Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm Sleepy

As I type this I am yawning but I felt the need to write:

I got some more Christmas presents yesterday--money and a portable GPS-excitement!

Me and him reconciled or something of the sort. He came to visit me and met my family. My mother tried to get him to help my uncle find a job. I had to shut that one down b/c we know that man will complain about a job someway, somehow. We had fun! As long as he has known me he didn't know I had a bad temper (I really think he was ignoring me or something b/c everybody else knows I have a bad temper). We played Scattergories (sp?) and watched the last Bourne movie. There was too much hype about that movie. I sat there waiting for the next scene to happen. It was ok but definitely not as great as the first two.

I must go to sleep before I fall over onto the computer keyboard but I will be back!


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PC said...

Congrats! Merry Christmas! Although I don't celebrate Christmas, I got some nice Eid gifts (Eid is a Muslim holiday - there are 2 a year).

I got a sweet coffee mug, so now I have no excuse to not drink tea. And I got a Chic-a-Fil-A calendar, so I can enjoy Chic-a-Fil-A every month! :)