Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random Thoughts

Gem from Sunday's Sermon--It isn't judging if you are telling the truth. (Not the only thing I learned but I have had to use it more than once.)

"What do you mean?" I said it in simple English (I don't like you)--no need to decipher some crazy statement.

Do some of your friends make you want to grab them and shake them when it comes to men? I haven't made the best decisions when it comes to men but I don't go from one bad situation to another. Take a break. I want to get married but I know that it isn't going to happen in my present state.

Why do you set yourself up for the okie doke? If you did it with the last man and he is no longer around do you really think it is going to work with the next man.

Starting a support group for women who date man that are emotionally detached. Working on the 12 step program now. Give me some ideas!

You are not my friend b/c you don't have time for me. I understand that we are all busy but it has been over a month. We make time for who we want to make time for. Better yet you aren't too busy for Facebook but you are too busy for me. Don't we know by now that Facebook will get you everytime. It is just as bad as MySpace.

I am tired of being "ride or die" when you are fair weather.

If I were to get married next week I know exactly who would be in my wedding. The sad thing it is a very short list. To a certain special someone--thanks for being so supportive and knowing that I will move even when I don't know.

I am going through a test right now so I know my testimony will be amazing--stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy your birthday just like I enjoyed mine! And if you don't remember how I enjoyed mine--it was without you.

Why do you date a man who doesn't want your friends to know about him? Why do you date a man who was in a serious relationship while you were dating him? I am concerned about you and you are not heeding my warning to be careful. This is one of those times where I don't want to hear it when isht hits the fan.

I miss you!

When you are doing something as a professional why don't you spell check and whatnot? Do you really think I want to give you my business and you can't spell?

I pray for you regularly. I also pray that the Lord will teach me how to forgive you.

Do I care about Michael Vick? No, so stop asking me about him and his plea deal. I don't work for the State's Attorney nor do I want to. Criminals scare me!

Why, every time you call me, do you ask me the same questions---my answers don't change so pick some new questions or stop calling. Why do you ask me legal questions? I don't want to talk about anything legal after I leave work unless it is a personal question--meaning don't ask me about the Supreme Court, Michael Vick and so forth and so on.

If you insist upon asking me a legal question do not tell me what you know about something legal. You have never been to law school so don't tell me how the legal process goes. I may not be competent about everything legal but I do know procedure.

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DollFace said...

Better yet, if you insist on asking me legal questions, then be prepared to receive my bill in the mail...mama doesn't do pro bono at this stage of the career!

I'm tired of being ride or die...TRUST I will be stealing this quote (but will give props to the author)

12 step group...don't have any ideas at the moment, but will definitely be a founding member!!