Friday, June 22, 2007

There is This Guy

There is this guy that I met last year in January. We met at the club and I am not a big fan of club relationships. He is such a sweetie and he is sexy. He knows what he wants in life or he at least has a plan. We can talk about anything including the other people in our lives--or at least he can talk about his. There is chemistry b/t us but nothing has ever happened. I call him my future husband but I emphasize that nothing has happened b/t us. He has spent the night at my house in my bed. After that I just thought he wasn't feeling me. He later told me that he was sick and didn't want to make a move like that. (I appreciate that b/c (tmi) one guy I knew did that and we weren't intimate for a month after that--complete disappointment.) We are still friends to this day. He is my support system and I am his.

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