Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Ramblings

Ok so I had an idea for what I think is a deep blog but I just don't feel like thinking about it. That is why I am rambling!

I got asked the dreaded question--why do you want to work here with a law degree? You know the answer to that question--the economy is bad and I have bills to pay. Don't ask the obvious.

I am pretty sometimy. I may be mad at you this week and next week you may be my best friend. But I am not always sometimy. Some people just automatically get kicked to the curb.

When getting married should you really take into consideration the other party's family member? Should his family really be on your side of the lineup if you don't know them? I mean shouldn't the bridesmaids support the bride and shouldn't the groomsmen support the groom? I mean shouldn't I be able to share some secrets with the bridesmaids?

I am thinking about going over to WordPress--I just hate the idea. I mean I know it is easy but dammit I don't want to think about it (the peer pressure is there).

Why did my daddy call on Saturday night pretending like he didn't have b*tch moment last week?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shoes and Jewelry

I told you I would take pictures as soon as the camera was back in commission--well it is, so here are the pictures (all 2 of them).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

How are you going to call and act like that?

That was one of the most ignorant statements I have heard in a long time. I like you a lot but that was pure bs.

I don't want that job--I didn't even want to apply for it. Help me find a legla job please! I have been applying with no luck.

Stop waking me up unnecessarily. That is something that can wait an hour or two and you are stressing when you wake up that early. It is not good for your health.

I really appreciate the help when I call you. I desperately needed it on Monday and now I feel so much better.

Thank you for listening to me vent Friday. I know we don't talk often but I know you are a phone call, text message or facebook post away.

I think it is time to let go. I just don't know how to.

When I completely understand the situation I can answer more of your questions. Right now I don't know as much as I should and that is my fault. I am not as feisty as I thought I was.

Gay or straight--do you even know? If you don't then don't speak on it.

My new responses are ok, umm yeah, oh ok.

Why are you so needy? I love you dear but damn go with the flow. It won't hurt.

Were you paying attention in middle school? Look at a map and stop asking me that question.

America wake up! Hold these politicians accountable. Don't be like a girl I once worked with who said I vote Republican b/c my parents vote Republican. Know what the candidates are about--that is how we ended up with 4 extra years of Bush. I am not telling you to vote for Barack b/c you may not agree with his platform but do you know his platform?

I just knew they were getting a divorce. Somebody done flipped the script on me! And no I was not the other woman--there was no other woman.

My feelings are hurt! I called and even sent a text but no response. I guess I am at the bottom of the totem pole.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Blogging is about venting so I feel like I need to vent.

My dad is full isht. He called my mother and I just happened to answer the phone--me and my mom have separate phone lines and she just happened to walk out of the house right before the phone rang. Mind you I have a cell phone and house phone so if you didn't call either of those you weren't calling for me. So he called and says I haven't heard from you. I am thinking that is because I haven't called you. He goes on a rant about how I could call and check on him. I was thinking the same thing since the last two weeks I was having chest pains and a permanent headache but he only calls to fuss. I understand that he has high blood pressure but I have issues too. I check on his issues just like he checks on mine. Does he know that I am trying to figure out how to pay my student loans and credit card bills? No b/c he doesn't call asking about me. He just fusses because I haven't called him. I just have no words. He even had the nerve to tell me that I didn't know what tired was when I was talking about taking care of my grandmother. Can you say pissed? It is one of the hardest things to take care of person who was once capable of taking care of themselves. You are frustrated and they are frustrated which isn't good. And to top it all off we are both alike so you know sparks fly and it is just tiring.

Ok I am finished venting for the day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend in the A

So last weekend I went to Atlanta and had a ball. Unfortunately there are no pictures--I have a good reason this time: the battery in my camera died. :( I got to hang with some of my favorite people and meet some new people (at least meet them face to face).

Saturday I was up bright and early so I could finish up some business from Friday. I got dressed and finished my business. I drove to Atlanta to meet up with those wonderful bloggers of the A at Atlanta Bead. It was great. If you want to see pictures visit We met up and made some jewelry. I just want everyone to know that Babs is just as funny in real life as she is on her blog. I got to meet KKAve, Keyalus and Mimi. I actually remember playing MarioKart with Mimi at the Nintendo DSLite party but it was good to hang out with her again. I made a necklace and some matching earrings--you know me I have to be a little extra. Babs, Mimi and KKAve made necklaces and Keyalus made a bracelet. My necklace and earrings were pretty cute if I say so myself. It has black stars and black and clear beads. We all brought snacks to share and I bought Babs some birthday cupcakes since I wasn't able to celebrate her birthday last month.

Also I felt the wrath of Babs when I offered to hook up Keyalus but didn't do the same for Babs. I will say in my defense that Keyalus had just brought up the subject of the hookup so I offered it to her. Needless to say the next time I get the hookup I will be emailing Keyalus, Babs and Mimi. Ladies you now have it in writing.

After leaving the arts and crafts I went to visit my first law school classmate. We went out to late lunch/early dinner. The company was great but the food was terrible. I ordered steak medium well and it was well done almost burnt. The rice was overcooked. Something was wrong with our waiter. I think he had an anxiety disorder. We went back to her house and hung out. I got to go shopping in her closet and got new shoes. Can I say they are the hotness? Pictures will soon follow.

