Monday, July 6, 2009

They Made Me Do It

So I wasn't going to blog but men made me do it. Can I just say that there are a lot of men out there who ain't isht and I experienced more than my fair share in the past 3 days. I decided to give up on my dream team b/c I was just setting myself up to be pissed and then the isht hits the fan. Mind you none of these men are on the dream team so at least that makes me feel better. Ok I will stop rambling and tell the stories.

Saturday night I went to a bbq. My friend wanted to play spades and I didn't want to. I know how to but I am risk averse so chances are we would lose and I hate to lose. Well 3 guys were playing with my friend. One of the guys got up and left with his girlfriend and another guy sat down to play. So we are all laughing and joking. The guy I was sitting next to was flirting with my girl and his partner was flirting with me. So eventually I ended up sitting next to the partner. We exchanged numbers/BB Pins. He was nice and relatively attractive. He was actually very nice, very pleasant personality. He said we should get together for lunch the next day and I was like cool if I am free. Sidebar: At some point during the game my friend's spade partner took it upon himself to have a conversation about my breasts. I was like whatever but what bothered me about that was that he was married. I mean I know men stare at body parts but please don't disrespect your marriage b/c of my breasts. What bothered me even more about him was it was his birthday and he wasn't with his wife and infant. He was concerned about my breasts. End of sidebar. Well anyhoo my friend eventually figured out that the guy who got my number was her fac.ebook friend. So of course on Sunday I did my fac.ebook detective work. Imagine my surprise when it said that he was engaged. You know engaged to be married. I just can't deal. And his friend who was flirting with my friend was engaged as well. I just can't deal. I will let that marinate!

So a couple of weeks ago I told you about the new youngin. I knew that wasn't going anywhere but I needed someone to go to the movies with me so he seemed like the perfect candidate. (I only have one friend in this area which is why I am always in Atlanta.) So I sent him a text telling him that he owed me a movie. Your boy said he needed to put me on some game. Ok whatever! He then calls me and was like yeah that movie won't be happening b/c I am in a relationship. Can I just say you could have sent that via text? So then his girlfriend starts talking in the background. Did you call me for her benefit? I didn't need to hear her or him for that matter. Then he tells me that I need to work on my approach to men. I was thinking to myself I just really needed someone to sit in the movie theatre with me so I could look over and say, "Did you see that?". It is not cute to talk to yourself in the movie theatre. I just can't deal.

I prefer to deal with men who are honest and let you know up front that they are afraid to commit. At least I know what I am about to embark on. I know it is going nowhere ever so I can play and go on about my business.

I just can't deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My nerves are bad!

Coco Esq.

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☆Reese✮ said...

What the heck? Jeesh, sounds like a bunch of unnecessary drama to me, sorry you had to go through that.
"You need to work on your approach to men." -he's funny! Why couldn't he say he was in a relationship from jump?