Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

I am feeling some kind of way about a couple of things. My brain is all jumbled up. I can't even think about all the stuff I am thinking about.

So I read Midnight last week. I am returning the book. It cannot be a part of my collection. It served a purpose but d*mn that.

I asked a dumb question today. I feel so stupid.

I miss my honey. I miss him when I am bored. That is so sad. I have also been craving attention lately.

Yesterday I went to my great uncle's funeral. It was interesting. Yesterday it was probably in the 40s. Why did I see someone with capris on? I met my aunts for the first time yesterday. Yes I am 27 years old and have never met my mother's sisters. I actually sat next to one at the funeral.

I thank the Lord that my mom had a job and insurance that covered me. I saw so many jacked up teeth yesterday. I mean missing teeth and rotten teeth--just nasty.

I am also glad that my mother is shaped like her mother's family. If not she would be a big woman. All the women in the family are big and most of them are tall. I took after my mom so I got lucky as well. Most of the women in my dad's family are short and big.

Midori suggested a book to me. It was wonderful. I feel more prepared for the whole finding a job process.

I just want to scream sometimes.

I found my future home and now I just need a job to pay the mortgage.

I have insurance class this weekend. My instructor is taking me to get hibachi Saturday night. I hope he doesn't want me b/c I am just going along for free food (his suggestion not mine).

Ok so most of the people who know me know that I am not the nicest person (I have never been one to fake it) so why can't I be mean to this guy that likes me? I don't like him at all.

There is this nice guy who seems to like me but I don't like him like that b/c he is out there. I mean I know people have pasts but I just can't get down with him like that.

One day in the near future I am going to write a post about one thing but right now I am not there.

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Opinionated Diva said...

I ended up giving my copy of Midnight away. I should have waited for the reviews before buying it. What a disappointment!

Good luck with the job search!