Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Been a Long Time

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Sorry I disappeared but there is so much going on in this 3 bedroom house with 4 occupants. I have to find a job soon before I do something that is not good for my career or freedom for that matter. So I will catch you up on what is going on:

My new furniture is now in my possession--too bad I don't have anywhere to put it. Right now it is occupying the extra room in my cousin's apartment. Sidestory: My mom mentioned the furniture while she was talking to my dad and he started talking psycho stuff. Why does she need new furniture and why would you buy furniture when you don't know what color the carpet will be? Ok so who really decorates around the color of the carpet in an apartment (at least when it comes to the furniture)? By the way I don't need new furniture but I know when I move where ever I am going next I want a queen size bed and I find some really nice furniture for a really nice price--I basically paid for the bed and got the dresser, mirror and nightstand for free.

My Christmas was uneventful--I loved that. I ate with the family and then I went to my cousin's house and ate at her house. Then I visited my other cousin and just hung out. My mommy gave me a purse, two shirts, a sweater, a giftcard and half of my plane ticket for the Blackout (excited). My uncle gave me a giftcard which will help me get my eyes exam b/c someone threw away my last pair of contacts--didn't plan on going to the eye doctor until February or March (one doctor at a time).

I received a text message from my younger cousin telling me that I could bring my laptop to her house so that I can setup her iPod. Now you know my thinking--haha not really going to happen. I don't put my music on my laptop b/c I am trying to save as much memory as possible. Second of all no one asked me to use my laptop. Third of all if you don't have internet access at your house how do you think I have internet access at your house? So she has an iPod that she can't even use.

What are my New Year's Resolutions? I have been doing some thinking but I haven't really decided. I know I want to be more health conscious and nicer but who knows?

I think I am going to see The Great Debaters sometime this week.

Last Saturday I got dolled up to go to my mother's graduate chapter's Debutante Pageant/Ball. I was a part of the Debutante Reflections. I got paired up with the cutest little Debs in Waiting. They were twins and just beautiful. The kind of little girls you want to play with all day. I regret that I left my camera at home so I have no pictures.

I am ready for the New Year!

If you don't hear from me b/t now and the New Year--Have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve! Thoroughly enjoy you New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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