Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I am not happy with my job but I am going to stick it out b/c it is temporary and the paycheck is nice. My boss is psychotic in my opinion. I know I need to stop diagnosing people but she really is looney. She told me that my heart isn't in it. Well I actually do enjoy the job but I can't be engaging with her for fear that I will just nut up and curse her out. Can't exactly tell her that in response to her statement. I am going to do my job and keep it moving.

So for the most part all the men are gone and I am good with that. Clingy just disappeared on his own accord! I suspect he will pop back up but won't count on that happening. Country Boy took himself out of the running and doesn't even know it. He doesn't have that umph! He says he wants to go out but never attempts to make plans. I will not beg anyone to take me out. On Sunday I told him I was going out for drinks with my friend and he told me to call him when I got finished and we could then hang out. I called him and no response. He calls me Monday while I am at work and asks could we hang out later that day. I had no words. Actually I did have words--won't work. I am not going to be around to hang out when you find free time for me. Crush is just not it. I still have a crush on him but he won't make time for me so I must keep it moving. I told him on Sunday I give up!

Ok so my BFFL's b-day was last weekend. She got tore up from the floor up. It was a pretty interesting night. I enjoyed the sushi. There was almost a fight b/t the guys in our party and some guys in another party. Hot mess on fire.

Is it so important to change your relationship status on Facebook after getting married that you do it before the reception? Just so you know it is not going to keep him faithful. He is still a ho--not a but a ho. Especially since he was trying to get me to your house with your name on the mortgage while you were out of town. I respect you enough to say no but I can't say the same for him.

I pray that if I gain weight I never walk around thinking I look fly when in all actuality I look pregnant but there is no baby. You should never be congratulated on your pregnancy when it doesn't exist. (That has actually happened to me. I am sure those who know me are wondering WTF but it is true. The summer after my sophomore year two individuals on separate occasions asked me if I was preggers. It didn't hurt my feelings but it would probably upset me now. When I gain weight it goes straight to my tummy.)

I hate when people say something happened last month and it is only a few days into the month. Especially when the event happened less than a week before. I realize that it did happen last month but I still don't like to hear it.

I am making my su.per bo.wl for Sunday. I am so ready to taste it b/c I haven't made/had it since 2008. Part time loved it.

Did I tell you how much I love my mommy?

I have nothing else

Coco, Esq.

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