Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

I miss my best friend and I miss my best friend runner up. I think within a couple of months of each other I lost them both. I mean obviously we weren't compatible. My best friend was a habitual liar and I knew it but I ignored it. The runner up was overly sensitive. If I told you what we had a falling out about you would tell me to move on. Either way I miss the friendships we had (at least what I thought we had). I did try to reconnect with the runner up but to no avail. I will never try to contact the other one. That relationship was truly unhealthy.

I haven't blogged since before Barack Obama became President-Elect. I just couldn't put my feelings into words and I am still struggling with those words. I am grateful that the other side will n ot be in the White House but that is all I can put in words.

I learned a lot from you just by listening. You probably don't know it now but I have learned. I am keeping my mouth shut on whole lot more than I used to. Partially from what I learned and partially from the fact you didn't listen anyway. I am doing it to save my sanity and our friendship.

I have to admit that I watch Desperate Housewives. This admission comes from the fact that I was watching the show and they were showing the Pole Party. The chick in the pink boots taught the one pole dancing class I took.

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Lord Hannibal said...

Pink boots? Interesting, indeed.