Friday, January 2, 2009


I really like him...I think. He is just not feeling me.

So why did another he ask me what my type was? Why didn't I just say you? Now he is talking about hooking me up with his fraternity brothers--no I want him.

It's official I have been sucked in. I gotta get out soon.

2009 will be better for me.

Would you marry someone that your parents didn't like? I don't think I would but I guess I haven't been placed in that situation. I have a friend and her mother-in-law doesn't like her. It's gotten to the point that she won't help with the grandkids. I have another friend who keeps having issues with her future husbands family. It started with the cousin and now it is the sister. The sister is crazy though. The sister went to a " advi.sor" or "psy.chic" and the person told her that her brother was not happy. He was not being satisfied Then she confronted her brother with what the person told her. I wouldn't have told anyone that I went there. I mean I honestly don't know what goes on in their bedroom and I really don't care. Why does the sister care especially when some random person told her that?

In less than 20 days Barack will be sworn in!

If your ex-boyfriend called you while you were with your current boyfriend would you answer the phone and say, "I am with my boyfriend and don't call me ever again,"?

I think that man finally left me alone!

Positivity is the key!


SunFresh said...

Crushes stink (sometimes) so you know what...keep your head up and keep it moving. Hell, try one of his frat brothers. Or at least a group outing.

2009 Will CERTAINLY be better. But happiness is something to work you must commit to making 2009 better!

I would not marry a person my mother didn't like. She's always been instinctively correct about friends and significant others. I figure if you can't love my mama and she can't love you...something is wrong

Hooray - I still am tripping that the first family is of color.

I wouldn't say it. I'm friends, or at least casually cordial to all of my exes. I'd keep it short and say - hey - I'm out we'll have to catch up later. No funky business - but it is what it is.

Yea! And stay on the up n' up!

Coco said...

Actually the crush and the person in the second paragraph are two different people. Plus Mr. Fraternity lives in another state.

Mr. Fraternity's ex-girlfriend answered the phone like that and all I could do was laugh when he told me.

DollFace said...

You can still say..."I don't want your frat, I want to get to know you"

Adei von K said...

Oh o! don't get with the frat brother! that will def ruin any chances with the He you want!

Parents aren't the ones you're marrying. if you have problems with your future in laws,, chage them to the game. you're not here for them, you know?

i feel this way cause drew parents want a jewish girl and that i am not. oh well, their son loves me and all my Christian ways.