Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Randomness

Love you to death but really a french roll?

I tried to offer an olive branch but the lack of a thank you card killed that. I didn't give you a present with the intent to receive a thank you card but since you are all uppity and what not I thought you would think about addressing one to me.

Speaking of thank you cards why did you get married in November and still haven't sent out thank you cards? I didn't expect one b/c I didn't buy you anything but my mom did.

You can use my phrase anytime you choose.

Also you can start the NJ/NY chapter--me and my girl got the GA chapter going. Now only if we can get people to realize that they are dating these emotionally detached men.

With that being said I guess step one should be admitting that he is emotionally detached.

I choose to be a ride or die b/c that is what I expect of my friends but trust and believe ride or die isn't for everyone.

Why do people think I have an attitude--maybe if these people are wronged lilke they do me wrong they would understand my "attitude". Walking in the hot sun for no reason is not my idea of a good time when I have a car.

Still waiting on my phone call--you are full of crap. The sad thing is this statement applies to a couple of people. Don't ask me why I haven't called these people--I have and I am no longer calling. Some people even got deleted. When my phone number changes don't be surprised if you are not a recipient of the number.

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Myra said...

I feel you, girl! I hope to hear from you soon! NJ is good!