Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am actually posting....

Yeah so I think I am back in the blog game

So back to the car situation--hot mess I still have no car! So another door was purchased but someone decided to buy a door from a different year. This happened last Monday. You think someone would ask some questions but no, none of that. Then the idiot body shop guy puts it on. He tries to make it work and then he plays dumb today and says you need a door that is the same year as the car. Now I have never been mechanically inclined but something told me when I found out the door year and car year didn't match it wasn't going to work out. I said nothing b/c like I said before I am not mechanically inclined. I have no words!

After my purchases this week I can buy nothing else. I have spent too much money

I am so excited about my hair appointment tomorrow. I am now trying to stretch out relaxers. I have gone without a touch up for 10 weeks (thats a lot for me). 2 years ago you couldn't convince to wait more than 6 weeks. My hair is much healthier.

I got the shoes for the wedding I am in--I am going to be fierce! I am so conceited!

I started dance class last week--the instructor got me. It was funny b/c she took me back to my ballet days. She killed my calves. I couldn't walk right until Saturday. We aren't having class for this week and next week b/c she had to go out of town but I am excited for the next class. The class is ballet warm up and modern dance. The other people in class are dancers on the local college's drill team so I will get to learn their field routine. They aren't Ebony Fire but who is? (Rock the blue and white!)

That is all!

Coco, Esq.


The Black Kat said...

Whoo hoo... for being back in the blog game! Funny... I'm excited and have never read a post of yours (until today). But, I'm getting back into the blog game, myself so... why not be excited for someone who is doing the same? =o) Doing a little blog browsing & thought I would comment.

Okay, the car door situation... wow! Dude is slightly off, to be working in a body shop. *smh*

I just stretched (10) weeks, myself. Definitely surprised I did it that long. (8) weeks had been the longest I went. But... I've been doing a different hair regimen these past few months & I really (for the most part) like the effects it's had on my hair.

Fierce shoes are the BEST!

Glad to hear you're back in dance (despite the hurt calves).

Have a good one...

Anonymous said...
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