Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week's Random Thoughts

1. I've been played by someone along with a few other people I think--will find out soon. If I have been played that person is getting ex-communicated.
2. The BET Awards--I didn't watch the whole thing--what the hell?
3. I have no selling skills--can't sale myself for anything.
4. Why won't he go away?
5. Can I get my trip to NY?
6. NY would be a nice romantic setting ;) especially your place.
7. NY would be even better b/c I can go visit a few sorors and a sistafriend.
8. Are these thoughts really random?
9. Am I going to fall for it again?
10. The people I live with are driving me crazy.
11. Why do I know so many that will freeload off of you--not me obviously b/c I have nothing to freeload off of.
12. Why is everybody I know broke?
13. There needs to be a meeting about this getting played--since everything that comes out of the mouth is a lie or so I have been told ;)
14. Thanks for calling and hipping me to the game.
15. Why do I feel like I am stuck in an R. Kelly song? "Same Girl" anyone?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Real Love

Have you ever seen real love? I am not talking about that man that you love right now but you don't know where it will lead. I am talking about that love that you feel when you look into someone's eyes the first time and know that this is the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with. I have never experienced that but I have seen it and it is amazing. I am writing this post because my friend experienced this love and now her love is gone physically. When you saw the two of them together you knew they were meant to be. One of my friends lost her husband last week and I was shocked. Then I thought of the good. I thought of how they met in 2004 even though they went to high school in the same city. They left their city and went away to college but somehow God meat for them to meet. He meant for them to share some part of their lives together. I went to their wedding last October and they looked so perfect together. I am sure they had their issues but everything was right for them--they were really happy together. Looking at them you knew God had some plan for them together whether it be short or long. I never met her husband even though I attended the wedding but I could tell just by looking at them that what they had was reallllllllllll love. No matter when I talked to her on the phone, email or im at some point she would mention him because he was never far from her thoughts. It wasn't that mushy disgusting love--it was that "they seem so right for each other" love. Their love was the kind that gave me hope! They will be in my thoughts and prayers. God had a plan and it will make sense someday, someway.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So lately I have been thinking a lot about the people I call friends and I am beginning to think I should stop using that word to describe some people. Lately I have noticed that a couple of my "friends" are nowhere to be found when I really need them. It is amazing how I will do things I have no business doing for these people.
Friendship or the lack thereof has taught me no matter how desperately your friends need money don't give it to them. They don't respect you enough to pay you back. The beauty of that particular situation is I have no job and the friend is supposedly paid. Either it is a lie or you just don't respect me or my situation enough. I was there for you when you were crying and going on but now that I need to pay a bill that stems from you, you can't return my phone call or text message. This particular friend I am learning to love from afar. Sorry to put you on blast but you won't return my phone calls, text messages or emails. That is what happens.
I have another friend who wants me to be there to do whatever she wants and when I ask for something simple she is nowhere to be found. I do mean simple--like going out for lunch just to hang out. This person is never busy when they want to do something but when I want to do something excuse after excuse--we all know what excuses are. This is another friend who is going to have to be loved from afar.
I don't like to complain about friends but this stuff needed to be on front street. These people make me appreciate the people who make time for me as I do for them. So I want to thank you for silver lining to your cloud.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I realize while writing this blog that there are some things I can't talk about b/c I would be putting some people on blast. I personally don't mind putting people on blast but I am going to say those people might not want to be put on blast. Needless to say if you get a phone call from me about something is b/c I can't put it on my blog.


I was talking to one of my friends today and he has a theory about women and relationships. I disagree but he could be right. He has a friend who was dating a girl and they broke up. They each still had the other's key. The guy wanted his key back but the girl didn't want her key back nor did she want to give him his key back. Well, my friend thinks that the girl wants to be in the relationship with the boy but she doesn't want to be with the guy because of her friends saying stuff about the guy. He thinks that women want to be in relationships but the stuff their friends say about the guy keep them from being in a relationship.
I disagree with that because you are going to be with a man whether your friends like it or not. There are things that your man can do that your friends can't ;). I am not saying that your man takes precedence over your friends, just saying that you have to separate your relationships.
What do you think?

Have You Ever Counted Your Blessings

Today I went to church and the pastor talked about counting your blessings. He said that you will never be able to count all the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon you. He is so right! Even though I can't count all my blessings I wanted to count some of them just to let people know that God is a good God and all I do would not be possible without him.

1. March 27, 1981--my birth.
2. Sylvia and Donald--my parents--they love me more than can be described.
3. Sylvia--my mother goes above and beyond the duty of motherhood. If I need it my mother will make sure I get it.
4. Gladys--my granny--we don't always get along but she is always looking out for my best interest.
5. June 4, 1999--high school graduation
6. May 11, 2003--college graduation
7. December 15, 2006--law school graduation
8. May 18, 2007--I passed the bar.
9. June 8, 2007--I was sworn in.
10. God gave me another chance at law school and now I can practice law.
11. I am blessed with wonderful friends from all over and all walks in my life.
12. I have a wonderful church that I attend where I am taught the word of the Lord.
13. The Lord has allowed me to wake up every day.

These blessings are the big ones. In no way have I listed all the blessings that I have received. Just wanted to list the major ones. Think about blessings you have received and thank God that you are alive to be able to do so.

Friday, June 22, 2007

There is This Guy

There is this guy that I met last year in January. We met at the club and I am not a big fan of club relationships. He is such a sweetie and he is sexy. He knows what he wants in life or he at least has a plan. We can talk about anything including the other people in our lives--or at least he can talk about his. There is chemistry b/t us but nothing has ever happened. I call him my future husband but I emphasize that nothing has happened b/t us. He has spent the night at my house in my bed. After that I just thought he wasn't feeling me. He later told me that he was sick and didn't want to make a move like that. (I appreciate that b/c (tmi) one guy I knew did that and we weren't intimate for a month after that--complete disappointment.) We are still friends to this day. He is my support system and I am his.


So I finally decided to write my first blog. Hooray! There isn't much to say at this moment b/c not much has changed. I still don't have a job but I am being positive now. I hit a rough spot a couple of days ago but I am doing much better. Stay tuned for more updates and whatnot.