Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday and it was truly special. I truly appreciated the over 70 messages on Facebook, the many text messages and phone calls! My family and friends made me feel so special!

My birthday is special b/c I turned 27th on the 27th (golden birthday)! It is also special b/c when I crossed AKA I was number 27 and it is the centennial year of AKA--it gets no better than that.

I got my pedicure and hair "did". My mommy took me out to dinner. It was pretty low key but I was pretty happy.

Tomorrow it is on and popping. I am sure there will be drunken moments tomorrow night and dinner will be quite nice on Saturday. I will try to put pictures up when I return home on Sunday or Monday.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All of It

A new title for Randomness

So the bank from hell decides to put my money back in my account. These dumbasses credited the $180 back to my account twice. Total incompetence which is fine with me b/c I will be going to the bank tomorrow to shut it down. I missed my damn free class for you bastards--oh you get no more of my money especially since you are using it to make more money.

Today is the last day of my 26th year! I am so ok with being a year older. I am happy to tell my age. I say this all because I have a friend who is afraid to embrace her age. I just found out what year she was born in on Monday. It is not b/c she told me either.

I am ok with it being over with the boo. I haven't heard from him and don't think I will.

I love DollFace and travel safely home and enjoy the family!

For my birthday I am going to get my hair done and a pedicure. Must look fierce for the birthday!

When you are dating a guy tell your friends the good things about him too. I have friends who date guys and only tell me the bad things. Just so you know I am guilty of this sometimes. It makes it hard for your friends to actually like the guy. No guy is perfect but some of the stuff that my friends tell me about men are just awful and I wonder why are you with him?

I have an interview on Friday--wish me well, please!

La did a post on not sharing stuff with her friends. I can relate to what she was saying. The only difference is I will volunteer what I want you to know which means you won't ask me any direct questions that I don't want to answer. I have a lot bottled up inside. Some of this stuff I block out and remember it randomly.

Well I am about to go to sleep but I will be back sometime in the next three days to tell you all about my fabulous birthday!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patience and Some Other Stuff but Mainly Patience

So today I figured God is trying to teach me patience and maybe some other stuff. This morning I got up to go talk to some people about a new job/side hustle opportunity. I decided to check my account balance b/c I knew I had just deposited some money in my account on Friday and only used my check card once since then. I pull up my account information and it says that my account is in the negative. This is where I calmly open the account information to see what happened and it says that they had to adjust my ATM balance. They took $180 from me b/c they say I entered in the wrong amount. I went from a $200 deposit to a $20 deposit. Can you say crazy? I called my soon to be former bank to talk about this and they were like you did it. Anyone who knows me knows I keep all receipts and keep track of all my transactions. I can tell you what time I deposited the money and what time I spent the other money that I spent the whole weekend. This messes up the whole plan to get my hair done on Thursday for my birthday. I have money in another checking account at another bank but it has a purpose and my hair appointment and other birthday preparations are not that purpose. I have remained calm and not blown up that particular place of business up. As soon as the situation is reconciled I am taking my social security number elsewhere.

I just want to say that I have never been that angry before in my life and then the customer service representative had the nerve to finish the call with "Thank you for banking with..." She almost got cursed out.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thinking of You

Hey Friends,
I just want you to know that I am thinking of you all in your time of need. I may not call but know that you are in my prayers. If you want to talk feel free to call me. I don't want to intrude on your thoughts so I don't call. I also don't plan to wait until all is "right" in your world. I can be a shoulder to cry on if you need one.

There are certain issues that I have never had to deal well with. One of the biggest issues is death. I guess because there are very few people in my family that I am close with and none of those people have died (Thank God and prayerfully it will remain that way for a long time to come!). I just haven't had to deal with death. So if you don't get a phone call from me it is not because I don't care but because I honestly don't know what to say. If you want to talk I am definitely here to listen.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let's Talk About It

Ok so I have been doing some thinking and there are things that the general public need to know so I thought I would touch on them.

