Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

The rules are as follows:

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1. I was born in Orange County, FL and grew up in Peach County, GA. I like to say I am a pretty fruity girl!

2. I have two e's in each of my three names but I will never tell my middle name unless we have a close personal lasting relationship or I am trying to prove a point about something being ghetto.

3. While most people drank in undergrad for the most part I waited until my 21st birthday to drink and I didn't get drunk until about 2 months after college graduation. (I sipped a little before it was legal.)

4. I feel left out on a regular basis. When I am around a lot of my friends I feel like I am on the outside looking in.

5. I hate for things to look old. Example: I got a wallet for law school graduation (May 2007) and it looks old so I had to buy a new one this week. This also leads me to be an impulsive shopper.

6. I am a messy organized person. I hate for things to be messy but I am too lazy/tired to clean sometimes which leaves things messy. I say lazy but it really is that I am tired--my energy level is very, very low and it affects anything I do during the day.

I won't be tagging anyone only b/c that would let them know I stalk them on the internet and read their blogs daily.


DollFace said...

I won't be tagging anyone only b/c that would let them know I stalk them on the internet and read their blogs daily.

LOL...that is what trackers are for!

4. Why do you feel this way?

Coco said...

To answer your question which was going to be a post that I didn't have the heart to complete. I feel this way b/c my friends always have moments that they remember and I was nowhere near b/c chances are I was out working on some other friendship. I just feel like there is always an inside joke that I am on the outside of. I guess it just comes from having 15 different friend groups. I try to mesh them together but that has yet to work. I will elaborate one day in my blog b/c I don't even know if I am really getting my point across.

DollFace said...

I understand. Having different groups of friends several of them consisting of large numbers (i.e. "sistafriends" and your line sisters) can be challenging.

DollFace said...

I wasn't done with my comment blogger!!!

So anyway...I know about the inside jokes. There's always something because I didn't go here, didn't go there.
(shrugs shoulders)