Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Angry Black Woman Moment

So I had another angry black woman moment. Actually it wasn't really an angry black woman it was just angry woman moment. Wanna hear it, here it goes:

Friday I had to drive to Atlanta and I knew I needed gas so I decided that I would stop at's on my way to Atlanta. Well everybody else had the same idea. I drove up to the gas area and looked around to see what would be the easiest pump to get gas from. I saw one pump that had only one person at it. The woman had just pulled her car up to the pump after someone left. I had to drive up to the front of her car but I gave her enough room to go around me. She went to pay for her gas and then she began pumping. Let me just let you know I pulled up in front of her b/c unlike most cars B.MW puts their gas opening on the passenger side. There are some cars that have them on the passenger side but the average one is on the driver side.
So while the woman was pumping her gas this chick comes up behind her and then decides to pretend like she doesn't see me and goes to pay for her gas. That is when
I decide I am not letting that pass. I mentally decide that I sat there for all that time no one was going to get gas until I got gas. Normally I would have let it slide but who wants to get stuck in Atlanta traffic b/c someone took advantage of them? Well the lady finished pumping her gas and drove around me and the chick behind her pulled up. I pull up at the same time to ensure the pump doesn't reach her car. She then looks at me like I am crazy. I proceed to go off on her while sitting in my car. I make sure she knows that no one is getting gas until I get mine. She realizes that hey she just might be crazy and she decides it is in her best interest to move out of my way. You would think that would be the end of it but know this old white heffa decided she was going to do the same thing. That is when I lost it. If you are my fac.ebo.ok friend you now know where my whole "sense of entitlement" status comes from.
She pulls her vehicle up and tells me that she is getting gas. I make sure she cannot pull her car up far enough to pump. Then I am thinking to myself now if the last person didn't get gas do you really think you are. She gets out and tells me that she is getting gas and goes to pay for it. I sit in the car with it turned off to let her know she isn't getting gas from that particular pump. While attempting to pay for her gas she tells the attendant on me. Mind you I am sitting directly in front of the booth to pay for the gas so he saw me sitting there the whole time waiting patiently after the original lady paid for her gas. He looks at her like I can't do anything b/c she was there first. When she realizes he isn't going to do anything she walks up to my car to say something. I look at her like you must not know about me. She then tells me that she is going to get her gas. I tell her she won't be getting gas until I get mine b/c I was there before anyone else and that is how it works. She then tells me that everyone was facing the pump in the other direction. I proceed to tell her that my gas tank is on the passenger side and there is nothing I can do about that. She needs to talk to the manufacturer if she wants something done. She then realizes that the only way she was getting gas was to move out of my way. I meant it when I said that sense of entitlement isht stops with me on Friday. She was wrong and I wasn't going to let her get away with it.

I may have let her get the gas had she not told me that she was getting her gas and I basically needed to move out of her way. I could have dealt with it differently but I don't regret putting her in her place. It was obvious that I got there way before she did and the chick in front of her didn't get gas so there is no way she was if I had something to say about it. Maybe next time I will be nicer but she really tried me and I was fed up with the fact that certain people have a sense of entitlement.


jtbrown said...

I love it. I would have clapped for you had I been there.


Daddy's Little Girl Emancipated said...

Awesome! I hope that I have the guts to do that if I was in your situation.