Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Day that Most of Working America Hates

Today is April 15 and I thought I was doing fine. My friend finished up my ta.xes and she got me down to a nice amount to pay the government. I didn't expect to get a refund b/c the jobs that I have done in the past year didn't take out taxes since I was an independent contractor. I have enough business receipts and what not to get me down to a low double digit. Sounds great, right? Sure does!

Well I filed the return and low and behold it was rejected. I was shocked but I remained calm. I went to the service to determine why it was rejected. I got a nice message saying that someone had claimed me as a dependent. I was in a state of shock b/c we all know I am an old woman (not really) and no one should be claiming me. All I could think was someone has stolen my SS.N and I am a victim of fraud. I go to my mom and see if her ta.x pro put me down as a dependent. My mom said she would ask her tomorrow. I tell her tomorrow is the 16th and I need to know today. She calls her friend and the friend says she put me down as a dependent. Why would she put me down as a dependent when she knew I was filing my own ta.xes? She knew I was filing my own taxes. I had to file an exten.sion b/c there was no way I could shell out the amount I owe the government. I paid a little bit and I have six months to pay. I am hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can these Tea Party people go far away? Do they know what is really going on? Sometimes I really hate the fact that I live in Georgia b/c there are some truly backward as.s people who couldn't tell you about ta.xes much less spell the word.

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