Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am Back!

Ok so I was sick for a good week and now I am busy helping my cousin get ready for her wedding on Saturday (very stressful). But I am making time to tell you guys about the birthday weekend!

Thursday, March 27 was my actual birthday and it was great minus dealing with the Wachovia mishap! I got up and got cute.

Pic removed!

I got a pedicure and then it was off to my hair appt. I wish you could see the feet and the shoes but I deal with people who will cut your head out of the picture.

After my hair appointment my mommy took me out to dinner which was great! I got my favorite--Jambalaya Pasta. Then I came home and relaxed b/c I knew that my weekend would be busy. I went to sleep eventually.

When I woke up my hair looked a hot mess! We couldn't have that b/c I had an interview in Atlanta. The day started off rough b/c my cousin had my car and I couldn't leave without a car. I had to wait on her and of course she was late. I finally left the house and headed to the hair salon to get the hair taken care of. Of course I didn't have an appointment which meant I had to wait for her to squeeze me in. This put me way behind schedule for my interview in Atlanta and I still needed to get gas.

I made it to downtown Atlanta safely after some excessive speeding and made it with time to spare. The interview was ok--not bad but not good. (I need to follow up my thank you card now!) After the interview I am driving around the streets of Atlanta b/c I don't want to get caught in traffic b/c everyone knows that the Interstate backs up at 2:00 p.m. on Fridays and don't clear until 8:00 p.m. While driving the streets I see some kids holding a car wash and I promise you they were dancing like they were performing on America's Best Dance Crew. That might have been ok but they were in the middle of the street (you know the area right before the turning lane actually becomes a turning lane). Only in Atlanta!

I make it to my friend's house so I can rest before my night of drunken fun. I got some rest, ate dinner, watched tv, showered and got dressed.

Pic removed!

My friend drives us to the club and of course there is a line but I don't complain b/c I am getting in free and it is after the time that I was supposed to be there. Oh and why am I in line behind the couple from Black Explotation Television's Coll.ege H.ill Int.erns. That girl has a bad weave and you cannot tell her she isn't cute. She kept holding onto that man like he was going somewhere. Boo, me and my friends don't want that boy especially after he has been with the likes of you. Yeah she really isn't that cute up close or far away but definitely not up close.

We get into the club and I commence to drinking (that is why that is the only picture from the whole weekend b/c in the rest of the pictures I look kind of drunk or crazy). I got drunk and started mol.esting this fine chocolate chunk of man. He got rubbed up on. I still dream about that man. I sweated all my little problems away. We left the club about 3:30 a.m. Met a guy outside and talked to him for a little while. He was trying to get some but I wasn't that drunk--I don't know you like that. I also drunk called the boo. Thank God he didn't answer the phone (it was about 4:15 at this point).

I woke up Saturday morning hungover and quickly found some Aleve. I stayed in the bed most of the day. I caught up on Top Chef. Then I called my friend to see if she could drive me to my birthday celebration since she was my party planner. She said sure and she would call me when she was on her way. I was supposed to be at the restaurant at 8:30 and that so did not happen. My friend was late picking me up b/c she couldn't leave her mother alone (her mother had a stroke) and her father said he was on his way but him being on his way was really not on his way. (Thank you Tiff for all your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I kept getting phone calls about where I was and two of my friends left before I got there. I apologized but only one responded to my apology. I really appreciated that N!

I got to the restaurant and all my friends were there. It was great. I got to see my friend who I haven't seen in four years!!!!!!!!!!!! She is looking great. Dinner was great b/c I was surrounded by people who love me and give wonderful cards and presents. I loved my cake and my gift cards. I left the restaurant and went back to my other friend's house to rest after my long day.

On Sunday my friend and I went to lunch and watched "Catch Me If You Can". I drove home later on and that is when the sickness came on. My eye started throbbing and then the sinus pressure started. All downhill from there!


DollFace said...

It's about time! LOL. LOVE the bday outfit...if I had some girls, I would rock something similar!

Glad you had a great time.

jameil1922 said...

yay for bday surprises!! wheeee!! looove that high-waisted skirt. NEED!!

Miss B said...

YAY!!! Fun times!!!

You look too cute!!! Love the high waist skirt!!