Monday, December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007

It's the end of the year and I have so much to say but don't know how to say it all. I know that I want to say thank you to all my friends who have been there for me this past year. I love you all and I thank God that he has shown me who my true friends are. I know we don't talk often but I think about you all the time and pray for you all the time. Thank you for being my sounding board but comment some more.

New Year's Resolutions
Do I really need any this year? If I did have resolutions they would go something like this:
1. Be nicer.
2. Be calmer.
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Give back more to the community.
5. Let go of the negative people (yes I am talking about you--if you feel guilty after reading this statement then yes it is about you).
6. Leave home for good
7. Help my granny financially.
8. Become debt free (credit card wise).
9. Please myself more!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm Sleepy

As I type this I am yawning but I felt the need to write:

I got some more Christmas presents yesterday--money and a portable GPS-excitement!

Me and him reconciled or something of the sort. He came to visit me and met my family. My mother tried to get him to help my uncle find a job. I had to shut that one down b/c we know that man will complain about a job someway, somehow. We had fun! As long as he has known me he didn't know I had a bad temper (I really think he was ignoring me or something b/c everybody else knows I have a bad temper). We played Scattergories (sp?) and watched the last Bourne movie. There was too much hype about that movie. I sat there waiting for the next scene to happen. It was ok but definitely not as great as the first two.

I must go to sleep before I fall over onto the computer keyboard but I will be back!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Been a Long Time

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Sorry I disappeared but there is so much going on in this 3 bedroom house with 4 occupants. I have to find a job soon before I do something that is not good for my career or freedom for that matter. So I will catch you up on what is going on:

My new furniture is now in my possession--too bad I don't have anywhere to put it. Right now it is occupying the extra room in my cousin's apartment. Sidestory: My mom mentioned the furniture while she was talking to my dad and he started talking psycho stuff. Why does she need new furniture and why would you buy furniture when you don't know what color the carpet will be? Ok so who really decorates around the color of the carpet in an apartment (at least when it comes to the furniture)? By the way I don't need new furniture but I know when I move where ever I am going next I want a queen size bed and I find some really nice furniture for a really nice price--I basically paid for the bed and got the dresser, mirror and nightstand for free.

My Christmas was uneventful--I loved that. I ate with the family and then I went to my cousin's house and ate at her house. Then I visited my other cousin and just hung out. My mommy gave me a purse, two shirts, a sweater, a giftcard and half of my plane ticket for the Blackout (excited). My uncle gave me a giftcard which will help me get my eyes exam b/c someone threw away my last pair of contacts--didn't plan on going to the eye doctor until February or March (one doctor at a time).

I received a text message from my younger cousin telling me that I could bring my laptop to her house so that I can setup her iPod. Now you know my thinking--haha not really going to happen. I don't put my music on my laptop b/c I am trying to save as much memory as possible. Second of all no one asked me to use my laptop. Third of all if you don't have internet access at your house how do you think I have internet access at your house? So she has an iPod that she can't even use.

What are my New Year's Resolutions? I have been doing some thinking but I haven't really decided. I know I want to be more health conscious and nicer but who knows?

I think I am going to see The Great Debaters sometime this week.

Last Saturday I got dolled up to go to my mother's graduate chapter's Debutante Pageant/Ball. I was a part of the Debutante Reflections. I got paired up with the cutest little Debs in Waiting. They were twins and just beautiful. The kind of little girls you want to play with all day. I regret that I left my camera at home so I have no pictures.

I am ready for the New Year!

If you don't hear from me b/t now and the New Year--Have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve! Thoroughly enjoy you New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

There is something....

There is something about my dad and his girlfriend that disturbs me. I know that I am old enough and intelligent enough to let my anomosity go but I am having difficulty doing it. Honestly I don't dislike her or anything. I think their relationship just really disturbs me. They put on this big happy front when deep down inside I know they don't really like each other. They are just stuck together. Kind of like your favorite old pair of jeans that don't fit you properly and are so out of style but you are so attached to them. I got a Christmas card from "stepmom" and she signed it "Daddy and Stepmom (her name)" and I just threw up in my mouth a little. Please pray for me! No seriously!

I talked to my dad yesterday and he asked me if I had a leather coat. I said no. He then asked me what happened to the one he bought me a long time ago. My response was you never bought me a leather coat. His response was yes I did. To which I said no you didn't but I really wanted to scream at the top of my lungs stop getting me confused with stepmom and stepsister. He really irritates the crap out of me. I love him but I am just not his biggest fan.

It is amazing how I once was a daddy's girl and now you would never know it. I just got tired of all the disappointments.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Knew It!

I knew I got too excited about my flat screen t.v. Every time he gets my hopes up he lets me down.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Anybody Need a Roommate?

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get me outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My uncle appears to have moved back home. I just want you all to know that I live in a three bedroom house and there are now four occupants. So back to my question--anybody need a roommate? I am so about to move in with my "stepsister". We may talk to each other once in a blue moon but I cannot handle this. Also he takes over my room when my mom is home--I hate ESPN unless I want to know a score. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't want a roommate do you know anybody who needs to hire an attorney full-time?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am Growing

Half the people you’re mad at don’t know and the other half don’t care!

