Sunday, April 25, 2010


You know I am worried about our school systems. I don't have children but I do have a vested interest in the school systems. These systems are educating our future. The more I hear about schools the more concerned I become. Don't know what I can do but I am sure I can help create a solution.

This past Friday really got me up in arms. My mom came home with another one of her wild stories about students at her school and then she got even worse news on Saturday.

On Friday one of her co-workers was accused of dragging a student by the shirt and throwing her into the wall or something along those lines. There were other people in the class when the event allegedly happened. The student told this story and had another student repeat the story. The student then went into stealth mode and called her mom and the mom went straight to the board office.

I am all for protecting your child from teachers that abuse but unfortunately the story was all a lie. The student told this lie but there were at least 6 other witnesses in the room can testify that none of this happened. They are trying to put the incident on the teacher's record even though nothing occurred. There was actually another teacher in the class and 5 other students. The principal didn't even bother to get the teacher's account of the events. He automatically assumed that what was told was what occurred. I understand the principal needs to be there for the students before action is taken all accounts of what happened need to be taken into consideration. The teacher now has to get outside counsel involved because of the actions that occurred.

On Saturday morning my mom found out one of the school teachers left her child in the car all day. The mother was so stressed out about the CR.CT that she left the child in the car. She found the child when she came outside to go home Friday. I can't even imagine the thoughts going through her head. The CR.CT has these teachers wildin' out. If your students don't pass that is your job in some places. I understand the idea but it is more than teaching that gets a student a passing grade on an item. There are so many things that determines a student's success. It seems to me teachers had it easier back during my school days and they had better students and parents. What can one do to get people involved to make it better for our collective future?

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laughing808 said...

I totally understand your concern, as I too am very concern about the state of our public school education and the high standards teachers are being held to.

It really is unfortunate that so much is going on and only the teachers are being held accountable. The parents take no responsibility for sending unruly kids to school that behave in this manner.

The teaching profession will no doubt suffer and like wise will the children. Who wants to work in a field where no history is not given but you are responsible and accountable for the present and future?

Alot of parents are working two jobs to just make ends meet, leaving the kids to raise themselves and keep company with other kids that tend to have them develop and take on unsavory characteristics. But yet the teachers are responsible and accountable for molding these kids.

I've always said things begin at home, if the parent can't handle the child then how and why should we hold our teachers accountable.