. Can I say they have the most common first names! I guess I will never meet these people.


Ok so I am not going on vacation but I thought the title was appropriate. I feel like I am an island. Like there is no one around me most of the time. I feel like there is no one I can give full disclosure to but that is only b/c I am really critical of myself. If I don't like the way it sounds do I really expect someone else to like the way it sounds. Like I will be sitting with a friend wanting to blurt somthing out but I keep it to myself b/c I either don't want someone to think I am stupid or crazy or whatever adjective you want to use. That is something I really miss about my first therapist. I could tell that man anything and he was so supportive even when I just knew it was crazy.

I also think this is a problem for me because I am an only child. I am accustomed to be alone but sometimes I just want to be around people. Nothing can be done about that now b/c Mama Coco is not having any more children and Daddy Coco better not even think about it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok so I need this is like my 15th post today but I had to share this one.

Wednesday I received an email from one of my sorors. She asked me about some girl who claimed to have crossed my undergrad chapter around the time I was at Hampton. The girl said she attempted Hampton from 2001-2004. When she mentioned the girls name I was like all I can say is she isn't my linesister and I don't think she crossed the line after mine. She showed me a picture of the girl and I was like I have never seen her in my life. Well I said let me make sure because I had only been to Hampton twice since I graduated and one time was before Spring '04 crossed and the other time I was drunk most of the time (it was Homecoming and I lost my mind that year--may be why I haven't been back). I contacted my little sister and she was like she isn't my linesister. I then told my little sister what the girl claimed her line name was. The story gets better. The girl is using another girl's line name. But it gets better. She is using the line name of a girl who lives in the same city as her.

That might not seem like a great story but the girl she is pretending to be just moved to her city and joined the grad chapter that is over the chapter that advises the undergrad chapter in that city. She actually went up to one of the people in the grad chapter and pretended she crossed AK.A. She said she hadn't gotten around to joining the undergrad chapter but she wanted to do stuff in the name of the sorority.

My biggest issue is why in the heck are you concerning yourself with sorority business when your behind started undergrad 7 years ago. Even if you were a member of the organization school should be you top priority. She is 26 years old trying to be all up and through undergrad business.

All About Me

ten random things about me...
1. I was born in Orange County and grew up in Peach County
2. I am addicted to crime shows
3. I collect tote bags--I think I have gotten a new one each month this year.
4. I hate trying things on when shopping and will return something after trying it on at home.
5. I can't walk around most places with shoes or socks (mostly homes)
6. I spend most of my money on food.
7. I can't use the bathroom with socks on.
8. Up until I moved back home I started each morning off with sitting on the toilet talking to myself.
9. Some days I don't eat but I am not anorexic--some days I am honestly not hungry. I will force myself to eat b/c I get hunger headaches but my stomach is not affected by not eating. I try to work on it but some days I just am not hungry.
10. I crave Sonics Lemon-Berry Slush.

nine ways to win my heart...
9. Compliments
8. Don't have asshole tendencies
7. Intelligence
6. Show concern
5. Cook me a meal
4. Rub my feet and back
3. Let me ramble
2. Run my bath and ...
1. Accept the good and the crazy

eight things I want to do before I die...
8. Visit Egypt
7. Take my mommy on a all expenses paid vacation
6. Start my own profitable business
5. Pay off debts to ensure that the kiddies will have all my money free and clear
4. Buy a vacation home
3. See all the beautiful sites of America
2. Love someone unconditionally on that other level
1. get married and have chaps

7 ways to annoy me...
7. tell me it will all work out (I don't want to hear that)
6. Talk about problems and offer no solutions
5. Make an offer and then forget about it
4. Take me for granted
3. ask me some dumb shit
2. Be rude
1. Expect me to kiss your ass

six things I believe in...
6. Friendship
5. Love
4. Karma
3. Trust
2. Freedom
1. myself

five things I am afraid of...
5. Getting my heart broken
4. Losing friends
3. Dying alone
2. Never succeeding at my chosen career
1. Falling

four of my favorite things...
4. TV
3. Alone time
2. underwear
1. cooking

three things i do everyday...
3. check my email
2. Sleep
1. think about God

Two things I wanna do right now...
2. Eat
1. Let it go

one person i wanna see right now...
That person knows who they are

Weekend Randomness

Did I say thank you for the comments and text messages?

I really miss group therapy. I mean some of the issues I couldn't relate to but it was nice to bounce my issues off others.

The bridal shower was beautiful. The theme was "Love and the City". The colors were black and pink. The keepsake for the attendees was a martini glass wrapped in pink tissue paper with a black bow. We made charms for the martini glass. The bride to be was beautiful. She got some really nice gifts and some really freaky gifts. Start the marriage off just right. I am so excited for her. With that being said don't invite me to another wedding this year.

When it is about to be my time I am a little needy so yesterday was rough. I got mad at you for no reason. I would apologize but I am tired fo apologizing to you. Even though I was partially wrong you were too. Yesterday proved to me that reading is truly fundamental.

I broke down and purchased a DVD/VCR combo last week. Yes I have been living in this house without a DVD player. I had to get a combo b/c I bought some workout stuff and it came with a video cassette. I am ready to get my workout on.

I am very observant. If I say something then chances are it is not just in reference to your most recent statement. It is probably in reference to a lot of things you said. Normally I just get fed up with hearing the same thing over and over and try to point out exactly what you already said. So don't get mad when what you said comes out of my mouth. I could have said it verbatim but I try to say it nicer than you did.

