Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

It is Thursday again!

Yesterday I talked to the crush. Swoon! Can I say the conversation was hilarious and entertaining. He is a sweetie. I will actually get to see him on Sunday :)

So yesterday I went to a job fair. It was interesting. No legal jobs but I figure it is time for me to branch out. I met some nice people and got to see some old friends. After the job fair I went to see my friend and her children. Her son is a bre.ast man and grabbed one of mine (he will be one next week). That was quite interesting. About 30 minutes after I left her house one of the people who lived in the area killed his brother and 2 sisters. Can you say scary? It doesn't pay to live in the hood.

One of my younger cousins was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I worry about my mental health. I feel bad for him but at least he was diagnosed and if something happens it can be explained.

So I have decided to give up sweets. My face broke out really bad this week and I couldn't figure out why. Then I was reminded that I went on a sweet binge last week. The sad part about this is I know when I eat fruit I don't even want sweets.

So I talked to my friend about the bridesmaids dresses and she listened. What is funny is I was the only one concerned about looking for a dress. The wedding is in October and I understand that that is 9 months away but I am on a budget and I need to know how much money I need to put away.

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