Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

I missed my 150th post--yeah that is how many drafts I have.

I need a real job b/c these people are trying to steal my joy. I did a closing on Tuesday and I didn't have enough time print out the client's copies b/c they didn't send me the paperwork in enough time. So I took the copies to her later. She calls me this morning to tell me that the copies don't have her signature on them. Dumbass the copies shouldn't have your signature on them--why you ask? Because they were the copies that I was actually going to bring to the closing. Unless you were going to sign both copies then they would have never had your signature on them. I have never been to a closing where you receive a copy with your signature on them and I definitely was not moving heaven and earth for you.

I found some high waist jeans. I thought I had found the dress that I was wearing for my birthday dinner but it is on back order until May 28th so that would be a negative.

I just want to say I am growing b/c I am learning to walk away from situations that upset me.

I have also decided that I am no longer going to say I don't care about certain situations. I do care but the thing is I don't want to care. So now I am working on reaching the point where I don't care. Case in point--ex best friend--I do care but I am working to the point where I don't care. The reason why I do care is b/c I thought we were best friends but what she did I wouldn't do to my worst enemy.

I keep seeing that I think that I have closer relationships with people than I really do. I understand that you are busy but could you answer one of my phone calls. I am not trying to be your best friend or even anything close but I thought we were better than that. Maybe I should just delete your phone number as well and we can just communicate when you feel the need to email me an update.

I thought I was going to feel bad about not inviting one of my former friends to my birthday celebration but I honestly don't. She threw away our relationship so I have no issue with no invite to her. But I did invite her ex boo. He is cool people and maybe I can get a free drink on him.

I have to call my friend and give her some bad news. I have been holding off on this new for almost 3 weeks. It isn't bad news like someone is dead or anything but I made a promise to her that I have to break :( I am sure she will understand but I don't want to do it.

I just want to say I love Pandora radio.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Funny Story from Freshman Year

I just had to share this story. I remembered it earlier today as I was looking at people on Hampton's new social network. I was looking at different people and I came across this Que named Matt and the story came back to me.

Freshman year I lived in the Honors dorm and they gave each room a computer. The computers didn't come until the end of orientation or the beginning of the semester. There were issues with the computers so the computer techs came to our rooms to check them. One of my first friends at Hampton had a room facing the cafeteria and all the Greek plots. The Ques plot happened to be a tree. So my friend is talking about how the tree looks likes monkeys should be climbing in it and I think the Ques were under the tree at the time. I think she may have even said that they looked like monkeys climbing in the tree. She is going on and on. So the computer tech leaves and somehow we find out that the computer tech was a grad student and he had just crossed Que the semester before we got there. It was hilarious. He didn't say a word to my friend as she was going on and on about the Que tree and the monkeys. I could have fallen over and died on the spot. Hilarious!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Miss B--I am going to the club the Friday after my birthday--something v.i.p. (working out all the kinks). On Saturday I am have a nice dinner at this wonderful restaurant that I have been trying to go to for about 2 years now. I figure now is the time.

That Friend has always been like this with men but she didn't have a man most of our friendship. This is the same friend who while dating her current boyfriend found out he was messing with other women and he was supposed to go out of town with one of the girls. She decided that she would stay with him b/c she had put so much time in the relationship. This happened August 4 and they had been a couple for 2 months and had only been dating for 4 months. Two of those months she was in the D.C. area and he was in GA.

Monday, February 25, 2008

That Friend

I don't know what happened since I left Hampton but I have befriended so many females who are man hungry. Maybe my friends at Hampton were that way but we were younger and it wasn't marriage time (probably not). But I have this one friend who I am slowly pushing away from b/c no matter what our friend situation is her man comes first. I have no problem with your man being important to you but sometimes your girl needs you and your man needs to hang with his boys. Anyway I figure that since she is living her life with her man and not concerned about what is going on with me and my life I have to go live my life. I can't do what makes her happy whenever she wants it. Like my whole birthday celebration--I have been planning this weekend for at least six months--don't come at me with the whole well I can't come down for your birthday but I hope to see you at so and so's event. I never promised to go to so and so's event and don't get mad when I say I may not show. So and so is getting married and I would love to go to her wedding but I have other obligations. My cousin is getting married the weekend after and I know that she is going to need help getting ready. Sorry to say but in this situation family comes first. Don't try to plan my life b/c you falling down on your friend job. Whenever this friend wants to do something I have to change my plans to accommodate and that is not going to happen any longer. So I am slowing stepping away from her. I would tell her how I feel but everyone who points out her man problem gets kicked to the curb basically. No need for me to get kicked to the curb if I am going to walk to the curb.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Wire

I am going to miss The Wire! Can the episodes get any better? Then they tell there are only two episodes left--I almost cried.

