Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

I gotta speak first on the dumb broad in Philly! That was a hot mess to say the least. I just feel like black men should be able to sue her for that mess. I know they can't but seriously I wish they could. I know when every black person heard they were like why did she tell that lie. The first thing I thought was they are going to find that little girl dead and her mom decided the only way to get away with it was say a black man did it. I honestly don't know what that was. So you go to the airport where there are security cameras everywhere. Then you carry your behind to Dis.ney Wor.ld. That is just a hot mess. I am actually mad at the people at the counter--does the woman really look like her co-worker? I am thinking probably not. And did the co-worker say anything to the police once the chick was allegedly abducted. All I can say if you are going to make up a story at least plan better. Make up a description in your head and practice it. I just feel like CPS needs to take all the kids from her. She took the little girl out of school weeks ago and no one found this odd. She left her 15 year old and eight month old. The woman is not playing with a full deck. The 15 year old was asking the men to return her mom and sister safely. What the hell kind of mother are you that you worry your child like that? She took that little girl and didn't inform her dad. There is a special corner in hell for her. She will be sitting next to Su.san Sm.ith and the guy from Boston (I saw the Lif.etime movie).

So I found a dress that cost 80 dollars more than the one I picked out. It is a cute dress but of course I am pissed at the price. The only reason why I am ok with is that it is made out of a very similar material and I am going to laugh on the day of her wedding. I know that is evil but she brought it on herself. She approved the dress and it told what the material it was when I emailed it to her. Lesson learned--pick out your bridesmaids' dresses. But I already knew that so it was no lesson. To answer the question about why she didn't pick the dresses--she told us she wanted us to look glamourous and elegant in a dress that we felt we looked that way in. Uh, let's go with no! When I get married I want my bridal to look nice but we can go to the store and try on dresses and I will make the decision. The real problem is she doesn't want to come back to Georgia and do such things. Half of her party is in Georgia and the other half is in Maryland with her. She didn't want to come back to Georgia until the wedding actually--which I find to be stupid but that is just me. I will be all up and through my planning if I don't trust my planner but then again I am a control freak.

My dad held me hos.tage this past weekend. I did get to spend time with his girlfriend. She is a really cool person now that I am older. She bought me some jewelry as a late birthday present. She also bought me some jeans and shoes. I am supposed to go to a party with her thrown by her sorority.

I think I may have found a new hair stylist. I go to her on Tuesday--keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have been busy this week--I have had 2 closings and will have another one tomorrow. My dad finally gave me the car but I have to take it back to get it worked on some more. He pissed me off about the car though. He said he was giving it to me in its condition b/c my mom was pressuring him. Not the case at all. I didn't even comment b/c nothing nice was going to come out.

Thanks you guys for the words about my degree. I guess my frustration was that I went to law school to practice and never really thought about careers outside of practicing. I have tunnel vision like that. It is pretty bad. I am working on it though.

I haven't seen crush in weeks. I am going through withdrawal :-(

That is all,
Coco, Esq.

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