My friend from college was in town so I picked her up around 9:00 and we went to Cafe Circa (a restaurant owned by Hampton University alums). The atmosphere was nice and the hostess was great. The dessert was ok but definitely not rave worthy like the waitress made it out to be. We talked and talked and talked some more. We discussed more lies that my ex best friend told and it is amazing how she told the same lies to people with variations. She got really lucky that the people she lied to don't talk to each other as often as we would like to. Another Hampton alum met us there and we tried to take a picture together but this is when I realized that the camera was dead. We left the restaurant to meet up with my friend's linesisters. We went to Barley's. There was live music--it was wonderful. The police officer outside was hilarious. He said he wanted to sit there and watch them count his vote. I dropped my friend off around 2:00 in the morning. I then headed to "The Man". That is what my friend calls him. I had a little adult fun and went to sleep some time after 4:00 a.m.

Sunday was a miserable day for me. I woke up with a sinus headache which was partially my fault--I took some allergy medicine that dried me out. I had congestion. All I did was sleep on his couch on Sunday. I eventually drove home. That was the worst drive of my life. I got home around 9:00 and went to sleep.

My weekend in the A started off great but ended badly.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday (update)

The week started out ok but then it got bad but now it is much better!

1. I appreciate the call but it just wasn't the right time. Next time call me earlier in the day and we can make it happen.

2. My mother's siblings are probably my least favorite relatives. My uncle--not the one who lives with us but the other one pissed my off like no one else has done in a long time. He pissed me off so bad I cried for a good 30 minutes--my granny and ls had to calm me down. We got into an argument and his parting shot was I have a demon in me. The argument started when he told me that back hurts because I lay around all day. Anyone who has talked to me since my granny had surgery knows that woman has me running ragged. It is such a stressful situation and the stress has given me headaches and backaches. This negro who comes to the house every two weeks while granny is sick had the nerve to imply that I am lazy. Can you say pissed? He is officially no longer a member of my family. The rest of the family can claim him but he is not a relative of mine.

3. I applied for a job b/c my mother's friend said it paid a certain amount. She lied. I talked to the people today and when doing the math before taxes it doesn't even pay $30,000. What bills am I going to pay with that? Am I wrong for saying that? The other issue is it is in the insurance industry and has nothing to do with law.

4. I get to see my college buddy MJ. I am so excited. I haven't the slightest idea what we are going to do but I am sure we will have fun doing it.

5. Why do I have so much crap? I shredded a box of crap that I have been holding on to for entirely too long. I was happy to see it go though.

6. I am ready for Saturday afternoon--can't wait for the gathering. Hopefully pictures will follow.

7. Why are old women so nosey? Whenever someone from the church calls my granny they want to know what I am doing. Check on her health not my business.

8. Why are some voters cutting off their noses to spite their faces? You are broke and you know it is b/c of the current administration (and some bad mistakes you have made) but you choose to vote for that man b/c you wouldn't dare vote for a ni99er (your words not mine).

9. I am angry at myself b/c I bought a t-shirt from Target a few weeks ago and wore it once. I have not seen that shirt since I washed it. I remember washing it but I don't remember folding it up from the dryer. Somebody took my shirt.

10. I am starting to hate to hear my name b/c it means somebody wants something. I hear my name entirely too much during the day.

11. I won't hear my name so much this weekend b/c I am leaving. I am thinking about coming back but it may be hard to do.

12. Why harass me and when I do what you want me to do nothing happens? I hate that crap and I hate that I fell for it. I should have stuck to my guns and then my feelings would not have gotten bruised a little.

13. I made a collage of pics on Kod.ak.gall.ery and got it in the mail today. It made me smile. It is the highlights of my life from the end of college to the present day.

14. I can't wait to see you this weekend. Big smile and hug! Thanks for the call--I can feel your excitement through the phone.

15. I had a last minute closing today or rather just the signing of a mortgage. I must preface this with gas is $4.39 a gallon and that isn't even the gas station I go to (the gas station I go to has run out of regular unleaded). The closing is about 30 minutes away. I had to go to FedEx before I went to the closing b/c I needed a tracking number to send to the company I was doing the closing for. Well anyway I call the man who is supposed to sign the mortgage and tell him that I am coming at 6:00. He is like what am I signing? I tell him a mortgage and he says that he thought he was signing something with the title. I keep it moving b/c that is b/t him and the mortgage company. I told him what I had and told him that I would be there at 6. He said could I push it back to 7:30 b/c he is going to play basketball. I got the dumb look on my face b/c I know this ni99er (yes he was one of those) didn't. This is about your property and you want to go play basketball. That should have told me something was fishy but I just kept it moving. Well I drive to get the shipping slip and then go back to his house. I get to the house eventually and he isn't there. I call to see where he is and it goes to voicemail. Then this woman pulls up about 5 minutes afterwards. I talk to her and she says he doesn't live there. She is renting from him. I call him back to see where he lives and he says he lives in Atlanta. I was hot plus 27 because that means I went through all that and won't get paid b/c the closing isn't going to happen. I used at least 2 gallons of gas and got nothing out of it. This is why the mortgage industry is the way it is--they are just giving loans to anybody. I repeat anybody. He doesn't care if the mortgage gets paid for real. He is more concerned with playing basketball.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random but that is what I am known for

It has been a few days. I am still somewhat stressed but I did my own thing this weekend. I got a new purse, picture frame and a pedicure. I paid some bills. I paid those by the grace of God b/c trust and believe my account was looking real messy. I was able to pay a loan payment so you know God took care of me!