All I have to say is, "Omar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I just wasn't ready. Not completely surprised but definitely not ready.


Four things about me that you may or may not have known...not in any particular order.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Customer Service Representative (Baskin Robbins)

2. Salesperson (Express)

3. Reviewer (Summer Food Service Program)

4. Attorney (PCN)

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. Independence Day

2. Love Jones

3. Seven

4. Friday

Four Places I have lived:
1. Orlando, FL

2. Fort Valley, GA

3. Hampton, VA

4. Athens, GA

Four T.V. Shows that I watch:
1. Law & Order

2. CSI

3. Ugly Betty

4. The Wire

Four places I have been:

1. Washington, D.C.

2. Miami, FL

3. Las Vegas, NV

4. Raleigh, NC

Four People who e-mail me (regularly):

1. T.B.

2. Anybody at PCN

3. J Carter

4. Friday Nights at...

Favorite foods:

1. Soul Food

2. Sushi

3. Seafood

4. Pizza

Four Places I would like to visit:
1. New York, NY

2. Paris

3. Mexico

4. Italy

Four friends I think will respond:

Who knows

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:

1. A permanent job

2. the fifty million weddings I have been invited to

3. Financial Freedom

4. Freedom from my oppressors

Friday, February 22, 2008


Ok I am doing alright at this whole giving up profanity thing for Lent. (Southern Belle--I actuallly didn't think about cursing when I found out what happened but I think that was only b/c what happened and who did it did not surprise me.) During the time that I have given up profanity I have learned what really makes me use those words. The only times that I can't seem to stop myself from using the words are when people are driving horrendously and when my dad irritates me. Other times that I am angry I find other words to describe my anger.

The thing that really upsets me is those are two things I can't get away from so does this mean that I will be using profanity for the rest of my life?


Where can I find some cute high waist jeans? All my fashionistas help me out.

Something Just Isn't Right

I am having one of my moments where it just doesn't feel like anything is right in my world. I am not depressed or anything--I just feel like I am on the outside looking in at everything. There are all kinds of thoughts going through my head but I don't know how to put them all down on cyber "paper" or any other kind of paper.

My cold is also very draining so it is hard to make complete thoughts right now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hey all,
I am sick! I came back from Atlanta and was ok for a good day and then I felt like death warmed over. Yesterday I spent the day in the bed--shivering. Today I feel better but definitely not my normal self. I will be back with more installments from my life.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Miss

I just want to say that I truly miss college--not because I didn't have to worry about grown up problems. I miss college b/c I was able to hide from both of my parents. I didn't have to answer my house phone and back then cell phones weren't a big deal (you could live without one). I could come and go as I pleased and not get a phone call asking (telling) me to do something.

This weekend was one of those times that made me really miss college. I went to Atlanta Wednesday night and stayed until today. I didn't tell my dad I was coming b/c I just can't deal with him. I know I should let go of my anger but the man pisses me off every time we talk. He is just trifling. But that was just an unnecessary portion of the story. My mom called me and sent me on an errand for my uncle. I didn't come to Atlanta to run errands for someone else. I am just angry but it always happens. Why am I always handling someone else's business when there is no reason why they shouldn't be taking care of their own? It was my uncle's weekend for visitation which meant he had to go to Atlanta twice this weekend. I am just fed up.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trying to Protect People's Identities

