Friday, June 12, 2009

Let It All Out

I think I am getting tired of blogging.

So my good news that I didn't want to share until I knew I was absolutely sure is I have a job. It isn't in the legal field and I am cool with that. I actually have training next week so I will be away from my computer all day long. Pray that I can stay awake!

So part-time boo is all up under me (yes I said "all up under me"). I have heard from him almost every day of this week and part of last. He is just all over the place.

Crush is going to slowly drive me crazy. I actually saw him on Wednesday and we talked about our situations. He basically told me that he had commitment issues. I understand and I was walking in with my eyes wide open. So in my mind we were cool. Then I talked to him yesterday and I said I wanted to hang out. He then gave me the run around. So I called him on it and he told me that he didn't want to get attached to me. I cannot deal with him.

Last night I met a youngin. I don't know why the youngins flock to me. At least he is a presentable youngin. He is a cutie and he is quite intelligent. He is also from the Midwest and a gentleman. His only flaw is he worships I can let that go since probably the next time I see him the playoffs will be over.

I honestly feel like I don't fit in. Most people have friend groups by I find that I only truly enjoy one or two people in the group. It gets awkward for me. I think that is why I always invite all my friends to do stuff with me and none of them are alike. Oh well!

I need to get me together!

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SunFresh said...

Regarding your last paragraph - I often feel the same way!