First off:
Cut friends, Friends with Benefits or whatever you want to call them.
I never want to be one but if it were to work for some the best thing to do is only talk when you have to. People catch feelings off conversation. I mean you can catch feelings off the act alone but more likely than not the feelings come from the conversation. The woman thinks he is really listening to me and maybe this could work. Then the drama starts. If you just want to get your freak on do that. Make a phone call to say, "I am on my way," or "I am waiting for you." That is all the conversation you need if you want to call that conversation.

Guys with girlfriends will not be your man (and if they do become your man don't you think he will do you the same way he did his ex).
If he has a girlfriend and he is trying to talk to you and he tells you he has a girlfriend he doesn't want a relationship with you. Don't give me the statement about I don't owe his girlfriend anything. This is not about his girlfriend--this is about you. You owe yourself a whole man. Sharing is not caring when it comes to a man.

Foundation. I had to make that a one word sentence b/c I am tired of people wearing makeup for Keyshia Cole's complexion when they are Mary J. Blige's complexion. (Just one example) Who started that and why? No one should notice your foundation. Maybe your shadow and blush (only in a good way) but never your foundation.

Happy Easter

A friend sent this to me and I thought it was fitting! Also the pastor at church told us that Christ's Crucifixion is a bargain worth bragging about. Salvation is for sale and Christ paid the price! Once again Happy Easter!

As I was walking
Down life's highway
Many years ago

I came upon a
Sign that read
Heavens Grocery Store.

When I got a
Little closer

The doors swung
Open wide

And when I came
To myself

I was standing

I saw a host of

They were
Standing everywhere

One handed me a

And said 'My
Child shop with care.'

Everything a
Human needed
Was in that
Grocery store

And what you
Could not carry
You could come
Back for more

First I got some

Love was in that
Same row.

Further down was
You need that
Everywhere you go.

I got a box or
Two of Wisdom
And Faith a bag
Or two.

And Charity of
I would need some
Of that too.

I couldn't miss
The Holy Ghost
It was all over
The place.

And then some
And Courage to
Help me run this race.

My basket was
Getting full
But I remembered
I needed Grace,

And then I chose
Salvation for
Salvation was for

I tried to get
Enough of that to do
For you and me.

Then I started to
The counter
To pay my grocery

For I thought I
Had everything
To do the Masters

As I went up the
I saw Prayer and
Put that in,

For I knew when I
Stepped outside
I would run into

Peace and Joy
Were plentiful,
The last things
On the shelf.

Song and Praise
Were hanging near
So I just helped

Then I said to
The angel

'Now how much do
I owe?'

He smiled and
'Just take them
Everywhere you go.'

Again I asked
'Really now,
How much do I

'My child' he
Said, 'God paid your bill
A long long time

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Quotes

Just stuff I have heard in the past couple of minutes, days and years. Hope you enjoy!

You just rsvp'd to hell and you will be bringing the paper plates.

She is not the girl you take to the prom, she's the girl you see after you drop your real prom date off after the prom.

Vote for McCain and bombs will rain (sung to the beat of Bah bah baran or whatever the name of that song is).

I had more but we all know I have a bad short term memory so I will get back to you on those.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Missed You Guys

Sorry I disappeared for a minute but I am back. My crazy week got the best of me and this week has been hectic. I am back though.

So I am trying to let go of the boo. I need your support b/c he has got to go. He doesn't give me what I need. If anyone knows me they know I need attention. We haven't talked to each other in over two weeks and I can't deal. I care about him but not that much.

So I saw an old acquaintance yesterday and her situation got me to thinking about long distance relationships. Can you explain to me how a man convinces you to move to be with him and within a month of you being there you relationship is over? Better yet you quit your job to go be with him. They have been in the relationship for over 2 years but it had only been long distance for maybe 6 months.