Today is supposed to be a happy day, right? I think so too! And up until about 4:30 today it was extremely happy. I am semi-single but I got to enjoy time with my Valentine and he even rubbed my hip twice (I fell down the stairs but I am ok just a little sore). So I arrive back at my friend's house and am talking on the phone. The person I am talking to isn't paying me any attention and I am just talking. They tell me they will call me back. That phone call back was so not the hotness. I am informed that someone they know has taken their check book and written checks. Their account has been depleted to the point where they only have $22 left. I was so pissed for this person but I honestly had no words. This was the biggest betrayal possible. I never found out how much the person took but it seems that they took b/t $3000 and $4000. This person hasn't paid all the bills for the month b/c they weren't all due yet. The person's car note is due next week and they have no money to pay it and won't have any money until the end of the month. The person that took the money took it b/c they decided to gamble on the Super Bowl and lost $6000. Said person didn't have money to begin with so why you would gamble and gamble that much beats me. I don't think the person is going to press charges b/c it isn't going to help an already jacked up situation. I wish I could give all the details but it may give the involved parties's identities away. So with that being said please keep the situation in your prayers. Trust and believe if it was me I would be calling the police and waiting for them to haul them in.

P.S. I am growing b/c while talking about this situation I didn't use one profane word.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So Much to Share

Gotta tell you guys everything!

It is official--I am a paid tutor! I signed my contracts today and I should have students within the next two weeks.

Can you say I am addicted to sweets? It is sickening! On Saturday, I went to run some errands and had to get Coldstone--it was pretty warm outside so I wanted ice cream. The line was very long so that gave me time to really peruse the menu. My original plan was to get a like it cup with some mix-ins. Well I was looking at the menu and found out i could get a pint (at least I think it was a pint) with all the same stuff I wanted for only 50 cents more. So of course I got the pint. I ate 1/3 during the day, 1/3 that night and the last 1/3 while I was supposed to be at church but had a horrendous headache and eye ache. You would think that would be enough sweets but you would be wrong. I wanted some more sweets Sunday night and went to Subway and got chocolate chip cookies to go with my sandwich. Monday came and I tried to resist the urge (Coldstone didn't open until noon and I wasn't going to wait in front of the store while running errands). Unfortunately my mother bought doughnuts from my little cousin for a fundraiser. I had four last night. Today I had the last 3. That just wasn't enough. I bought sour patch watermelons. I am going to try to do better but it is a constant struggle!

I am a punk which is part of the reason I turned the phone off. The other reason is I turn off my phone before I go to sleep. But the main reason why I did it is because I am a punk. I got a yes to my question so there really was no reason for me to be a punk. By the way the pregnancy test was very obvious b/c all she had before that was gift wrap. The recipe isn't anything special. I use the Zatarain's mix and then add some other stuff--I will email you.

I had more to talk about it but it has all escaped me right now. I will be back!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Ok so I am queen of purses and I have a purse that matches every outfit, even the bright pink ones. With that being said my mother is the complete opposite (ok maybe not but she only carries like 3 purses). The only thing is my mother does not own a black purse so I gave her one of my fifteen black purses (I got tired of seeing her with a black outfit on with a burgundy colored purse--ughhhhhhhhhhhh!). So she carried the purse for a couple of weeks and then she comes home one day and decides to take one of my purses (NY & Co) thinking that it was a Coach (she knows better!). Next thing I knew she was carrying my brown Coach purse! She tells me that some teacher asked her why she was carrying my black Nine West bag when she should be carrying a Coach. I didn't take her serious and kept it moving. So she stole my NY & Co bag and put down the Nine West.

The other day I ask for my Nine West bag b/c she doesn't carry it. She happily gives it to me saying that someone was picking at her about the purse. I gave her the you have to got to be kidding me look. I then told her that she shouldn't repeat that to anyone. She is a grown woman--54 years old and she lets some random white woman, and yes I had to call her some random white woman b/c of the way she acts at work, dictates what purse she carries. Can you say hot with her? I am looking at her thinking if I was going to carry one of the purses the least I would do is carry the real leather purse but b/c some random woman is "picking on you" you can't carry. You would rather carry some cheap fabric purse that is eventually going to have a broken strap than a real leather purse b/c (one more time) some random white woman was "picking on you"! I can't take these people serious!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Know...

times are hard but do you really think it is wise to buy a pregnancy test at the Dollar Store?

better yet who are you buying it for since you just happened to look at the counter before checking out and see the pregnancy test?

Ramblings for this week

I am so sorry I haven't blogged in forever.

Before I start I just want to say Jameil he was the owner! Just trifling--don't know how to be businessman.

