Sunday, June 24, 2007


I was talking to one of my friends today and he has a theory about women and relationships. I disagree but he could be right. He has a friend who was dating a girl and they broke up. They each still had the other's key. The guy wanted his key back but the girl didn't want her key back nor did she want to give him his key back. Well, my friend thinks that the girl wants to be in the relationship with the boy but she doesn't want to be with the guy because of her friends saying stuff about the guy. He thinks that women want to be in relationships but the stuff their friends say about the guy keep them from being in a relationship.
I disagree with that because you are going to be with a man whether your friends like it or not. There are things that your man can do that your friends can't ;). I am not saying that your man takes precedence over your friends, just saying that you have to separate your relationships.
What do you think?

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DollFace said...

I think that your boy was listening to that Neyo song Leaving Tonight!

But too many of us have boyfriends that are closest friends CANNOT STAND for his theory to hold true