My former's friend's ex-boo is trying to holla and I find it hilarious. I had to break it down to him that I don't get down like that but we can be friends b/c he is cool. Then he tells me that she brought another man to one of his friend's party. I was slightly disturbed but I kept it moving. Then he said I think she just really wants a man. Can you say he hit the nail on the head? I couldn't say a word. I just wanted to laugh!

Well I will be back with more.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Crazy Week...

and it is only Wednesday.

Ok, maybe it wasn't that crazy but I will let you be the judge of that.

Sunday, my lazy uncle and I had a blow out fight. He cursed at me so I did the same. Of course I went harder b/c that is what I do. With that said don't ever curse at me unless you want the same from me. I finally got fed up with seeing people clean up behind him. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway on Monday I did a closing and made it home safely. My car smelled like something was burning but I thought it was something in the air (dumb blonde moment). I was tired so I took a nap. When I woke my granny told me that my car smelled like something was burning. I called my friend and asked her husband could he look at my car and he said he couldn't do it until Thursday. I couldn't wait that long b/c I had a class to attend in Atlanta. I went to my cousin's house and he looked at it. (Here comes another dumb blonde moment) He checked the car and was like you may need anti-freeze. So he goes and gets some and puts it in the car and it comes out the bottom side of the car. This is when he realizes that I have a hole in my radiator. My car is out of commission at this point. The only thing I can do is drive home and leave it there. In the middle of this situation my cousin calls my dad to tell him what happened. I told him not to do it b/c my dad will wait to handle a situation with my car. (The computer that runs my car died last year and he was like oh you can ride around safely for a while. Oh hell naw!!!! I don't do damsel in distress on the side of the road.) I came back home and my mother eventually talked to my dad about it and he said he would call her back later on. Of course he never called so my cousin and I handled the situation. My cousin called the parts store and told me how much it cost and what to get. I get my cousin's car and drive to Atlanta for my class and keep it moving. My dad calls my mom and then puts my cousin on three-way to handle the situation. My cousin informs him that the situation has been handled and he is like Chanelle didn't call me. Why would I call you when you don't do what you say you are going to do? Let's cut out the ignorance.

On Tuesday I received a rejection letter from a job I really wanted. I am ok with the rejection but I am pissed off about how it went down. The person doing the hiring is close friends with one of my mother's co-workers. The person kept telling my mother's co-worker how impressive my resume was and what not and how they hadn't started interviewing. Clearly that was all a lie. Man up and say her resume is impressive but we have someone in mind. I would hope that you interviewed the person that you hired but who knows.

Well my cousin fixed my car today and all is right with my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, back up one moment left off one thing. My dad told my mom that the reason why I don't have a job is b/c I want to stay in hometown and I am afraid to go out into the world. Can you say that this man does not know me at all. Anyone who knows me knows that the last thing in life I wanted was to come back to this place. The man irks the heck out of me.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


So my friend works in a courtroom and she was telling about one of the cases that came before the Judge. I just want to say HOTMESS to infinity!

A black woman is driving and she cuts off a white man. She continues driving and the white man is following her. When she stops he pulls her out of the car and beats her up. He calls her a nigger and tells her if she ever cuts him off he will string her up. She files charges and it goes to court. The defendant was going to plead guilty so this wasn't a trial.

The Solicitor's Office gives a recommendation of 12 months probation, community service (don't remember the number of hours) and a fine. The probation would end once he served his community service and paid his fine. (Close your mouth!) Mind you the woman is black and the man is white and the attorneys in the Solicitor's Office are black.

The Judge, a white man, was not having it! He refused to let the man plead guilty with that recommendation. He explained to the courtroom why he became a lawyer and why he could not accept that from this man. He told everyone he became an attorney because he remembered watching the integration of the University of Alabama and how the governor would not allow the black students to enter the school. He said he saw the attorney general tell the governor that the law says you can't do what you are doing.

