Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Job Front

So I finally received "my" rejection letter for the job that I really wanted. My is in quotations b/c the envelope had my name on it but the letter was clearly addressed to someone else. I tell you in the legal profession sometimes professionalism is lacking at least with the the people I have had to deal with.

My mother is driving me crazy b/c she keeps sneaking her opinion into conversations. Oh I think you would be a great litigator or so and so said you should litigate. I know my personality the best and I don't do well when it comes to presenting to people which is a big part of litigating. Yesterday she calls me and tells me that she talked to her friend and he said that I should apply to be an asst. district atty. He says that is the best way for me to get experience and that ada don't do any of the courtroom stuff. I proceed to tell her that I don't want that job b/c it is litigation. Then she says well maybe he knows something you don't. Of course that pisses me off. The other issue I have with his advice is that I did apply for a job in the Solicitor's office which is the person who prosecutes misdemeanors and I got turned down--I didn't mean to apply but I did apply(I gave a friend my cover letter and resume and they passed it along without telling me who they gave it to). I got turned down for that job (it sucks to get rejected from a job you didn't even know you applied to). I have friends who have experience in prosecution and they can't even get interviews and I have no experience or interest in prosecution so why would I apply for the job. When I say this my mother says I have an attitude.
The problem with my mother is when I give her facts to go against some random person's opinion I have an attitude. She doesn't like to be wrong so I have to have an attitude when she is wrong. I want a job and I know I will have one but I have to get it in my own way. I realize that my mother wants to run my life and I have known this for a long time. It drives me crazy. She thinks that I am supposed to fall back but you know me--not my style.

I hope this makes sense b/c I don't feel like proofreading or anything. Enjoy my craziness!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

booooo, that does suck to be rejected by something you didn't apply to.

moms. do they come in non-meddling form? they just can't imagine their children doing things without their input.

jameil1922 said...

sigh. it def. makes sense. i don't think that's just your mother. my mom relaxes on it most of the time but sometimes i'm like MOM!! LET ME DO THIS!! i guess in some respects we'll be the same with our children. there will be something we do that makes them want to shake and choke us. lol.