Monday, July 23, 2007

Being Content and Random

Have you ever done something because someone else wanted you to do? I have done that a lot in my life but now that I am "grown" I feel that I have the right to be content, happy, estatic, etc. I just graduated from law school and I don't have a job. I don't have a job b/c I want to be etc. I have a job offer that would bring me nothing but tears and heartache.

I am fed up with a certain someone telling me I shouldn't settle. If I interviewed for the job I obviously want it. I am sorry you think that I should make a certain amount and that job doesn't pay that amount. I am happy with the thought of having that job.

I am tired of you saying I don't understand my accomplishments. I completely and totally understand what I accomplished when I walked across that stage May 19th. That is my biggest accomplishment thus far. I struggled through law school and sometimes wondered whether it was for me. That is why I know what my accomplishments were. I struggled to pay bills and you were nowhere to be found when I NEEDED something in law school--so don't tell me I don't understand my accomplishments. I have a law degree--there were people who started with me and didn't finish. I understand more than you will ever know.

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