Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Sincerest Apologies

I disappeared and I haven't blogged in 15 days. I actually tried to blog last week but after I typed up the blog blogger ate it. I was too tired to do it again.

I started my new job. I like it but the pay is horrible. Definitely gives me an idea on what I want to do career wise.

Last week I blogged about a local tragedy. I still want to share the story so I guess I will. Two Fridays ago one of my mother's friends was killed along with her mother. They were allegedly stabbed to death by the mother's 54 year old niece. The mother had just turned 85 and the family had planned a big celebration. On the day of the celebration they had to bury her. What makes the tragedy so much worse was they were found by their grandson/great-grandson who also had found his mother dead (from an illness) about 5 years ago. It is still shocking and hard to comprehend. Please pray for the family.

I honestly have no words about Michael. Michael was my first concert. I went to the Thriller concert in Houston, TX. I actually remember him performing "Thriller". I still don't completely believe it but while they have been playing all his music I figured out what my favorite MJ song is. I love "Rock With You"! That song describes to me how I feel when I dance. I just want to say that Michael was the greatest entertainer. I refuse to speak anything bad about him. His issues were his issues and there is nothing we can do about it. Respect the man's genius.

I had a stupid girl moment last week. During my stupid girl moment I had some very supportive friends. Thank you guys! I will try not to do that ever again.

Also I opened up last week and I just didn't get the acknowledgement I expected it but it did make me see things in a different perspective. I appreciate the acknowledgement I received but I doubt that I will open up again. Thanks for the experience.

I have a friend who I love to death but I have determined that the feeling is not mutual. I serve a purpose in that person's life. The need for me is not often so this friend rarely communicates with me. I can call this friend and chances are I will get voice mail or I will call you sometime next week. Something finally clicked in my head and now I don't even call this person. I still love her but it is definitely from afar. It just proves the point that certain things change people.

I am going to kill Bridezilla. The $148 dress is now on sale for $59.99 and guess who can't get her money back b/c of the 30 day return policy.

Can I just say I am not surprised?!!!!! I gave the sideeye on day 1. I am shocked that it blew up so quickly but definitely not surprised that it happened.

That is all!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Let It All Out

I think I am getting tired of blogging.

So my good news that I didn't want to share until I knew I was absolutely sure is I have a job. It isn't in the legal field and I am cool with that. I actually have training next week so I will be away from my computer all day long. Pray that I can stay awake!

So part-time boo is all up under me (yes I said "all up under me"). I have heard from him almost every day of this week and part of last. He is just all over the place.

Crush is going to slowly drive me crazy. I actually saw him on Wednesday and we talked about our situations. He basically told me that he had commitment issues. I understand and I was walking in with my eyes wide open. So in my mind we were cool. Then I talked to him yesterday and I said I wanted to hang out. He then gave me the run around. So I called him on it and he told me that he didn't want to get attached to me. I cannot deal with him.

Last night I met a youngin. I don't know why the youngins flock to me. At least he is a presentable youngin. He is a cutie and he is quite intelligent. He is also from the Midwest and a gentleman. His only flaw is he worships I can let that go since probably the next time I see him the playoffs will be over.

I honestly feel like I don't fit in. Most people have friend groups by I find that I only truly enjoy one or two people in the group. It gets awkward for me. I think that is why I always invite all my friends to do stuff with me and none of them are alike. Oh well!

I need to get me together!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Randoms of Coco

Sorry I didn't give you a dose of my normal Thursday blog but I was all over the place.

Thursday I had the opportunity to meet my newest wish child! It was great! She wants to have a fancy sweet sixteen. I am so ready to plan and dress up.

I went to the new hair stylist. It was interesting and I am going to give her another try.

Part time keeps popping back up and I don't know what is going on.

My philosophy on men is: They are like little kids at Christmas. They love their new toy and play with it every day for a little while. When they grow tired of the every day play they play with it every once in awhile. Ladies we are that toy they got for Christmas. That is why until they make a commitment keep it moving. I mean a real commitment. I know men who don't feel truly committed until they say I do but I hope that is not the case in your relationship.