Have you ever been depressed? I have and it is not a fun feeling. I wasn't in need of drugs or anything but I definitely needed someone to talk to. My first year of law school I was very depressed and didn't know it. I finally got some help and it was the best thing ever. If you don't feel like leaving your bed or just don't feel like your normal self for a long period of time get some help. I learned that I need regular human contact and lots of sunlight. I was surrounded by people all the time but not like I needed. I needed someone around who actually cared and showed concerned. I admit it, I am needy. My first apartment in law school was awful when it came to sunlight. I desperately needed sunlight and the lack of sunlight added to my depression. The bedroom and the office were the only rooms in the place that had windows. I had a total of 3 windows and my entertaining took place in the room with no windows.

I am so afraid of rejection. Last night I sent a text message to the boo and as soon as I sent it I turned my phone off for fear of him saying no. We are doing really well. The whole keep it moving mode with him is working. I can't explain it but we are both in much happier places.

I visited him this weekend and we had fun. He was a little concerned when I didn't show up when I was supposed to (as he should have been) but I was just hanging at my friend's house catching up--she lives 5 minutes from him. I guess it didn't help that I left my cell phone in the car and missed two phone calls from him. We watched t.v. and got something to eat (that is the only thing I hate about hanging out with him--negro doesn't eat until 10 at night and I like to eat before 7). We then watched Casino (I am so lame b/c everytime I go to his house I get the question--"you haven't seen that movie?"). It was good but long--we watched the movie b/c the last time I was at his house I made him watch the A&E special about the real life people. We eventually went to sleep or at least I went to sleep b/c we clearly keep different hours. I woke up Saturday morning and went to the grocery store to get the gumbo ingredients. I got to work and made the gumbo. I told him to watch the pot but I just couldn't trust him with my gumbo. I eventually got dressed for real around 4:00 and ate the gumbo (even though it wasn't right just yet). I left him and went to my friend's house so we could go to UGA's stepshow. I had to go and support the baby soror! She did well--she started off the stepshow. They won second place--I think their stepshow theme was better but the Deltas were much more precise. I just want to say Hampton stepshows spoiled me. There is nothing like an HBCU stepshow. After the stepshow I stopped by the hospital to see my friend b/c they put her in the hospital b/c she was having contractions and she isn't due for at least another two months. She is hilarious. (She had the baby yesterday afternoon.) I finally made it back to the boo's house around 1:00 a.m. I don't think he was very happy about that but he got over it. I went to sleep while he watched t.v. I woke up before he did and got my life together. I left around 4 and did a little visiting. I eventually made it home to watch "The Wire" b/c you know the Super Bowl wasn't that important to me. I just want to say the Audi Super Bowl commercial was the hotness!

I am just trying to figure out how "The Wire" is going to wrap up b/c there is so much going on. I am happy with all that is going on but still it is alot ( I can never remember if that is one or two words--let me know).

Are the writers really going to end this strike soon. I can't take too much of the mess that is replacing my favorite shows. I am not mad at the writers for striking but I am mad at the producers for letting it go on this long. I guess that I mean nothing to them and neither do you.

Ok so I just want to say that I am so proud of Barack. His campaign is bringing me to tears of joy. I support this man--not because he is black but because he cares about what this country is coming to. I appreciate the fact that he is a black man. There has been a lot of debate about black women not supporting him b/c he is a black man but all I have to say is I can't hold what some men have done in the past against this man. I am smart enough to differentiate b/t him and any other man. I see that family is first for him. I see a black man who loves his wife and his children. I see a black man who is loved by his wife and children. If nothing else Obama gets my vote for that reason--there is a group of women who love him something terrible. But once again I must say that Barack gets my support b/c I have followed his campaign and he has this country's best interest at heart. I have educated myself on what this man has to say as well as what Hillary has to say. My issue with Hillary is that she publicly (did I spell that right--my spell check isn't working) flips flops. I wish Barack hadn't run for President only b/c who ever takes W's place has a lot to clean up and probably will only get 4 years in the White House and I think the change we need will take 8 years if not more. I have faith that he can make some changes!

Ok so I gave up profanity for Lent and yesterday was bad. Today has been good but it is only 10:47 a.m. I have been praying hard about it today though. So keep me in your prayers.