Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

My granny is going to slowly drive me insane. Do you know that woman sat in this house today and did not eat? She slept most of the day and when she got out of the bed and went to eat something. Then she waits for my mom to call her on the phone to see if she wanted something to eat to tell her that her blood sugar was low. Then she asks me to go to the store to get her a I wanted to shake her. I know she had surgery but the more she stays in the bed the more tired she is. You would think she would attempt to at least sit in a chair but that is just asking for too much.

So you know I have been complaining about a job well I applied for a job and was supposed to receive a phone call. I have yet to receive the phone call. I can't call anyone b/c it is fede.ral gover.nment position and I don't know who to contact. Stuff like this drives me insane. Keep me in your prayers.

My cousin who had the ghe.tto wedding last summer is having a baby shower this weekend. What will I be able to tell you guys about the shower?

I really like the crush but he has somethings he needs to work through. While he does this I am in the background. Trying to meet new people but you saw my last post. My friend told me the next time I meet a guy I need to phone a friend. That was hilarious!

Some people make me want to shake them really hard. Maybe if I shake them they will see where they are going wrong. Not being judgmental at all--my pastor told me it is not judging if you are telling the truth. Love him!

I am proud of myself! I have been drinking 64 ounces of water daily. The funny part is if I don't drink water I don't drink anything. I guess that probably means I was walking around dehydrated.

I talked to the youngin the other day and he was telling me how he was supposed to go on a campus visit to Ya.le B School and he couldn't get off work. Well he emailed someone in admissions and when he finished the email he spelled his name incorrectly. That is hilarious. I got an email yesterday and the lady spelled her own name wrong.

That is all!


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