Awhile ago these words would have meant nothing to me but today they do. I am no longer wasting my time being mad at people. Me being mad only hurts me. I actually talked to someone via the internet tonight that I would not have talked to. I will admit that my being nosey got me to talk to them but the point is I did talk to them. Even though I am going with this new outlook on my anger there are some people who I just don't like--has nothing to do with me being mad. It actually is they showed me who they were and I am choosing to believe all that they showed me. With that being said I deleted some numbers from my phone last week. Real estate in my phone is prime and I can't allow everybody to be living there (its a nice gated community). There are certain people who remain there b/c I don't know their numbers and I want to be assured that I won't answer their phone calls. So if you have showed your ass in the past couple of months then your number was deleted.

What's Going On?

I am so ready to leave this house--love the family but their antics drive me crazy.

My uncle brought his girls down for the weekend--I don't know what their mom is doing but whatever it is, it is not good. I know when my mom packed my over night bag to visit anybody she checked the weather. Living in GA you have to check the weather. Last week it was in the 70s and 80s but like I said we are in GA and the weather can change in a matter of minutes. Ex-wife sends one daughter here with no coat and the other one with a jacket. Friday it was in the 70s and yesterday it was in the 50s. Today it is in the 40s. She didn't send them down here with proper shoes either. My little cousin is wearing capris and a short sleeve shirt b/c that is what her mother packed for her. WTF???????????????????

One of these cousins is so damn sensitive--it drives me crazy. I called her nosey and this heffa started crying. If she didn't do anything then I could understand her being upset but this child is hella nosey. She stopped eating her breakfast to go find out what everybody was trying to do in the back of the house. How nosey can you get? She can repeat conversations that go on in other rooms. She is definitely not one of my favorite little children.

I got my Blackout II dress. Pretty cute but I need a backup. I bought a purse also but it will be returned. It look so much cuter on the net.

The writers are going to ruin my 2008--I don't go out--I watch TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to figure out what I am doing for NYE--any suggestions?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Am I Wrong?

Am I wrong to be against internet dating? Or what I call internet hollering? I have been on BlackPlanet for forever and I changed my page recently--put up a few cute pics (can't help that they are cute b/c I am cute). Anyway random guys are like I like what I see. I am interested in you. Can you at least say we have something in common? Chances are we don't so leave me alone.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I talked to the ex. He is willing to be a little more honest but who knows. I am treading lightly on that one and not going to visit him.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Running Through My Mind

There are 3 men running through my mind! I am feeling each of them in a different way. I know I can have one but he just isn't good for me. Then there is another that I just can't get to. The last one is just too young--he is still trying to live his life and that doesn't include being in a monogamous relationship. It is driving me crazy! I want to call the one who isn't good for me. We have a lot of things that were left unsaid. I am just in one of those places that I can't explain and it drives me crazy. I think I would be ok if I just had something I could devote my time to.

On to happier notes--I have a Make-A-Wish child! My initial meeting is this weekend.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gotta Get My Thoughts Out

When are those damn writers and executives going to come to an agreement? Don't they know that my life centers around certain T.V. shows?

So I found the address of this guy I dated in undergrad--should I send him a Christmas card and try to reconnect. I don't know what happened b/t us. Nothing bad--we just lost touch. I really liked him--I considered him the best date I have been on. I think that b/c it was heartfelt and thoughtful. I just don't know how to explain him but I will say he put a smile on my face. Just thinking about him puts a smile on my face :)

My dad is a habitual liar and so is my ex best friend. Where do I find these people? LOL

I love Pandora.

I ordered my dress for the Blackout II. We will see how much I like it when it arrives.

The Job Front

So I finally received "my" rejection letter for the job that I really wanted. My is in quotations b/c the envelope had my name on it but the letter was clearly addressed to someone else. I tell you in the legal profession sometimes professionalism is lacking at least with the the people I have had to deal with.

My mother is driving me crazy b/c she keeps sneaking her opinion into conversations. Oh I think you would be a great litigator or so and so said you should litigate. I know my personality the best and I don't do well when it comes to presenting to people which is a big part of litigating. Yesterday she calls me and tells me that she talked to her friend and he said that I should apply to be an asst. district atty. He says that is the best way for me to get experience and that ada don't do any of the courtroom stuff. I proceed to tell her that I don't want that job b/c it is litigation. Then she says well maybe he knows something you don't. Of course that pisses me off. The other issue I have with his advice is that I did apply for a job in the Solicitor's office which is the person who prosecutes misdemeanors and I got turned down--I didn't mean to apply but I did apply(I gave a friend my cover letter and resume and they passed it along without telling me who they gave it to). I got turned down for that job (it sucks to get rejected from a job you didn't even know you applied to). I have friends who have experience in prosecution and they can't even get interviews and I have no experience or interest in prosecution so why would I apply for the job. When I say this my mother says I have an attitude.
The problem with my mother is when I give her facts to go against some random person's opinion I have an attitude. She doesn't like to be wrong so I have to have an attitude when she is wrong. I want a job and I know I will have one but I have to get it in my own way. I realize that my mother wants to run my life and I have known this for a long time. It drives me crazy. She thinks that I am supposed to fall back but you know me--not my style.

I hope this makes sense b/c I don't feel like proofreading or anything. Enjoy my craziness!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Taking a Break

I am taking a break for a few days--going out of town and what not. Enjoy your weekend.

Stacie--I understand what you are saying but I actually saw the story at least a week before you heard about it. I guess they show all the black stories during the day when poeple are at work and since I don't have a job I saw it.