The victim also said the Solicitor's Office told her that they thought the man had suffered enough because he lost his job and the punishment was far. She was not going for that. She said if the rolls were reversed she would be locked up and serving time.

The man refused to plead guilty with the sentence the Judge gave him so there will be a trial in the future.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Screams of Anger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok when I tell you I know nothing about criminal law is there a need to continue the conversation? Dumbass why would you willingly let a drug dealer get in your car. You knew what was in that bag and you still let him get in your car. I have no sympathy and no help for you. You have been convicted of past crimes--dude you are getting some time! Once again don't ask me about criminal issues--I honestly did not pay attention in criminal law b/c I knew that I was not interested. I don't plan on representing criminals. Don't you know I am too cute to deal with criminals and they scare me. I am not the black person that is reaching back into my community by helping criminals. Not my idea of reaching back! If you can't tell I am tired of being asked about criminal law!

He Knows Why He Wants to Vote for His Candidate

There is nothing better than a person who knows why they want to vote for a candidate. It is not about race or gender. It's about what he/she sees is best for us as a country. You may not agree with him but he knows what he believes.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Have You Ever...

Have you ever regretted the day you met a guy? That has happened to me a couple of times. But there is this one guy in particular that makes me wonder did I smoke crack the day I met him--you know, was I high? He is definitely one of the reasons why I don't really drink like I used to when I go to the club. That night I was so toasted my friend had to drive my car back to our apartment complex.

He was a nice guy and all--he just wasn't for me (in other words he was not cute (didn't see that in my drunken moment) and not doing anything to impress me). He also caught me at a horny moment. When I met him I was used to having sex a couple of times a week at any time of the day (I know TMI) and I hadn't had sex in about 4 weeks. The interesting part is me and my former "friend" would have a blowout fight the Monday after I met this guy. Me and the guy hung out that weekend and he was trying to move in (ok not really but he was not trying to leave). So I had the blowout with the "friend" and the new guy tried to be there. I was not having any of that and he lived in NC and was just in town for the holiday weekend.

After he went back to NC, we talked off and on but I eventually met the boo. The first time the boo spent the night at my apartment was also the weekend that the guy came back to town. I almost had to juggle but the guy never called me back. I hadn't really talked to him after that. We are Facebook friends but I realize that he just wasn't the hotness--he was more like hot mess.

So why did he send me a message on Facebook tonight with his phone number telling me to call him. Not the business--why do all the random men in my life decide to randomly pop back up? Did he just decide to go through his facebook friends and saw a picture of me looking oh so fly and send me a message? All I have to say is men are truly random.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Why I Rarely Listen to the Radio

Randomness of My Life

So does the test from "A Bronx Tale" (think that is the name of the movie) apply when the man has automatic locks? If so, I failed the test. I mean I thought I should reach over and open the door but I didn't because the car has automatic locks. What do you think?

So I keep finding my outfit for my birthday and every time I get ready to order it, it is on back order. It is a conspiracy.

I hate when people say someone has diarrhea of the mouth. There is a word for it--logorrhea. Please use it!

"That friend" asked me if I was mad at her and honestly I am not. I just see her for the person she is and I choose not to place myself in a vulnerable situation with her. I am keep it moving mode with her.

Why is gas so much?

I am so tired from my weekend. The boo kept me up late Saturday watching "Michael Clayton". It was a good movie but definitely not one to watch when you are tired and have a slight headache. The lawyer in me was very disturbed by the movie and reminded of why I never want to want in a big firm.

"The Wire" is truly the hotness. I saw it early yesterday on On Demand. The last episode has to be like 4 hours long. Ok maybe not but it will be more than 60 minutes.

Time to set some rules: If he is my ex and you are my friend you do not date him or even entertain dating him. If this rule is broken don't get upset when we aren't friends anymore. Exception to this rule: If I am happily married then you can entertain the idea. (This is just to ensure that there will be no later conversations.)