Why do you get that feeling when an ex crosses your mind? That feeling of anger or loss but you know that if he showed up today, free and clear, you would run in the other direction.

I am in a comfortable place right now. I can't explain it but I just am.

I finally got my dad's car and it works well. I am so happy to be able to come and go as I please.

Last Saturday I helped my friend move out of her apartment. That was pretty interesting.

Also last Saturday I went out to eat with one of my law school roommates. She is such a sweetie. She took me out to celebrate a few things including a late birthday dinner. We went to a restaurant that allegedly had a menu that only contained items under 475 calories. I refuse to believe that my meal was under 475 calories but it was great. I had crab stuffed shrimp. It was very well seasoned and very filling. Afterwards we did a little shopping. I exchanged the shoes my stepmom got me and bought some cute jeans from BR. I love that store.

I have no more. My life is so boring!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Angry Black Woman Moment

So I had another angry black woman moment. Actually it wasn't really an angry black woman it was just angry woman moment. Wanna hear it, here it goes:

Friday I had to drive to Atlanta and I knew I needed gas so I decided that I would stop at's on my way to Atlanta. Well everybody else had the same idea. I drove up to the gas area and looked around to see what would be the easiest pump to get gas from. I saw one pump that had only one person at it. The woman had just pulled her car up to the pump after someone left. I had to drive up to the front of her car but I gave her enough room to go around me. She went to pay for her gas and then she began pumping. Let me just let you know I pulled up in front of her b/c unlike most cars B.MW puts their gas opening on the passenger side. There are some cars that have them on the passenger side but the average one is on the driver side.
So while the woman was pumping her gas this chick comes up behind her and then decides to pretend like she doesn't see me and goes to pay for her gas. That is when
I decide I am not letting that pass. I mentally decide that I sat there for all that time no one was going to get gas until I got gas. Normally I would have let it slide but who wants to get stuck in Atlanta traffic b/c someone took advantage of them? Well the lady finished pumping her gas and drove around me and the chick behind her pulled up. I pull up at the same time to ensure the pump doesn't reach her car. She then looks at me like I am crazy. I proceed to go off on her while sitting in my car. I make sure she knows that no one is getting gas until I get mine. She realizes that hey she just might be crazy and she decides it is in her best interest to move out of my way. You would think that would be the end of it but know this old white heffa decided she was going to do the same thing. That is when I lost it. If you are my fac.ebo.ok friend you now know where my whole "sense of entitlement" status comes from.
She pulls her vehicle up and tells me that she is getting gas. I make sure she cannot pull her car up far enough to pump. Then I am thinking to myself now if the last person didn't get gas do you really think you are. She gets out and tells me that she is getting gas and goes to pay for it. I sit in the car with it turned off to let her know she isn't getting gas from that particular pump. While attempting to pay for her gas she tells the attendant on me. Mind you I am sitting directly in front of the booth to pay for the gas so he saw me sitting there the whole time waiting patiently after the original lady paid for her gas. He looks at her like I can't do anything b/c she was there first. When she realizes he isn't going to do anything she walks up to my car to say something. I look at her like you must not know about me. She then tells me that she is going to get her gas. I tell her she won't be getting gas until I get mine b/c I was there before anyone else and that is how it works. She then tells me that everyone was facing the pump in the other direction. I proceed to tell her that my gas tank is on the passenger side and there is nothing I can do about that. She needs to talk to the manufacturer if she wants something done. She then realizes that the only way she was getting gas was to move out of my way. I meant it when I said that sense of entitlement isht stops with me on Friday. She was wrong and I wasn't going to let her get away with it.

I may have let her get the gas had she not told me that she was getting her gas and I basically needed to move out of her way. I could have dealt with it differently but I don't regret putting her in her place. It was obvious that I got there way before she did and the chick in front of her didn't get gas so there is no way she was if I had something to say about it. Maybe next time I will be nicer but she really tried me and I was fed up with the fact that certain people have a sense of entitlement.