Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catching Up

I sincerely apologize--life is hard working a job where you travel daily. I still love my job though.

Last week was bad! I hurt myself two weeks ago exercising. I strained the muscle in my back. I didn't know what was wrong so I walked around with a hurt back for a week. I thought it would go away but it didn't. I finally decided to go to the me.dstop and get checked. I was so afraid the doctor was going to tell me my kidney was failing or something but she said it was a muscle strain. It was great to have a diagnosis but the pain was awful. It actually still hurts somewhat but it feels much better than before. Well since I was in pain last week I didn't do a lot of work (going to hate my paycheck with that week on it). Oh well.

Anyhoo my weekend started off great and then became an epic fail. Friday night I went out to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday. The company was nice and the service was horrible. After the dinner we drove back to my friend's house it would seemed like a monsoon. It was awful but I knew that meant I would sleep well (at least I thought I would). I got in the bed and was harassed via BBm by a frog. He told me that I was playing games with him and blah blah blah. My dingy behind argued with him for about an hour and a half. Eventually I just told him that he was interrupting my drug induced sleep (good drugs for a muscle strain). Early the next morning I saw part time boo and then went back to sleep. The only reason why I saw him so early was because he was leaving to go to his hometown and I wouldn't get a chance to see him until the middle of September.

After I woke up I went to the spa to get a massage--the best thing ever! I am still thinking about that massage. After the massage I went back to sleep and then ran errands. I went to see my dad to pick up a part for the car. I got back to my resting place around 10 and went to bed. I slept until 9 the next morning. I woke up and went to church. Got a great word--Live for the future was the basic premise. Today may not be great but you know God has so much in store for you. Know that your future is bright and speak of it.

After church we went to IH.OP and then I slept. I got up and got ready to go. I should have left then b/c it got bad. I ended up going to a bbq but didn't eat b/c I saw the food prep going down--ewwwwww! We ended up going to a restaurant and the waitress got my order wrong. I got a little extra but it so wasn't worth the long wait. I got back from the restaurant and get ready to leave. I go aside and my front tire is flat. So I was ready to change the tire myself and then I couldn't find the jack. Let's figure out if the insurance has roadside assistance--it doesn't. My friend is going to call hers but I have decided that it is too late and dark for me to leave. Male "friend" comes over and is wishy washy about changing the tire. I still can't find the jack. They dip. 30 seconds after they dip I find the jack. They won't turn around b/c they are on their way to another bbq. No longer male friends. Complete stranger from original bbq comes over to change flat tire. Very nice and gentlemanly--his mother raised him right! I get in the bed and go to sleep around 11:30. Must drive back home in the morning! I make it home safely but the spare is going flat :-(

Yeah that was my weekend. After that my life has been pretty boring. I wish I had more for you but I don't.

Coco, Esq.

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