Friday, August 24, 2007

My Addictions

Hey I know we all have addictions and I just wanted to tell you a few of mine.

1. A certain man who most days of the week I can't stand him--one of those emotionally detached ones. I need something to break the addiction--right now I am praying for a release.

2. TV--especially crime shows. Don't call me when Law & Order or the Closer is on. I am not even talking about new episodes. I faithfully watch the reruns of Law & Order daily. I watch them like I have never seen the episode before.

3. Shopping--it is tough being addicted to shopping when you have no job.

4. Books--I am reading this wonderful book right now (All God's Children) and I can't put it down even though it gives me horrible nightmares.

5. Sweets--I have cravings for sweets daily. I try to fight it but I can't.

6. Bread--anything bready is my friend. With the last two I am asking for diabetes.

7. My privacy--I hate when people question me. Don't ask me a question unless you know my mood. Chances are I am in a mood for privacy.

8. The internet--I am on the internet constantly with absolutely nothing to look at.

9. Games--I love to play games like spider solitaire or free cell. Last night I forgot all about the Wire b/c of Bejeweled 2 on MSN.

That's it for now but I am sure that I have a few more addictions that I am willing to share later on.

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