Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It has been one of those weeks. My supervisor is slightly psychotic. She goes off on you and then 5 minutes later she is sweet as candy. Scary!

The new guy is pretty nice but he doesn't have the gumption. He says he wants us to get together but refuses to set a date. I tell him I am coming to his city and he is like let's get together. That is fine but unless you give me something to do I am going to flake on you. Set a date and I will be there.

Last Saturday I took a dance class at Pol.ela.teaz. I learn how to pop my bo.oty in a hand stand. That was a workout. I was sore for a day or two. I plan on taking the class at least once a month--good workout and I can learn a few tricks ;-)

My friend who I kicked out of my circle will probably be back in. We had over an hour long conversation today. She is better now that the has passed.

I have a mini-me. She really isn't a mini one but I am going to turn her into a diva before it is all said and done. We went to law school together. I am her personal shopper/life coach. I can do that now that I am in a truly happy place. It is fun hanging out with her and pushing her to be the great woman she is meant to be. She has a wonderful work and volunteer life but no personal life. We have to do something about that quickly.

I now have insurance and can go to the doctor--I am so excited! I set up an appointment with my favorite doctor. She is in law school town so I will be making a drive. I love her so!

I have nothing else :-(

Coco, Esq.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So I have been missing in action but that is because I am working two jobs. I work job 1 during the day and job 2 at night. I was thinking I would have a couple of off nights but clearly my part time boss thinks differently. If I don't request it off I will be working. I guess it just means that I can pay some more bills. By the way job number 2 is preparing ta.xes at the block and you know what block I am talking about.

Job number 1 is crazy. My immediate supervisor is under fire from her supervisor. I got a promotion but my supervisor doesn't know. There is a whole bunch of drama going on. Hopefully it will end once I start in my promoted position. I love my new salary--it is nice to see those numbers in comparison to what I was working with. I should be able to buy my new car by April or May. I set the goal of April 1.

I met a new guy and he seems really nice. I haven't talked to him in a couple of days but I have been in one of my moods so that is not a surprise that I haven't talked to him. His nickname is Country Boy. Clingy is Clingy. Nothing has changed. It is about time for me to cut him off. I am still crushing on Crush. We are both busy so nothing is happening there. Part-time is still part-time. I need to let it go but he serves a purpose and I enjoy the time we spend together.

Speaking of men I was having a conversation with a friend that made me realize I need to find a hobby. The only time I deal with the lames (Clingy, etc.) is when I am bored. What will be my hobby?

I can't think of much else going on in my life but I will be back--and yeah you did get two posts in one day ;-)

Coco, Esq.

Spa Weekend Recap

So I have been gone for awhile but it is only b/c I am working two jobs. I am actually typing this while working at job #2. I thought I would give you guys a double header today and tell you about the spa weekend and then life in general. Here is the Spa Weekend:

Spa Weekend was great! Everyone should have a weekend like that. I was the farthest away so I flew in to Virginia from Atlanta. Mama Killa picked me up from the airport. We ran some errands and caught up. We waited for everyone to show up at her place so we could head to the mountains. Everybody but one met us at Mama Killa's house. We packed the cars up and headed west. We had the wrong directions so we ended up driving up a one lane mountain road :-( We saw a Skinny San.ta and his suicidal beagle (he picked the dog up and the dog jumped into the road in front of my friend's car--tragic but she didn't hit him). We made it back down the one lane road and found another way to get to the resort. We made it to our home for the weekend right before the sun went down. Our home was a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 3 floor townhouse. We were living in mountain luxury!

We called our weekend Spa Weekend: Chocolate Snowbun.ny Edition! Two friends and I had kitchen duties for the night. We had lasagna, salad, bread and fondue--all yummy! We talked for hours. I think I finally fell asleep around 2:30 I think.

Saturday morning we got up had breakfast prepared by 3 friends. There were pancakes, eggs and a breakfast casserole. We then got ready to go on our tubing adventure. That was the best fun ever. Who knew that going down a snowy hill in an inner tube could be fun. We did this for almost two hours. We did it alone, groups of two and groups of three. I even created a video that I have not uploaded to my computer. I will eventually upload once I upload the camera software to my computer. We left the tubing and made it back to our home and ate leftovers. We then showered and prepared for the spa.

The spa was heavenly! We got there an hour early and then we relaxed in the spa lounge. I had a splitting headache but I was ok in the spa. I had a facial with the nicest lady. She gave me the best facial ever and told me about each product and exactly what it did to my face. She was so great--she even gave me a foot massage (that came in handy). I then went back to the lounge and waited for my massage. My massage was great. He rubbed a sister just right! The only issue I had was he didn't rub my feet. I almost fell asleep on him. When it was time to leave the spa gave us gift bags. In the gift bags we had bath salts and a travel candle.

After the spa we got dressed for dinner. Dinner was ok. My food was bad to the point of most of the meat stayed on my plate. My head was hurting so bad I couldn't complain. We talked and laughed and just asked random questions. After dinner we went back to the house. It was more laughing and talking but this time everybody went to sleep early. I was the second to go to bed. The headache wasn't leaving until I got sleep.

The next morning we said goodbye. We had a breakfast of muffins and another breakfast casserole. This casserole was placed in the muffin cups. It was pretty good. All the food prepared at the house was good.

We drove back down the mountain and eventually split up. I rode back to Mama Killa's house and we ate lunch and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up just in time to be early to the airport. This was definitely one of my better vacations. I really had fun seeing my college friends. I hadn't seen most of them since the reunion in January 2008. I am definitely ready for the next one.

Coco, Esq.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I am back I guess. I think I want to start over.

2009 was a good year and I won't complain about the bad that occurred.

Clingy is still hanging on. He is too emotional though. I am sweet and evil at the same time and he doesn't get it.

Work is going well. I actually started my side hustle of preparing taxes this week. Wish me well!

So I am going skiing next week--why I have purchased 4 pairs of boots? I think I will only take the last pair. Don't need to add anything extra to my suitcase.

I clean my room and it explodes all over again. :-(

2010 will be even better than 2009!

My dad isn't speaking to me. Oh well! I can say that with a straight face too. He isn't talking to me b/c I didn't call him and wish him a Happy New Year. Yeah you can side eye that statement just like I did. Honestly I only called one person that day and it was my mommy and I do believe I was returning her phone call.

I really like the crush. I have to cook dinner for him b/c I lost a bet. We shall see if the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I have to cook fried chicken and mac and cheese. I am still trying to figure out the vegetable. He requested the first two.

That is all I have,
Coco, Esq.