Friday, April 11, 2008

Can You Say Pissed

So tomorrow is my cousin's wedding and my younger cousin came down b/c she is in the wedding. So I made a hair appointment for her with my hair stylist. My cousin is in desperate need of a regular hair stylist b/c her hair is fried and died. My hair stylist does her hair and has to trim it b/c one side is shorter than the other. This little heffa starts crying and says she misses her hair. Mind you had it not been cut it would have looked a hot hellish mess. She calls her ghetto mother who decides to go off and says I didn't tell anyone to cut your hair. Oh my God the girl is almost 17. Who really asks for permission to get their hair trimmed? Who lets their child walk around with hair looking a hot hell? Not my mom and I would hope not hers but clearly I was wrong. I think the biggest problem I had was that the hair looked a hot mess but because it was long it was pretty. Why do we buy into that? I would never walk around looking like a hot hell on the ends like her. I wish I was exxagerating but I am not. I will be back when I am not so damn pissed off.


Miss B said...

That is ridiculous! Females rather be nothin but ends instead of trimming their hair and letting grow out healthy...shame.

DollFace said...

Eff it. Her Mama will be aight. And if not, sounds like you will need to tactfully put her in her place.
Have fun at the wedding!