Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random Ramblings

So if I have an important doctor's appointment that I told you about and call you the day of the appointment of course you get the side eye when you don't return that phone call. You keep showing me who you are and I clearly have selective amnesia. We should just be fac.eboo.k friends!

My friends are the best ever! They support me through the good and bad!

This past year has been pretty good even though there has been some not so great stuff.

I really hate when people say I haven't heard from you in a long time. So you haven't heard from me in a long time but I called you. Obviously you didn't want to hear from me because you didn't pick up the phone and dial my number. My number hasn't changed since 2003. Maybe it should.

I want to cuddle and he doesn't :-(

We finally got digital cable. Explain to me why it doesn't have on demand. Where dey do dat et?

My birthday is in 6 days! I am excited about 29!

The Humper bothers me. The more I think about it the more disturbed I get. I don't want to be alone with him any time soon.

I rode a mechanical bull yesterday. It was slightly bootleg. I was up there for 83 seconds which is how I know it was bootleg. My thigh muscles are nowhere near that strong.

Yesterday I got to talk to an old friend and her baby was crying in the background. Do you know how wonderful that noise was? I am so happy she finally become a mommy. From day 1 I knew she wanted to be a mommy and now she has a son. It just shows me God is everywhere. I am still allergic to children though.

That is all I have today!

Coco Esq.

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