Here is a picture of the purse:

Since we are talking about my stress I have another example of how stressed I am. I don't remember when I had my last cycle. I know I saw it twice in August but who remembers when. Yeah you read right-2 times.

Thank you MJ for saying the right thing at the right time. It really warmed my heart and let me forget about the stress for once.

You are my friend but I am having a hard time getting over your rudeness to me. I mean I was looking out for your best interest and I stated that. I didn't say anything mean to you like other people did. I also went off what you had just told me days before. I mean my feelings were truly hurt.

I may have hurt the man's feelings. He wanted to hear something and I told him what was my truth and he wanted something else. I mean my truth was good just not what he wanted to hear. I hurt his ego a little but he knows I still care.

My granny sat outside for the first time since before the surgery. She is making progress but she is still not doing enough as far as I am concerned.

You know I missed my 1 year anniversary for this blog--it was almost 3 months ago.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It is catching up to me!

I am stressed and it is about to make me physically sick. I am starting to have chest pains. I try to talk to some of my friends about it but I get the cold shoulder from some and others I just can't talk to about it. I would talk to my mom but she is the cause of some of the stress. I am leaning on God's word but it is so hard. I want to talk but I want to know that I won't be judged or pitied. I want a shoulder to cry on. I don't want to hear that it will be ok (I have heard that for the past 12 months or so-give me something new). I wish I was still @ UGA so I could get some affordable counseling.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

1. I love my granny but she is driving me crazy. My status on Gmail clearly says, "My granny must have pledged a sorority because she is stepping on my nerves."

2. Sarah Palin--so much to say but don't want to take up too much space. Can I really take you serious when you didn't bother to tell your parents you were the VP candidate? They found out just like I did--better yet, their friend from Atlanta called and said turn on the tv. Bristol and the baby daddy--will they get married and if they do will they stay married? You have a special needs child that is 4 months old and you are serious about this run? I might feel better if he was 2 or 3. I guess she can run b/c Bristol was probably taking care of the babies anyway. That hot mess of a speech you gave-just leave it at hot mess.

3. I got attacked by ants on Sunday night. My foot was swollen for a couple of days.

4. RDE, I love you and if you ever need anything I am here for you. I know you are going through it but you are loved and she is loved. Be strong!

5. Can I have friends that will be there in my desperate times? If you need me I am there and there will be no questions asked. If I have a bed it is yours no questions asked--no hesitation. I thought about this and I know it is true. Rethink some friendships!

6. I like you but I don't love you so where is this really going? I keep seeing others that put a smile on my face but I don't double dip. It is time to let you go.

7. For once in my life I am in the passenger seat letting God do his thing. This is so much easier--why didn't I do this sooner?

Monday, September 1, 2008


It has truly been a trying 24 hours. I was without a place to rest my head last night b/c I had a moment. I needed to get away from my family for a little while and I did. My girl RDE is truly Ride or Die! She came through even though she was going through a very personal time in her life. I will definitely be lifting her up in my prayers. When I arrived at our destination last night I stepped in an ant bed. It was as bad as it sounds except I didn't know what I stepped in b/c it was dark outside. My left foot is swollen.

This morning was ok but I eventually had to come back home. I let my mom know that I was coming home and she told me that I couldn't come into my neighborhood the way I normally do because the police had blocked off the entrance. They blocked it off b/c one of the neighborhood crackheads was threatening people and someone called the police. The SWAT team came and by the time I got home they had gotten him out of the house with tear gas. His mother was at our house b/c we are close with their family.

Well when I was about to drive down my street I thought it was still blocked off b/c there was an ambulance in the middle of the street. I drive around the neighborhood the long way and get close to my house and realize that the ambulance is at my house. I pull up and find out that my granny is in the back of the ambulance. She passed out or something. My mother said she went to the bathroom and when she came back my granny was straight as a rod in the chair she normally sits in when she sits up for awhile during the day. She tried to communicate with my granny but she was unresponsive.

I drive my mommy to the ER while my granny and uncle are in the ambulance. If I hadn't come home when I did I would have never known that my granny had an episode. No one called me or anything. I know my mommy wouldn't have called b/c she was calm for once and handled the situation.

My granny made it to the ER and everybody stayed for about an hour and then disappeared. This includes my granny's other two children. The trifling uncle said he was so drained and tired. He needed something to eat. He came home, ate and of course left his mess in the kitchen and no one has heard from him since.

My granny is staying at the hospital tonight for observation and of course my mom has to stay with her. My granny refuses to stay by herself for the night. My mommy isn't going to make it like this much longer.