Saturday, February 28, 2009


So lately I have been feeling some type of way. Normally I am extremely excited about my birthday but this year not so much. Actually this year I feel like I could go without celebrating (anyone who really knows me who is reading this is probably gasping for air). I had to figure out why I am feeling this way and I finally figured it out. I am not satisfied with my life so I don't feel like celebrating. I am happy for friends and family but I need something more. I need a job and some love in my life.

I compare my life to my mom and right now I am not measuring up in my head. When my mom was my age she had a career and a baby. She also had a man but clearly I won't get into how bad that ended (let's just say she soon became a single mother). I have 2 degrees and nothing else. I hate to say it like that but it is true. And to add insult to injury I have debt b/c of one of those degrees. The job/career was supposed to help me pay off the debt but that isn't happening.

I want to delve deeper but right now I am just not ready. To be continued...

Coco, Esq.


DebtConsultant said...

thats bad . these degrees should gurantee job

jameil1922 said...

i think a lot of our parents were ahead of us in terms of some aspect of their lives. you're going the path you're supposed to be going. this will prepare you for something ahead. i know it. gather everything God wants you to learn from this time in your life.