Thursday, January 21, 2010


So I have been missing in action but that is because I am working two jobs. I work job 1 during the day and job 2 at night. I was thinking I would have a couple of off nights but clearly my part time boss thinks differently. If I don't request it off I will be working. I guess it just means that I can pay some more bills. By the way job number 2 is preparing ta.xes at the block and you know what block I am talking about.

Job number 1 is crazy. My immediate supervisor is under fire from her supervisor. I got a promotion but my supervisor doesn't know. There is a whole bunch of drama going on. Hopefully it will end once I start in my promoted position. I love my new salary--it is nice to see those numbers in comparison to what I was working with. I should be able to buy my new car by April or May. I set the goal of April 1.

I met a new guy and he seems really nice. I haven't talked to him in a couple of days but I have been in one of my moods so that is not a surprise that I haven't talked to him. His nickname is Country Boy. Clingy is Clingy. Nothing has changed. It is about time for me to cut him off. I am still crushing on Crush. We are both busy so nothing is happening there. Part-time is still part-time. I need to let it go but he serves a purpose and I enjoy the time we spend together.

Speaking of men I was having a conversation with a friend that made me realize I need to find a hobby. The only time I deal with the lames (Clingy, etc.) is when I am bored. What will be my hobby?

I can't think of much else going on in my life but I will be back--and yeah you did get two posts in one day ;-)

Coco, Esq.

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