Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week's Random Thoughts

1. I've been played by someone along with a few other people I think--will find out soon. If I have been played that person is getting ex-communicated.
2. The BET Awards--I didn't watch the whole thing--what the hell?
3. I have no selling skills--can't sale myself for anything.
4. Why won't he go away?
5. Can I get my trip to NY?
6. NY would be a nice romantic setting ;) especially your place.
7. NY would be even better b/c I can go visit a few sorors and a sistafriend.
8. Are these thoughts really random?
9. Am I going to fall for it again?
10. The people I live with are driving me crazy.
11. Why do I know so many that will freeload off of you--not me obviously b/c I have nothing to freeload off of.
12. Why is everybody I know broke?
13. There needs to be a meeting about this getting played--since everything that comes out of the mouth is a lie or so I have been told ;)
14. Thanks for calling and hipping me to the game.
15. Why do I feel like I am stuck in an R. Kelly song? "Same Girl" anyone?

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