Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why My Cousin Got Married

Remember this post:
Well I finally found out why that cousin got married so quickly and gasp she wasn't pregnant. She did get pregnant later but that isn't why she got married. So one day this summer I was talking to my dad's live in girlfriend and we were discussing my cousin's marriage. So I randomly stated that I wondered why they got married when they did. Well she told me she asked and got an interesting answer (in my opinion). So my cousin tells her that they got married b/c when he proposed both of their leases would be up in about 7 weeks and they didn't want to shack up (I ain't mad at them for that). So they decided to plan the wedding and get married in 7 weeks. This was hilarious to me b/c she told this all to my dad's live in girlfriend who has been living with my dad since like 1987. Yes you read that right, 1987!

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Anonymous said...

What? Your Daddy's girlfriend is prolly planning that wedding...It's gonna be HUGE, I tell ya!