Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Ramblings

I miss you guys. One word: work!

Why is my sperm donor an as.s? I came to the conclusion this week that I definitely must love him from afar. It is so bad my mom agrees. That is big b/c my mom is one of those love everybody people even when they do you dirty (it's amazing how I am her child).

Question: Do men take a 4pl.ay class? I think every guy I have dated has a certain method and I just wonder who told them that isht was ok. I really have the stank face when this is going on and refuse to let it go any further.

I have a personal trainer and he is pretty good. Now I just have to find the urge to go to the gym when he isn't training me.

New guy is a sweetie but he is in need of upgrades. I was awe of a grown man needing the upgrades he needs. Oh well--I am going to keep it moving right along with him.

So last weekend I went to the Chris.ette Mi,chelle concert last weekend. That girl has some talent!!! So does Lor.i Isi.bor is wonderful. I need to buy her cd immediately!

I was rocking a weave ponytail for two weeks since I have been going to the salon weekly but today I decide I wanted to wear my hair out. I told my hair stylist the reason was I wanted to scratch my scalp freely. She died laughing but it was so true.

I love my mommy. She drives me crazy but she is always there cheering me on. Mommies are the best.

I have to work on my birthday :-( Did I mention my birthday is on a Saturday? I had big girl plans too :-( Oh well--they were just scheduled for another day.

I have to go to the doctor on Tuesday for a procedure. Not looking forward to it but I know God will handle all that needs to be handled.

I love my friends! They are the best ever. They love me unconditionally and they listen to the nonsense that is my love life.

Men are emotional creatures that don't want to admit to being emotional. Why is that so?

Why is it news that Ti.ger is returning? Every black person knew he would be back by the Mas.ters.

I have nothing else! I love and miss you guys!

Coco, Esq.

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Pretty Primadonna said...

Hey, girl! *waves* I miss you! On to the comment...

"Men are emotional creatures that don't want to admit to being emotional. Why is that so?"

When you find out..please let ME know, lol!