Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tell It

Why is there a new member of Floetry? What is that about?

Aaron McGruder is supposed to be coming out with a new season of the Boondocks---so excited (got the first season on DVD)!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did I fall as I was leaving church today? Somehow I slipped and hit the inside of my left foot and the outside of my left arm. I can't explain it. It hurt but the pain was bearable.

So yesterday I noticed that I am informed that I am silly or crazy at least 3 times a week. I like to be entertaining so I don't mind this statement. My friend told me that it is not something I do on purpose it just happens. I say things so matter of factly and you don't expect it to be said that you have to find it funny (if you are not offended).

I wish I could have enjoyed tax free weekend but I have no money and no reason to go shopping.

I am upset that I have yet to see the season finale of Law and Order: SVU with Ludacris. If anybody know when it is coming back on let me know.

I went back to Athens on Friday--wasn't as bad as I thought. At some point I have to go back b/c I have gift certificates for the spa.

I had a peconbon--that made my whole weekend. Ok maybe not the peconbon--one of my close friends came down for the weekend. Miss her man :(

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