Monday, April 13, 2009


I have a couple of things to vent about but the main one is my friend who is getting married in October. So you know I told her that she needs to get it together with the dress. Well she is playing games so now is my time to play games with her. I have picked a dress and if she doesn't like it then guess what I won't be in the wedding. I am not giving any other options. I am just going to laugh when it is time for her to look at her wedding pictures. She has some seriously ghetto people in her wedding and they are going to look a mess. Of course I am going to be cute! I really just want to curse her out and be done with it but I am really trying to understand that she complains about everything so why wouldn't the bridesmaids dresses be the same.

Venting issue number 2 is something I really don't want to vent about b/c I don't want anyone to think I am jealous or hating. I am doing neither. I am actually reading the writings on the wall. I see that I get included in stuff when it is convenient for the individuals and I honestly don't need friends like that. I am not going to discuss but it hurts for sh*t to regularly be thrown up in your face. In my mind we are no longer friends and I am ok with that. I don't even have a need to be cordial any longer. Keep it moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Venting issue number 3 is the fact that it irks me when people won't let stuff go. I told someone something that happened forever ago. Over 5 years ago--before I even met the individual. I was a young and stupid and can say I haven't done it since that time. Whenever the opportunity presents itself to bring it up--which isn't often b/c I rarely go out--it is brought up. Please let it go!

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