The Best Way

The best way to get rid of me is to be down right rude. I guess you already knew that so I am gone. Holla!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lesson of the Week

Don't ever tell your real friends the truth. They don't like it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Babbling

Thanks for all the support in my family's time of need. We still don't know much (the doctor's bedside manner left something to be desired) and the doctor didn't tell my grandmother. My uncle had to tell her. She may not have cancer but it is very likely. I pray that it isn't cancer but if it is I know she has the strength to survive. My granny is in good spirits.

So we told my other uncle about it and do you know he hasn't even called my granny. This man lives no more than 15 minutes from us but no phone call, no visit, no nothing.

Why do people get mad at you when you point out the obvious and point out what they already said? I try to look out for you but I am wrong. I know you are going to do what you want to do but I am just reminding you of all the things that you have already said.

I am going to see "The Color Purple" tonight. So excited!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I feel like a complete ass after complaining about Granny and her jello. Granny had her colonoscopy and the doctor thinks she has cancer. They are going to have to remove a portion of her colon but we won't know anything until her follow up next Wednesday. I am ok right now--I cried a little but I am going to remain faithful. I just know that I want my granny to be here when I have kids. I want them to know the woman who helped make me the person I am. My granny is so special . We have our differences but that is only because we are just alike. She is the best granny in the world and I wouldn't tried her for anything in the world. I know she will be around for a long time to come.

Monday, July 21, 2008


So I have been irritated for about a day now. A whole bunch of reasons but I am irritated.

Why does my granny always wait to the last minute when it comes to her health. Every time she is on her last pill she calls in the prescription and then wants someone else to go get it. This would be ok if she didn't call in the prescription right before the pharmacy closes and you aren't home and nowhere near the pharmacy. This has happened on more than one occasion. Well tomorrow she has a colonoscopy and she is not allowed to use her insulin until after the procedure. She can only eat clear foods--broth and certain kinds of jello. Well we all know that the broth isn't going to keep up her blood sugar so she needs the jello. She goes grocery shopping every Thursday or Friday. Before she went grocery shopping last week she discussed with me the stuff on her list that she could eat and drink. So for the surprise, wait for it--she didn't buy jello. So around 1:30 she decides she wants jello. She can only eat lemon or lime jello. Do you know how hard it is to find already made lemon or lime jello. Let's just say I went over the river and across the bend and found none. This means that jello has to be made and it takes about four hours for it to set. I want to pull my hair out!

I saw "Wanted" this weekend. The action was great but I could have clearly waited for it to come to dvd. I do want to say I love Angel.ina.

I just filled my car yesterday and why does my mother take my car to work? I don't have money to continually fill my car b/c she rides out the gas. She leaves her car with a quarter of a tank. The only way I can get her not to drive my car is to keep the tank empty but that is so not healthy for my car. I want to pull the rest of my hair out!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I haven't blogged in forever b/c I am still working on my 4th of July post. I remember everything that happened I just don't feel like putting it down on virtual paper. Ok I do feel like putting it down on virtual paper but am taking my sweet time.

Ok so can I say that I am mad at Jack.son but I can almost understand what he was trying to say or at least thinking. I repeat almost. You should never think of cast.rating someone and if you do think about it make sure there is no microphone nearby. You can be angry but express your anger in an articulate manner at least when it comes to the media.

I say almost because I completely understand what the presumptive nominee was saying but his message didn't go to the people who needed to hear it. I don't think he was talking down but I do think the message didn't get to people who needed it. You know the deadbeats. The deadbeats were not in church that Sunday--they don't celebrate Father's Day like that, if they do celebrate Father's Day. Mr. Rainbow should have kept his thoughts to himself or at least made that a truly private conversation. I think he is really just mad because presumptive nominee doesn't need him in this election. He just wants to be needed and is mad that he is about to be obselete.

I was watching a video and someone said that Mr. Rainbow is the most important civil rights leader of this time and I knew then that we have trouble. Who appointed him the leader of a movement? Better yet how does he speak for a whole group of people? If you really look back at the original movement he is only around because he was in that picture of MLK being shot. Where was he when "our" leaders were being locked up and what not? He was minding his own business. He truly just got lucky and has been riding on that luck for 40 years.

I have more to talk about but I am tired and need a nap.

To be continued....

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Been Too Long...

Since the last time I was on here but so much has happened that I just haven't had the time to blog.

Well since my last heartfelt blog I have been going back and forth on the whole faith thing. I have been having a hard time praying because I feel like when I pray the Lord is not listening. I know he answers prayers and he has done so in the past but these past 18 months I feel like my prayers are going unanswered. Then I go through the whole thing with the prayer and think well maybe I am not praying for the right thing. With that being said when I pray now I just don't ask for anything for myself.

Yesterday my cousin's sister-in-law's husband killed himself in the backyard. He was about to be arrested for taking money for jobs he performed and not doing the job. He had been gambling and it caught up to him. He apologized to his wife b/c he knew that she was borrowing money to pay bills b/c he was gambling. He had just got finished talking to her and she walked in the house. She heard the gunshot and ran back outside to find him dead. Gambling is an addiction and needs to be treated as such.

I have talked to a couple of people about jobs and they are going to help me network. Did I ever tell you how much I hate networking? I really hate networking!

There is more but I am having a brainfreeze and maybe when I come back I will tell you all about the 4th!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Read the story on

So my last year of law school I had a painful experience and almost 2 years later I have an explanation. I even blogged about this on Myspace! I can't find the original blog but I do know that I had to drive to the emergency room at 4:00 a.m. crying. It hurt to put my foot on the gas. With that being said think twice about taking some antibiotics. There was no warning then :(