Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My 28th Birthday

My birthday was terrific! It started out a little rough (thanks Enter.prise) but it was great!

Friday I got my rental car and then I went to see my mom at work--we had to have our moment b/c it was a special day for her as well. She still talks about the labor. After that I drove to Atlanta and went to my friend's house. While waiting for her to get home I received phone calls from two of my favorite linesisters (I love them all but these two (5 and 25) definitely have a special place in my heart along with a few others). Shout out to 10 and 28--love you! I got a lot of text love and other phone calls. Once my friend came home we found her something to wear and we both got dressed. We then left to go to dinner. There was 9 of us for dinner. We talked and laughed. The waitress was terrible but all of my friends made up for her terrible service. After dinner we went to a sports bar--definitely not my speed (at least this one wasn't). My friend got harassed by a young man who said his job was a "history promoter". Yeah no one to this day know what that job is. We had a pitcher of margaritas and $1 shots. The shots were the best shots ever!!!!

On Saturday I woke up to get ready for my lunch. It was cloudy but I was still enjoying my day. I got dressed and made my way to the restaurant. The lunch was great! Blogland's finest was there--SunFresh and Mimi! They really made my day along with all of my other friends. I really enjoyed the lunch and all the laughs during it. We talked about so much including "promoting history" (maybe they knew what the job was). The waiter was horrible there as well. He just kept disappearing and there was no way to get someone to go get him b/c all of the non waiter/hostess workers didn't speak English. While we were at the restaurant it stormed off and on and the people outside were pretty entertaining. We eventually left after the sky closed up.

After dinner my friend and I went to visit my dad and his girlfriend. It was an interesting visit. We played Wii and learned about China. My dad's girlfriend had just come back from a business trip in China. While we were there she cooked. The woman can cook but I was still full from my lunch. She fried some fish and I think there was corn. She also had a very green salad and some crab legs. I so want a Wii right now!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. We tried to go to church but when we got there there was no parking in the parking lot or on the street. The last time we went to the church we had to struggle to find seats and we parked in the overflow parking so we knew there were no seats for us.

We went to IH.OP where this couple was having argument about the man with some woman he used to work with. Now the current girlfriend works with him as well. I see some issues off the cuff but the conversation just got worse. The girlfriend was probably younger than me but the boyfriend was in his late 30s, early 40s. The other issue they were arguing about was whether the ex quit the job or was fired. One other issue was whether he paid the previous girl for se.x. It was a hot mess but quite entertaining. Why watch Mau.ry when you can go to IH.OP?

We went to visit her family and that was pure comedy. It makes me love my granny even more. Grannies will tell you anything!

I eventually went to see another friend and hung out with her for about 4 hours.

I got home and passed out! That is how I spent my birthday weekend. It was my best birthday since 20. I realize that I am extremely lowkey and it works for me. I like the simple things.

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jtbrown said...

Happy Belated Birthday and I hope you enjoyed your day!